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Postby Nayato on December 25th, 2009, 8:02 pm

There is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
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Like all full blooded Chaktawe, Nayato has vibrant copper skin along with glossy jet black hair. The length of his hair is nearly over two feet and hangs down down past his shoulder blades. More often then not it is worn in a breaded pony tail with a black feather tied to the end. When not braided it is worn naturally loose.

He has the physique of someone who is athletically lean as a result from a hard life of struggle as a nomad in the desert. He has webbing between his toes like all Chaktawe which work as natural 'snow shoes' in helping him walk atop soft and deep sand. While his eyes are pure obsidian black, he has Nictitating membrane just like that of a camel and when the secondary pair of of translucent eyelids are closed, his eyes his piercing pure black eyes will appear to be a slight grey.

Nayato will also wear black pigment on his face and body at times to signifying that he is of the Kalanue (raven) Tribe.

Nayato has a high sense of communal unity, and that morality drives him to do things for others that they either can't do or are incapable of preforming. As Eywaat treats all as brothers, he lives his life with no true hostile intent towards people. All that matters is having the tenacity to survive.

Nayato is often withdrawn, and in some ways emotionally guarded keeping in tune with the racial reputation associated with his people. He doesn't like to talk openly about his personal feelings, especially his anger or desires. Having grown up in a close knit collective of nomads, Nayato grew accustomed to very quickly accepting orders to do what is necessary to survive. He is a soldier at heart, raised to be brave and aid in the survival of his tribe in the harsh Burning Lands.

On a personal level he extremely superstitious. This has given him a bizarre fixation towards mysticism (fortune telling, throwing salt over shoulders, etc...), the dead, dying, they afterlife, and undeath. It is an infatuation formed when he was child, and manifested in neurotic behavior of investigating occult phenomena.


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Alternative Names Nay, Naya,Nijhar, Blackbird.
Age41 years
Birth date35th Day of Summer, 482 AV.
Birth Place Redstone Cliffs, Eyktol.
Weight190 lbs; 215 with his water bladder completely full
Profession Dragoon, Raider.
Current LocationSunberth
Pantheon of Worship Eywaat, Makutsi, Dira, Kihala, Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, Eyris.
Fluent LanguageTawna
Basic LanguageCommon
Poor LanguageArumenic
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  • Compassionate
  • Discreet
  • Valiant

Theme song :

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In the desert, I saw a creature...
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Who ate of its own heart.
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Nijhar was born on the 35th Day of Summer among the The Redstone Cliffs of the Burning Lands. Nijhar was prematurely born only the size of his mother Yhama’s hand. He was expected to die an unnamed child,though he lived on where Yhama passed on soon after the birth. He was left to be raised by his father Nijha and the tribe. Since Chaktawe children were not named until they were older, Nayato was called the Nijhar until the age of five.

Nayato learned much from his father about how to use a bow and survive in the wilderness. It was not long till he asked about his mother and his father told him the story. The young boy sat in the tent for a while tired from the preceding desert trek.

He went to the place of his birth and mothers death. While at her grave, Nayato thought he saw a ghost in a shadow of the Redstone cliffs. Three days after Nayato's 15th birthday he went on the rite of Searching" to find his spirit-guide.
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Re: Nayato

Postby Nayato on December 29th, 2009, 1:23 pm

Is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
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Skills Initial SP Bonus Earned Total Level
Weapon: Short Bow 25SP 2,1,1 29/100 L2
Wilderness Survival(Desert, Plains) 15SP 10RB 2,2 29/100 L2

Skills Initial SP Bonus Earned Total Level
Acrobatics 1,12/100 L1
Animal Husbandry 2 2/100 L1
Architecture 2 2/100 L1
Boxing 2,1,5,513/100 L1
Carpentry 2 2/100 L1
Construction 2 2/100 L1
Dagger 1 1/100 L1
Detection 1 1/100 L1
Drawing 1 1/100 L1
Endurance 1,1,2,3,3,313/100 L1
Hunting 2, 1 3/100 L1
Leadership 1Sxp 1/100 L1
Medicine 1 1/100 L1
Negotiation 1 1/100 L1
Observation 2,2,2,4, 1, 2,4,3,424/100L1
Philosophy 11/100 L1
Running 22/100 L1
Singing 22/100 L1
Socialization 1,2,2,1,3, 211/100L1
Spiritism 3,2,2,1 8/100 L1
Storytelling 1 1/100 L1
Tactics 2,3,,1 6/100 L1
Tracking 5SP 2 7/100 L1
Unarmed Combat 2 2/100 L1
Weapon: Buckler Shield 3,2,2,512/100L1
Weapon (Hand axe) 1 1/100 L1
Weapon: Khopesh 5SP 3,2,3, 1,5 19/100 L1

