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[42nd] A HUGE fish is spotted off of Port Tranquil. Many people are seen fishing there to try and catch it but nobody does.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Big Fish In a Big Pond

Postby Casimir on April 9th, 2016, 3:09 pm

The man seemed to make a plan in his head, thinking about it. Then he warned Casimir to stay back a bit. However, just as Casimir moved back, he heard the man apologise for how he initially treated him. He gave his name - Boo. What an odd name. Casimir turned his head, smiling. He didn't want to give his real name though, because that name belonged to the Ethaefal. The Charoda deserved a different name. One to keep them separate, because they were. "I'm Yasul," he said, making a name up from the top of his head. It sounded nice though, so he kept it, "Sorry for capsizing your canoe. I just wanted to help the fish. I didn't realise you would help me." With a shrug, he quickly disappeared into the shadows under the boats.

He watched from below, the shape of the canoe Boo was in drift towards the others, then pick up speed, water trailing behind it. He smashed against the canoe, tearing it into two. Someone moved to help the fisherman, Casimir glad he wasn't hurt. This whole thing was getting too violent for him, so he decided to try his own method. Rising up from the depths, he made himself easily visible, yet still deep enough so it would be hard to see his human shape.

He heard someone shout and point at him, and began to swim away, away from the huge fish and towards the city, moving through the water as fast as he could. Hopefully, if it all worked, the fishermen would decide that he was worth chasing too and follow him, leaving the large fish to swim away to safety. Of course, that put him in danger, and would only work if all the fishermen decided to go for him instead, but once he got a good enough distance away, he would check.

Stopping mid stroke, he flipped to his back, trying to see which canoes had followed him. Was Boo on of them? Or had he rammed more? Casimir couldn't tell.

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Big Fish In a Big Pond

Postby Boo Beckett on April 12th, 2016, 6:24 pm


It had started out a peaceful enough day. Jackson Jones, the salty fisherman born and bred of Lhavit, had explained fishing to Boo in such a manner that it had sounded like a most therapeutic affair. Even as the group of canoes and boats set off from the bustling docks that sat under the watchful gaze of the peaks, a sense of serenity seemed to hang in the air. But sadly, that had pretty much been the extent of it, in terms of a peaceful day.

The first problem was casting off. Boo had watched with growing frustration as other fishermen cast their lines with relative ease, the satisfying swoosh as they flung their rods through the air, ending with the plopping sound as the bait and hook plunged into the water. Meanwhile he had been sat in his canoe, somehow having managed to get his line all messed up and tangled. It was by then that the commotion had started, with the arrival of the rather oversized fish and, of course, Yasul. The rest was of course history, culminating in a small scale reenactment of some age old and legendary battle on the high seas.

Yasul, Casimir, whatever the sea creature's name was, had decided Boo's efforts to diffuse the situation were brutish at best. True, a one man canoe rocket was not exactly subtle. Effective perhaps, but never subtle. In any case, to truly see the job of saving Big Fish done, the charoda offered one final distraction in an effort to lure the fishermen away. By now, it had more or less been decided to cancel the whole trip, especially as they would be returning sans one canoe. So it was then that the fishing party turned about and began to head back to the docks. If any of the men had noticed Casimir, they did not share their find. Perhaps some of them were more familiar with charoda. Perhaps not.

Thankfully for Boo, he had somehow managed to convince Jackson Jones that the whole thing had been a huge accident, based primarily on the fact that Boo himself was a terrible canoeist, had zero aptitude for fishing in any capacity, and that he was most distraught and apologetic for having destroyed one of Jackson's canoes. Thankfully the man fell foul of Boo's coverup and rhetoric, dismissing the mistake and allowing the man to leave without penalty. There was one condition though. Boo was never to fish with, or near Jackson Jones ever again.

Moving through and around the dock workers that scurried back and forth like rats, Boo was left only with the small matter of Yasul to consider. He had never met a talking fish before, let alone one that had been able to throw him from his canoe and put him back in it again. He decided that, when time permitted, he should seek out answers as to who that fish was. Sure, he had a name - a fake name given by Casimir of course - but rather he was more interested to find out what he was, rather than who he was.

For now though, he exited the docks and began the lofty rise up to the peaks. There was a rumbling in his stomach, the first pangs of hunger alerting him that food needed to be on the horizon. What to eat, what to eat, he pondered, allowing a series of options to filter through his mind. Needless to say, there was one item that did not appear on the menu this time.

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Big Fish In a Big Pond

Postby Estrellir Konrath on August 19th, 2016, 6:37 pm



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Lhavit Event: Exotic fish in Port Tranquil
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Boo: Helpful human
Humans: Too violent

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This was fun read! I found it interesting how both approached the problem differently and used different methods to get the same result. PM me with any questions or concerns!
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