A Fight and Some Unexpected Help (Agoril)

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A Fight and Some Unexpected Help (Agoril)

Postby Amilyn on February 2nd, 2016, 10:00 pm

35th of Winter 515AV
Pig's Foot Tavern

Amilyn slipped inside the Pig's Foot Tavern on the heels of the man in front of her, following him all the way up to the bar while trying not to attract too much attention to herself. Thankfully, it looked rather crowded today and she wasn't the only one with her hood up, trying to conserve more heat now that the winter chill had shown its true bite. She quickly dipped her fingers into his pocket and fished out a few coins while he was trying to catch Merv's attention, before edging away into the crowd, not at all interested in being nearby when he realized that his pocket was lighter than he'd expected.

Once she'd put several people between herself and the bar, she glanced down to see how much she'd gotten. Six silver Mizas glinted back at her in the firelight and she thoughtfully curled her fingers back over them, hiding them from view. It wasn't a lot of coin, but definitely enough if she wanted to grab a drink and hide out in here for a while. Of course, it'd only keep her warm until she had to head back to her apartment in the Slums, at which point, it'd probably be way too petching cold for her to want to deal with.

With a sigh, she began scanning the crowd, looking for people who'd clearly had too much to drink and weren't paying much attention to what was going on around them. There was one man in the corner, who was glaring into his mug, but the expression on his face made her think he wasn't a good target. Also, he was smart enough to have put his back against the wall and she wasn't yet good enough to pickpocket someone with just a brush of her fingers.

Another man was slumped over at his table, his mug lying on its side and leaking the remaining ale all across the tabletop. He was clearly asleep, but he was also sitting next to a man who was loud, awake, and constantly glancing over to laugh at him or nudge him or in some way include him, despite the fact that he wasn't responding. She might've chanced it still, if that group hadn't consisted of several other men who all looked like friends of the two.

Shifting her search back to the bar, Amilyn spotted one man sitting alone with his back to the rest of the room. He looked like he was alone and actively trying to ignore the noise of the tavern, which would make him an ideal target. She edged her way over to him, weaving around staggering people and wild gestures until she was behind him. He didn't seem to have noticed her approach, so she carefully reached into his pocket and lifted a few coins.

She wasn't sure what tipped him off, but he grabbed her wrist in a quick movement and squeezed until she hissed and dropped his coin, shoving her back as he got to his feet. She stumbled back, bumping into someone behind her, but she warily eyed the man, who was not as easy a target as she'd assumed.

Well, shyke.

He had at least a head on her and reminded her of the men who worked along the docks, loading and unloading cargo from the ships that stopped there. Big shoulders, big arms, longer reach. He would probably win any fight between herself and him in a chime. And he was, somewhat rightfully, angry.

"Whaddya think yer doin', ya li'l bastard? Think you c'n jus' take my Mizas while m'back's turned? I'll show you..."

Amilyn grimaced and backed up as he stepped forward, the other patrons hastily getting out of the way. There wasn't any point in trying to defend herself, at this point; they never listened anyway. However, just because they wanted to fight, didn't mean she was going to stick around to give it to them. She just had to find some sort of opening that would let her get away...

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