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Lore :
Syliras: Abhors Leeching, Summoning, Familiary, And Malediction
Location: Antinous Training Grounds
Lore of Eywaat(SP)
Lore of Religion: Tyveth
Lore of Religion: Yahal

Knighthood Patron Gods: Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, And Eyris
Cagus Brimholt: My Patron Knight
Jaleh: Ghost Of A Squire
Archailist: Squirrel Pycon
Combat: Sword And Shield Style

Armor: Plate Is Heavy
Combat: Dominant Foot As Main Source Of Movement
Combat: 'Charge' Technique
Khopesh: Three-Strike Combo
Buckler: Shield Bash
Boxing: Basic Stances

Lore of how to create weak soulmist
Lore of Ghost Appearance
Spiritism: Detecting A Ghost's Presence
Spiritism: Creating Soulmist With Food And Blood
Lore of Poisonous Desert Flora
Lore of how to build a fire
Lore of properties of Creosote

Tracking: Using Chaktawe finger sensors to track motion.
Singing: Song of a Hopeful Mirage
Tracking: Rabbit Track
Person: Billie
Hunting: Rabbits are nervous creatures of habit
Hunting: Finding rabbits.
Tracking: Rabbits teeth marks
Storytelling: Why The Golden Wolf Howls
Weapon (Shortbow): Focusing to taking aim

Shortbow: Aim big, hit big.
Combat: Using finger air sensors in combat.
Archery: Firing blunted game arrows.
Shortbow: Close quarter combat archery
Person: The face of a fellow Squire, Garland.

Crafting soulmist: Flour, cheese, and lard.
Spiritism: Crafting Soulmist within the body.
Medicine: Using soulmist poultice to stop bleeding
Medicine: Leather binds to stop bleeding.
Construction: Bamboo a renewable and versatile resource
WS: Gather resources
WS: Clearing all obstacles blocking your campsite.
Construction: The Proper way to cut down Bamboo
WS: Defend against large predators
Carpentry: Bamboo spikes
Carpentry: Splitting bamboo stalks.
Construction: How to make splint bamboo structures
Tracking: The difference between bamboo and anaconda motion.
Spiritism: Emitting Soulmist
Negotiation: Trading Soulmist for favors
Khopesh: Chops like an axe, stabs like a sword.
WS: Don’t eat poisonous snakes
Construction: Lay materials as a foundation template
Drawing: Building layouts
WS: Carving plant fiber for rope or rinder.
WS: Making rope out of plant fiber
Carpentry: Crafting Bamboo joints
Construction: Crafting Bamboo structure foundations
Construction: The Proper way to tie bamboo together.

Sword & Shield: One, two, press, four combo.
Nayato: Jaleh to live vicariously through him.
Khopesh: Swings like an axe, stabs like a sword.
Buraga: Master Swordsman & Syka’s Settlement Defender.
Nayato: Challenge accepted, cut Buraga’s armor.
Khopesh: Two handed hammer grip.
Khopesh Faint a slash to perform a stab.
Spiritism: Graceful Possession.
Spiritism: Not resisting a ghostly possession.
Boxing: Left jab.
Boxing: Faint a sword strike to open up the Left jab.
Tactics: Only attack the torso, then surprise attack the legs.
Tactics: Don’t let an enemy take your back.
Denval: Destroyed by the Djed storm.
Running: Running to build endurance.
Endurance: Built by going one step further.

