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Postby Casimir on January 31st, 2016, 9:31 pm



Name: Casimir
Alias: Yasul Pearlbringer
Title: None

Race: Ethaefal (Leth)
Date of Fall: 3rd Winter 515
Place of Fall: Lhavit
Gender: Male

Fluent: Common
Basic: Char
Poor: Fratava


Height: 6'6" as Ethaefal, 5'6" as Charoda

Weight: 200lbs as Ethaefal, 110lbs as Charoda

Skin: Opalescent as Ethaefal, dark cyan as Charoda

Eye color:Cobalt as Ethaefal, light cyan as Charoda

Age: Appears 25


When Syna is in the sky, Casimir assumes the form of his mortal seeming, a young Charoda. Smooth, rubbery cyan skin leaves him streamlined, webbed toes and fingers making him made for water. Like the rest of this race, he has no hair, with only a dorsal fin running down the centre of his head to the base of his skull; tentacles tendrils from the back of his head flow down to mid back. His nose is little more than a slit, and his eyes are large and without pupils. If he were to smile - a common occurrence - he would reveal rows of pointed teeth, but that is the only part that looks threatening. With his soft features and weak bone density, Casimir could hurt no one, and he wouldn't want to anyway, a firm pacifist.

While Leth rules, Casimir takes a form that echoes the moon, pale opalescent skin and mystical beauty. He is tall, lean with a physique that reminds people of perfection. His hair changed colour with the season: in winter, a silver, in autumn, pale gold, in spring, silvery blue and in summer, black like rmagpie feathers. It is short and messy, with matching stubble, a rugged look of beauty. His eyes are a deep cobalt, reflecting the sea and the sky. His horns change colour with the season too, long and graceful, with the appearance of glossy glass. In winter, they are black, deep and hollow. In spring they turn white as snow and then in summer shift to the many shades of sea green found in the oceans. In autumn, they become yellow, slightly tarnished.


Casimir holds many of the common traits of a Charoda - peaceful, friendly and a scavenger. He does not call himself this, however. Instead, he is a collector, although what he collects is little more than trash to the everyday eye. Rusted rings, cracked shells, beauty once but no longer. They remind him of life, beautiful life that can crumble or change with the blink of an eye. He can live forever, but he knows many others can't and treasures their bright lives as if his own. Because of this, Casimir is a pacifist and a strict vegetarian, even unable to eat meat in one of his forms.

Casimir is also very friendly, with a smile on his face. Despite his distant expression, he wants to get involved with everyday lives, knowing he can never have a normal one himself. At times, he believes himself cursed, placed in Lhavit despite being a Charoda in his mortal form. Although he would never blame Leth, he thinks about the problem daily, either in annoyance, with fear or trying to figure out a better solution.


When Casimir fell from the sky, he landed in his true home: the ocean. Around him, the water held him, lapping around him. He drifted towards the city of Lhavit, but made no move towards it. At that moment, he was happy where he was.

Then the sunlight hit the water, dappled orange and reds spreading across the water. It was beautiful, breathtaking. And it changed him into his mortal form, opalescent skin turning the color of the water, turning smooth and rubbery. When he swam, when he tumbled and turned, he was made for water, not fighting it but simply gliding past. He found in this form, he could make the coral grow, shape them, so he spent the day with them, almost tending to the coral.

Then Leth's light hit the water again, changing him back. Suddenly, the water wasn't pleasant, but suffocating. He rose, pulling himself out of the waters gasping for air. The people took him in, dried him, fed him, clothed him. They told them of Lhavit and their lives and in return, asked about him. The Ethaefal called himself the name of their unborn child. He asked them of Charoda and they told him none could survive up here.

At once, he felt torn. The mountains were his home in this form, but the oceans his form in the other. If he tried to change that, he would die. So he learned to live a split life, as a scavenger and coral manipulator during the day, and at night, he would rise and talk with the people of Lhavit. He learned to watch the sun and moon so well, never wanting to make the fatal mistake of being trapped in the wrong place. And like that, he survived his first season, alive.
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Postby Casimir on January 31st, 2016, 9:32 pm



Skill XP Total Proficiency
Architecture 10SP 10 Novice
Astronomy 10RB 1EP 11 Novice
Brawling 1 1 Novice
Coral Manipulation 25SP 25 Novice
Drawing 2EP 2 Novice
Negotiation 2EP 2 Novice
Physics 2EP 2 Novice
Scavenging 15SP 15 Novice
Socialisation 3EP 3 Novice
Tracking 2EP 2 Novice


