Solo [Winter Blaze costume prep]A Less Daunting Task

Vypec heads to the Red Diamond to buy his costume.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Winter Blaze costume prep]A Less Daunting Task

Postby Vypec on February 20th, 2016, 1:01 am

8th of Winter, 515 A.V.
The Red Diamond

Vypec had been forced to attend the Winter Blaze by his father. He had already been through the trying process of trying to weasel his way out of the damn event. But Vyandos Algranos was ever conscious of the family honor, and would not abide by any half-baked excuses on Vypec's part. Even so much as to deny him the chance to stand duty during the day of the party. And that was why Vypec was now rummaging through the various clothes of the Red Diamond, looking for something suitable. He needed. A nice new tunic of traditional Rivarian style and a mask of some sort. He hoped the Red Diamond was selling masks for the damn Masquerade, or else he would simply have to go without. Vypec was not about to take the time to piece one together himself, family honor or no.

It took an uncomfortably long time to find a suitable tunic. The one Vypec decided on was a long black leather tunic. It bore a design of dark blue stitching in a V over the chest and around the high collar. The garment was clearly designed for formal occasions, just the thing he needed for this party. He was still staring down at the tunic when a woman walked past. She presumed that he was still deciding and spoke up.

"You should go with something red and white! That's for the Winter Blaze right?" Her voice was cheery and bright. She set a finger against the leather of the tunic, her lips bending in a frown. "That's not really fire and ice, is it?"

Vypec felt irritation ripple through him. Before he could stop it, Vypal slipped to the fore. The Dark brother pulled the tunic from her grasp. "I am an Akalak of Riverfall. The only duality is that which lies between the Night Mother and the Lord of Discipline." The ice in Vypal's voice was merciless as he stared coldly down at the woman who had only meant to give advice. She blanched visibly. Her face went pale and she seemed to understand that her actions had brought out the darker half of his personality. Vypal only stared imperiously down at her. For his part, Vypec was struggling to regain prominence.

She didn't mean anything by it Vypal. Calm down.

I am calm, Vypec. Vypal hissed, maintaining his hold on their body. He did not blink nor look away from the woman as she hurried off towards the clerk, eager to leave all of a sudden. She needed to be educated on those devout Akalak who still hold to tradition. Vypal said coldly without a sliver of remorse for his harsh words. Now that she was gone, Vypec was able to wrestle control back from his brother. The clerk, Hudon, eyed him suspiciously. The large Akalak had not missed what had happened. Perhaps he was satisfied that the woman had gotten away safely, or perhaps he agreed with Vypal. Either way, Hudon simply sat behind the front desk, continuing to count the woman's change into a larger money chest.

Vypec nodded to Hudon after he had regained control. He ran a hand over his smooth scalp, the tips of fingers touching the braided hair. "I am sorry about that..." Vypec began, but Hudon waved a hand. He seemed to understand what had happened.

"Some of these women become too familiar around our people. It is easy to forget the...challenge of being an Akalak." Hudon's deep voice said. His understanding made Vypec grateful for the large, silent clerk. "Now what else can I help you with?" Hudon changed the subject from the uncomfortably serious nature of their race.

Vypec seized on the chance to most onto lighter things. "Ah, I need a mask for this damn Winter Blaze thing."
Hudon showed him to a rack of masks that they had apparently set out for Straif Davin's festivities specially. Hudon went into detail highlighting a few of the masks that he thought would go well with the tunic. But there was almost an immediate focus of Vypec attention. There sitting at the end was a long, black leather crow mask. The thing instantly sent a pang of nostalgia cutting through his heart. Vypec did not hear Hudons' next words as he reached for the mask slowly. Thoughts of his mother raged around the dark recesses of his mind like driftwood in a dark storm. Vypec could feel his brother's resurgent emotions as well.

It is fate! Vypal said, struggling with the same emotions Vypec was. He can honor her through this.

Yes, we must have it. Vypec said, unable to confront his emotions and Vypal with anything more than that. He buried them deep and turned back to Hudon and the world. "Sorry, I was far away for a moment. I'd like to buy this one please." Vypec said.

Hudon stopped talking when Vypec cut him off, raising his eyebrows and nodded. "Of course, bring them to the front."

Vypec followed the other Akalak to the front of the store and a few minutes later he was heading out the door of the Red Diamond feeling oddly content with the 'costume'. Perhaps this Winter Blaze would not be so horrible as he thought...

885 Words

Item Cost
Tunic, leather 5 GM
Mask, leather crow 3 SM
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[Winter Blaze costume prep]A Less Daunting Task

Postby Theo Popcampio on July 7th, 2016, 2:45 pm

  • Intimidation 1
  • Persuasion 1
  • Socialization 1
  • Observation 1
  • Vyandos Algranos: Motivated by honor
  • Vypal: Prideful to a fault
  • Vypec: Can’t always suppress Vypal
  • Crows mask: Bound by fate?
  • Vypec/Vypal: Superstitious
Consequences & Rewards
  • Mizas: -5 GM, 3 SM
    Items: A leather tunic, a leather crows mask

Let me know if you have any questions!


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