Eleuia the Strong: Sun’s Birth Captain & trainer.
Boxing: keep elbows tucked in.
Boxing: Full-crouch stance for defense.
Boxing: Half-crouch stance for balanced attack & defense.
Boxing: Leather shield punch training.
Boxing: proper jab form.
Boxing: follow-through for power.
Endurance: Recover from a knee to the abdomen.
Endurance: Seeing stars, a strike to the face.
Unarmed Combat: The whole body is a weapon.
Unarmed Combat: Knee in the clinch.
Unarmed Combat: Knee; the same footwork as a jab.
Sun’s Birth: Abandoned by the Syliran Knights.
Sun’s Birth: Dragoon fighting force.
Sun's Birth: Loyalty to each other.
Sun's Birth: The Strength to improve the Sunberth.
Boxing: Always keep your hands up.
Boxing: Always keep your eyes on the opponent.
Boxing: Proper uppercut form.
Boxing: Retract punches faster.
Boxing: If you can’t block then slip or avoid attacks.
Boxing: Find range with a jab.
Boxing: Shadowbox to sharpen skill.
Boxing: Straight right cross.

Boxing: Warm up with shadowboxing.
Running: Jogging in a fighting stance.
Endurance: Keeping hands high to resist fatigue.
Boxing: Defensive bob.
Boxing: Defensive bob footwork.
Boxing: Defensive slip.
Boxing: Defensive slip footwork.
Boxing: Punches are dangerous as blades.
Boxing: Bobbing-the-blade training.
Tactics: longsword range.
Boxing: Proper right hook from.
Endurance: Only stop when safe.
Sunberth: Blood Pit death matches.
Sunberth: The Den is in Daggerhand Territory.
Sunberth: The Daggerhand don’t control The Den.
Sunberth: Hide gang symbols when needed.
Dragoons: Be as merciless as Myri.
Acrobatics: Boxing-slip dodge.
Boxing: Covering up to defend.
Boxing: Pulling away to escape strikes.
Endurance: Withstanding hits on the arms.
Boxing: Timing punches while blocking.

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Re: Nayato

Postby Nayato on December 29th, 2009, 1:28 pm

It matters greatly that we be masters of all we do use.
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Housing :
Current Housing: The Barracks, Sunberth.

Equipment :
  • 1 Set of Clothing
    Wool long coat,tan linen shirt and bucksink pants, moccasin boots . (SP)
  • 1 Waterskin (SP
  • 1 Backpack which contains the following:
    1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap), Food for a week, and 1 eating knife) made of goat bone. (SP)
  • Sack (Empty);burlap sack.
  • Bowl, 5" / 8 oz
  • Tent, four-person
  • Bowyer/Fletcher’s Toolkit
  • 3 Wolf hides
  • 1 scroll covering only the basics of Spiritism

  • 2 pound sack of Buckwheat flour
  • 2 pound sack of soft cheese
  • 2 pounds sack of Animal Fat (Goat Lard)
  • Bobcat hide
  • 3x Blue Grosbeak feathers
  • 2nd Backpack (Empty)
  • Bird Call
  • Toolkit, Survival 25 gm
  • Leash, Medium-size 1 gm
  • Tent, four person 10 gm
  • Shovel 2 gm
  • Crowbar 2 gm
  • Carpenter's Mallet 1 sm
  • 2x Rope, Hemp (50 ft.)
  • Nails(Metal) 2lbs.
  • Axe, Carpenter's
  • Axe, Splitting
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Buckwheat flour 2lbs

Weapons and armor :
Family Heirloom: Nijha's Short bow. A bow that has been in Nayato's family line which has beloned to his great, great grand father. It is a rustic bow passed down from his father to him sometime before his searching.

  • Quiver of 100 Short bow Arrows
  • Dagger:
  • Half-Hatchet: Bares a broader head than a hatchet with a hammer tip on the edge opposite the blade.

  • Khopesh: Often confused with the scimitar, the khopesh is a more unwieldy weapon but far heavier overall and capable of causing great harm.

  • Leather armor: The breastplate and shoulder protectors of this armor are made of leather that has been stiffened by boiling in oil. The rest of the armor is softer and more flexible leather.

  • Buckler, Shield: A small, metal shield strapped to the forearm allowing it to be worn and still use the hand.

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Even when apart, I am with them. They will never be alone.
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Chaktawe Guardian :


A golden dingo is the form Ibiski takes when she visits Nayato in times of great need whether physical or spiritual. In many ways her personality is just like her charge's. She is a loyal canine, brave in the face of danger or peril, but where Nayato is constantly seeking to aid others, Ibiski would encourage the Chaktawe to look out for himself more. Survival in Mizahar after all, is hard enough when just watching out for oneself, let alone others.

