Solo [Glynstein Master Station] And now my watch begins.

Nayato arrives at The Glynstein Master Station

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Glynstein Master Station] And now my watch begins.

Postby Nayato on February 11th, 2016, 1:46 pm

Winter 8th, 515 A.V.

Life always had a habit of creeping up on you. Life was what happened when you weren't paying attention, after all, and it seemed that in the very rare moments in which Nayato took his eye off of his goal or began looking at something else, life decided to change. Or find a new way to surprise him. When Ser Brimholt had come to him and told him of their sudden departure to the Cyphrus region, the Chaktawe squire could only give a nod and prepare for the long road ahead.

And the road was a long one...

A troop of horses and wagons proceeded down the Kabrin road, and Nayato's heart remained vigil within him. The horse beneath him gave a shallow snort when he adjusted the reigns that pulled at the mare's face, keeping his horse on the proper path as he rode along side a wagon belonging to some civilian merchant. The caravan rode under the banner of the Windoak. Its main mission was a routine one. The knights and squires involved were on a routine mission to supply the Master station with whatever information and supplies it required from Syliras.

Along the way, road weary travelers on their way to Riverfall had joined up with the group to remain safe. The journey was riddle with trouble, and In some ways Nayato wasn't surprised by how quickly banditry had spread through the Wildlands at the tail end of fall: there were always some willing to take advantage of weakness, and even more driven to the same crime by desperation knowing that the cold of winter was fast approaching.

The caravan had left Syliras during the middle of spring, and had now found themselves almost at their destination. When his patron knight ahead of him signaled for a stop, he forced his own horse to stand steady with a tug of the reins as his obsidian eyes studied the road ahead. The Eyktolian Desertbred came to a rough stop, forcing him to tighten his calves against the mare's sides in order to keep his balance within the saddle. He pressed the balls of his feet down against the stirrups to keep his feet from slipping out of them.

The caravan continue to move onward, leaving him and his patron Ser Brimholt at the rear of the group. The apprehension in the air was like a tangible thing, a fog of pessimism so thick that it could be cut with a sword. It was a tension that lingered due to the caravans decision to travel by night. Nayato kept an eye out as best he could under the moonlight which gleamed off of the freshly fallen snow.

He waited alongside the Knight, silently, certain that the man was aware of his presence. After a short moment Nayato lifted the visor to his helmet and reported to his senior. “Ser.” The knight also lifted his own visor before responding. “We lost a lot of time due to that gods awful flurry of snow. . . but no cold shall cripple me from reaching a warm hearth. Never liked winter, seen snow collapse houses back In Sunberth.. Anyway, I meant to ask you. -your friend-”

“Is probably getting into trouble by now.” He exhaled in a slow breath that sent a cool mist of frost from his nostrils. “Shall we wait a moment longer?” Nayato glanced back over his shoulder with an increasingly curious expression. “Jaleh? ” His voice rose so that the ghost could hear it. He stared into the darkness behind him looking for his missing Akinva Deerstalker.

The dogs name was Osawa, and with a slow bumbling jolts of movement, the large dog hobbled towards him. Osawa lifted its head as Nayato called out to it. The dogs eyes showed the faintest hint of complex emotion that sent a chill down Ser Brimholt spine. "Keep pace. The Station is just over the bend and I want to get out of this cold. Be sure to keep your eyes up, Zith are a true threat around these parts... and night lions" The knight grinned before lowering the visor on his helmet.

Nayato decided to keep pace with his ghost possessed dog to keep an eye on Osawa. "Now is really not the time for this, Jaleh. And you know you won't be able to keep that up for long. I will make you Soulmist once we reach the Station."

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