  • Astronomy: Approximate Sunrise Time(SP)
  • Astronomy: Stars move
  • Boo: Helpful human
  • Can visit a doctor for voices
    Charoda: Fish are not food
  • Humans: Not used to Charoda
  • Humans: Too violent
  • Lhavit Event: Exotic fish in Port Tranquil
  • Physics: Light produced by objects
  • Physics: Light moves
  • Religion: Leth (SP)
  • Saving a man from drowning


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Postby Casimir on February 9th, 2016, 9:42 pm



Item Description Gained
Simple Coat An essential in the cold Lhavit environment, this coat is thick and woollen, with deep pockets often filled with bits of random junk that Casimir has collected. SP
Simple Boots Large and sturdy, these boots are lined with warm fur that keeps Casimir's feet cosy. SP
Simple Shirt A warm woollen white undershirt that he wears everyday. SP
Simple Pants A cream colour, these trousers are also very warm. SP
Simple Undergarments As expected. SP
Woollen Tunic Worn over the undershirt, this tunic helps keep Casimir warm. Purchase
Gloves Dark brown fingerless gloves worn when the wind is chilly. Purchase
Belt A dark leather belt with a large copper buckle. Purchase
Average key Attached to a seaweed necklace, this key opens his chest. Purchase
Soft Kelp Pants As Charoda, Casimir only wears a pair of kelp pants, keeping the other clothes above water so they don't go wet. Purchase

Item Description Gained
Three Waterskins Always full, Casimir keeps three waterskins attached to his belt in case Syna catches him off-guard. SP/Purchase
Comb An old bone comb found sunk to the bottom of the ocean, one of Casimir's first discoveries. Seldom used, it is missing a few teeth. SP
Brush A bone brush. SP
Soap Smells lightly of pine and honey. SP
Razor An ordinary razor. SP
Knife Another scavenged item, this eating knife has a rusted blade and well carved bone handle. SP
Flint and Steel Purchased because of the pretty steel, this has never been used. SP
Rations Rations to last a week, all vegetarian. SP
Clam-digger's Toolkit This kit includes a clam shovel, clam tube, mesh bag, an oyster knife for cleaning clams and a rasp for keeping the shovel, knife and tube sharp. Purchase
Toothbrush Made from bone. Purchase
Toothpowder Essential for getting rid of salty breath. Purchase
Mouthwash Peppermint flavoured for getting rid of salty breath. Purchase

ImageHigh quality large chest with average lock and false bottom.
Made from good quality hardwood and finely carved, this chest appears to hold something precious. Hidden not far from Tranquil Port, it can only be found by those going off the path and with a curious eye. An average lock may also convince a thief that inside is something that needs protecting - however, if it was opened, they would find little of worth. All the things that Casimir collected can be found inside, but these hold little value to anyone but him. His clothes may also be found here during the day, placed for safekeeping. If someone where to pay extra attention to it, they may discover a false bottom, most likely empty.

Price BreakdownLarge Chest 2GM x 1.5 = 3GM
False bottom as small chest = 1GM
Average Lock 40GM
Total 44GM


Item Date Price Total
Starting Pack N/A +100ki 100ki
Housing N/A +500ki 600ki
Soft kelp pants N/A -7kiBased on soft kelp armour 593ki
Wool tunic N/A -5tk 592ki 5tk
Gloves N/A -5tk 592ki
Two waterskins N/A -2ki 590ki
Belt, leather with simple buckle N/A -2ki 4tk 585ki 5tk
Average key N/A -20ki 565ki 5tk
Clam-digger's Toolkit N/A -15ki 550ki 5tk
Toothbrush N/A -3ki 547ki 5tk
Toothpowder, 16oz N/A -1ki 2tk 546ki 3tk
Mouthwash, 8oz N/A -5tk 545ki 8tk
Common seasonal expenses for the season of spring 516 N/A -135ki 410ki 8tk



Lhavit is a dangerous place in Casimir's mortal seeming. The atmosphere would kill him in 15 chimes in his Charoda form, so in that form, he remains underwater. During day, Casimir hides underwater, where he is working on creating a house for him to reside in during the day. Until then, he stays awake the majority of the time, and sleeps at a room he rents at the Shooting Star Inn.
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