Ibiski's tone is always playful, and rarely serious, and every now and then, despite her ephemeral form she can be found bringing Nayato bits of game, whether he wants them or not.

NPC Relationships :
Relationship With Nayato: Cagus Brimholt is Nayato's patron who is overseeing his training during his Squirehood.

ImageName: Cagus Brimholt
Race: Human
DoB: 8th Day of Fall, 470 AV.
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Knight
Weapon (Gladius): 32 pts
Weapon (Buckler Shield): 40pts
Weapon (Shortbow): 35
Riding (Horse): 36 pts
Boxing: 38
Intelligence: 40
Larceny: 48pts.

Gnosis: 1 Sylir

Additional Info:

From the youngest of ages, Cagus Brimholt recognized the darkness in Sunberth's soul. He could have remained distant from the less benign aspects of the city if he chose; he was born into a family of thieves and brigands, the lower echelon of scum, and poverty could do a lot to make someone seek a way out of such unpleasantry. If opposites attracted, then a thief wanting to fight crime was the only logical outcome to Cagus's story. At the age of twenty during his squire hood to a human knight named Qowden Ecoson, he proved that knowing how to steal makes preventing crime a lot easier. He trained to be the best knight he could be, going on patrols with his Patron Knight through the city and keeping an eye out for pickpockets and thieves.

Ser Cagus is playful, frisky and compassionate, much better adjusted to a life of duty and honor than one would expect from a former thief. Despite where he came from, he has met the expectations laid upon him well. He can most often be found patrolling the Great Bazaar, along side any squire he may have. A welcomed sight to many merchant vendors.

Name: Jaleh
Race: Ghost
Date of Birth: Spring 429 AV
Date of Death: Winter 464 AV
PoB: Eyktol
Materialization: 10
Possession: 10
Soulmist Projection: 10

Additional Info:

Jaleh was a loving girl once, righteous and pure; a long, long time ago. Jaleh, from the tents of Aloran, of the sons of Dalabon was born into a Benshira family of shepherds in the deserts of Eyktol. From her childhood, she displayed a phenomenal love for animals, learning to help take care of her families goats at a young age. During one fateful night, she was taken to Ahnatep after raiders attack her families tent. She was sold into slavery in the slave markets of Ahnatep when she was eighteen years old to a Drykas male. On the trip through the Sea of grass back to Endrykas, her Drykas captor was fatally wounded when the caravan was assaulted by a Zith swarm. After the conflict, Jaleh's left with a few other survivors who fled for Riverfall.

She eventually left her old life far behind when she traveled from Riverfall down that Kabrin Road to Syliras. She spent most of her time in the fortress city watching the knights and taking care of animals before she joined the order as a Squire. When out on a patrol with her patron in the wildlands, she was attacked by a yukman while on her horse. It knocked her from her mount which resulted in her breaking her neck from the fall.

With such a strong emotion to become a knight, she became a ghost who haunts Syliras where she enjoys watching the knights train. Although, now she seems interested in Nayato, a new Squire of the Syliran Order who shared his soulmist with her.

Name: Snana
Race, age, sex: Chaktawe, 23, Female.
PoB: Eyktol
Born: Fall 44th, 484 AV. (Deceased, died 508 AV)
Relationship: Cousin.
Sailing: 49
Wilderness Survival; Desert & Sea: 47
Herbalism: 44

Additional Info:
Nayato's youngest cousin is of the seafaring sort, forgoing the drama of a live on endless sands for endless waves of the ocean. She became a sailor who worked on the coast of Eyktol as deckhands on ships. She wished to one day own her own vessel, and became a mercenary in hopes of obtain that dream.

Pet Companion :
Image Obtained: Bought
Name & Gender: Osawa; Male.
Type of Dog : Akinva Deerstalker
Size: Large 150 lbs
Color: Brindled, brown with white stripe going down his body. One white patch covering his hide right paw.
Purpose: Hunting & Guarding
Special Abilities: Exceptional Hunters, Good with families, and Pit Fighting.

Image Obtained: Bought
Name & Gender: Dune; Male.
Type of Dog : Colorsplash
Size: 17hh
Special Abilities:

PC Relationships :
To be added.

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Money well spent...
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ItemPrice Total
Starting Money; 100 gold Mizas +100 gm
100 shortbow arrows-5 Gm -595 gm
Dagger -2 Gm93 gm
Bowyer/Fletcher’s Toolkit -20 Gm 73 gm
supplies(2 pound sack of Buckwheat flour for 1 gm/lb = 2 gm) (2 pound sack of soft cheese for 2 sm/lb= 4 sm)(2 pounds sack of Animal Fat/Goat Lard for 1sm/lb= 2sm) -2gm.6sm 70 gm. 6sm.
Summer 512 Living Expense5 gm (Squalor) 65 gm. 6sm.
Fall 512 Living Expenses (Inactive) 65 gm. 6sm.
Winter 512 Living Expense -5gm (Squalor) 60 gm. 6sm.
Spring 513 Living Expense (Inactive) 60 gm. 6sm.
Summer 513 Living Expense (Inactive)60 gm. 6sm.
Fall 513 Living Expenses (Inactive) 60 gm. 6sm.
Winter 513 Living Expenses (Inactive) 60 gm. 6sm.
Half-Hatchet (Tomahawk) -4 sm 60 gm. 2sm.
Akinva Deerstalker (Dog) -20 gm (20 more for extensive training ) 40 gm. 2sm
Khopesh -15 gm25gm. 2sm
Bowl, 5" / 8 oz - 1 cm 25GM. 1sm. 9cm
Sack (Empty) - 1 sm 25GM 9cm
Spring 514 Living Expenses (Squire/Taken care of by Knights)-025GM 9cm
Summer 514 Living Expenses (Squire)-025GM 9cm
Fall 514 Living Expenses (Squire)-025GM 9cm
Winter 514 Living Expenses (Squire)-025GM 9cm
Spring 515 Living Expenses (Inactive)-025GM 9cm
Spring 516 Living Expenses (Squalor)-520GM 9cm
Winter 516 Living Expenses (Squalor)-515GM 9cm
Spring 517 - winter 517 inactive015GM 9cm
Leather armor-10 gm5GM 9cm
Sold tent Housing+500505GM 9cm
Syka supplies-50 gm 1sm 455Gm. 1sm. 9cm
Simple make up10gm445Gm. 1sm. 9cm
Book, Blank3gm442GM. 1sm. 9cm
Ink Sticks (10 sticks)3 gm439GM. 1sm. 9cm
Buckler15 gm424GM. 1sm. 9cm
Spring 518 AV expenses -135 gm289gm. 1sm. 9cm
Spring 520, Traveler's Row Rent -9 gm280gm. 1sm. 9cm
Spring 520 AV expenses -45 gm235 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Inactive until Fall 523
Travel Expense: food rations (94 days)- 47 gm188 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Colorsplash horse- 60 gm128 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Saddlebags, Large- 8 gm120 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Bit & bridle- 2 gm118 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Halter and lead - 1 gm117 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Saddle, Riding - 10 gm107 gm. 1sm. 9cm
Caravan fare 107 days - 107 gm 1sm. 9cm
Total: 1sm. 9cm
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Re: Nayato

Postby Nayato on January 2nd, 2010, 8:26 am

Weaving a story with each thread.
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Date Thread Status
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder

Spring 520 :
Date Thread Status
Spring 3rd, 520AVA Spore Choice On-going
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder

Winter515 :
Date Thread Status
Winter 8th, 515 A.V.[Glynstein Master Station] And now my watch begins. On-going
Winter 35th, 515 A.V.[The Sanctuary] I Meet a new Person. Hello, I won't bite. On-going
82nd of Winter, 515 A.V.The Good Fight On-going
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder

Summer514 :
Summer 514 AV
Date Thread Status
1st Day of Summer, 514 AV [The Great Bazaar] Chaos Theory In Progress
2nd Day of Summer, 514AV [Antinous Training Grounds] A Morning for Melee Completed
6th Day of Summer, 514 AV[Bronze Woods] Hunting Words (Billie)In Progress
8th Day of Summer, 514 AV[The Bean] Just one of those days In Progress
PlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
Placeholder PlaceholderPlaceholder

Spring, 514 AV :
Date Thread Status
10th Day of Spring, 514AV [The Temple of All Gods] Free Faith In Progress
81st Day of Spring [Antinous Training Grounds] A Shield of Justicegraded
81st Day of Spring[Antinous Training Grounds] Soulless Faith graded

Summer, 512 AV :
Date Thread Status
25th day of Summer, 512 AV Road Less Traveled complete

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