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Theo Popcampio

Postby Theo Popcampio on May 31st, 2015, 5:28 pm



Theo clocks in at a hundred ninety pounds and stands at six foot and two inches. He keeps a tightly kept beard, Theo's most glaring features might be his solid chin or his straight, stern nose. Onyx colored hair runs long on the top of Theo's head and short on the side, the top is brushed to the side in a loose formation. The eyes of Theo drift in color from hazel to a dark green as the day wanes on. He takes good care of his grooming, a trait that stuck from him one life to another, as such his hair is always well trimmed and he keeps his beard is kept close.


A defiant, wandering soul, Theo's wise cracking is only overshadowed by his dark humor. Despite his bleak appearances, Theo's has a moral compass that constantly compels him to take the path is good. What's right is right for Theo, unequivocally, and he'd rather challenge a forum full of men before surrendering his own moral compass. He's a big, long talker, with a sword to back it.

Theo used to go by the name of Revan, a member of the Avaric Flame, a merciless group of bandits and cult of Ivac, but a knock on the head took Theo's memory and he invented a newer, more fun-loving persona. However, Theo's old life is not finished with him, and as Theo progresses his past raises more questions and leads to more complications.

He has a notable lack of indifference towards death, and his ironic approach to life makes Theo even wonder if he has any fear. His feelings of regret, remorse, and grief are simply non existent. To this effect, Theo has relatively little in common with average folk.

Revan is gone, for now, and Theo's past life is lost to his own mind. Haunted by the emptiness of his own mind, Theo's main devotion is unraveling the mysteries of his past. Every step he takes, however, leads to another fork in the road. As his new conscious calls he must tow the line between discovering his own story and reshaping the lives of others.


Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 26.
Birth Date: 67 of Summer.
Birth Year 490 AV.
Birth Place: Syka.
Starting City: Syliras.
Current Location: Riverfall.


Location: Syka.

House: In the process of acquiring.

Boxcode Credit: Aislyn Leavold
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Theo Popcampio

Postby Theo Popcampio on September 25th, 2016, 7:47 pm



Theo was born as the unfortunate happening between a well-to-do scholar and a tavern's serving girl. Fearful of the outcomes of the implications brought on his prestige, career guided his father's words and in turn his mother's actions. The boy became an orphan at birth and a boy with no name or family.

As a child Theo was forced to acquire cunning quickly. Theo chose to even the odds through manipulation. However young, Theo learned the appearance that would draw the pity of others: Helplessness, hunger, and weakness. As a child it was easy, people were eager to give coin to an orphan to renew their conscious. Theo's excess coin brought bread to the mouths other children and bought him classes that taught him to read. An innate desire for knowledge marked Theo at birth, but it also left him with wanting for a better life.

Enter Merrick Truval, the leader of a group called The Avaric Flame. Bandits and a cult of Ivak, they were bad men who had little heart for others, and Merrick was the worst of all. They were harsh and exacting, and their acts of violence were senseless, instilling terror among travelers throughout Sylira and Cyphrus. Murdering rapists with a thirst for slow deaths, their cruelty left stories that only passed behind closed doors.

Merrick saw Theo on the street one day begging. He silently observed as Theo pocketed the coin and returned to a roast turkey that he and his fellows had been splitting. Merrick was drawn to the boy, and questioned him as to why he was begging in the first place. The boy told Merrick to fuck off, but left a solid impression none the less, and he was swept away in the night.

Under his new master, Theo apprenticed as a mage. He was given the name Revan. Revan finally felt some form of acceptance and purpose among the Avaric Flame. His fellow raiders had as much hate for society at large as he. Revan turned his hatred manifest on the usual caravans, and he was born anew as a stone cold killer. Revan's blood lust went far beyond even that of his fellows. He was always at the front of the fight, enthralled by the orgy of violence: He was merely fifteen when he earned the name Revan the Reaper.

However, all good times must come to an end. It was in an act of betrayal that the Avaric Flame was slaughtered. Fighting off an ambush, Merrick ended up overgiving and obliterating the majority of his force. Revan was knocked back by the blast, and suffered head trauma that left him senseless. A few survivors patched Revan together, but even upon recovery Revan was unable to recall who he was.

Revan was brought to Lhavit. The shattered Avaric Flame left Revan there under the guidance of an associate of the Avaric, Walden Popcampio, hoping that some time of stability would renew his memories. It did not, and Revan slowly developed a new personality of his own: Theo Popcampio, Walden Popcampio's brother, a happy go lucky wise-cracker.


Post-creation history


Zeltiva 492 AV-514 AV
Lhavit 514 AV-514 AV
Syliras 514 AV-515 AV
Riverfall 516 AV-516 AV
Syka 516 AV-Present


Fluent Language: Common.
Basic Language: Ancient Tongue.
Poor Language: Kontinese.
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Theo Popcampio

Postby Theo Popcampio on September 25th, 2016, 7:51 pm



Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Horse Riding 15 SP 29 Competent
Weapon: Longsword 15 RB 47 Competent
Observation 47 Competent
Reimancy*Fire, Air, Lightning 15 SP 43 Competent
Socialization 38 Competent
Acrobatics 10 Novice
Acting 5 Novice
Anthropology 2 Novice
Brawling 2 Novice
Cleaning 1 Novice
Cooking 2 Novice
Deduction 2 Novice
Detection 1 Novice
Endurance 15 Novice
Flirting 10 Novice
Horsemanship 5 Novice
Hunting 1 Novice
Intelligence 3 Novice
Interrogation 3 Novice
Intimidation 7 Novice
Investigation 11 Novice
Land Navigation 5 Novice
Leadership 13 Novice
Logic 9 Novice
Meditation 1 Novice
Negotiation 5 Novice
Organization 2 Novice
Persuasion 5 Novice
Philosophy 3 Novice
Planning 6 Novice
Rhetoric 23 Novice
Running 8 Novice
Sailing 1 Novice
Scavenging 2 Novice
Scouting 1 Novice
Singing 1 Novice
Spiritism 15 SP 18 Novice
Stealth 9 Novice
Storytelling 3 Novice
Subterfuge 4 Novice
Swimming 2 Novice
Tactics 12 Novice
Teaching 3 Novice
Tracking 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat 7 Novice
Wrestling 1 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 5 Novice
Weapon: Rope Dart 1 Novice
Wilderness Survival*Forest Terrain 5 SP 5 Novice

Lore of Yahal
Yahal: Rewards Belief in Yourself

Lore of Syliras Geography
Location: Ser Vey's Residence
Location: Syliras’ Crematorium
Location: Mithryn Outpost
Location: The Bronze Woods
Bronze Woods: A Temple of Thought
Riverfall: A city for warriors
Riverfall Location: Loads of Leather
Riverfall Location: The Antiquities Society
Sahova: A Place of Knowledge
The Antiquities Society: A trial
Nyka: Four Patron Gods
The Possible Whereabouts of Walden’s Ghost

Adevio: Part of Theo's past
Alexander Faircroft: Softly spoken squire
Alexander Faircroft: Doesn't usually drink spirits
Amara of Mura: Konti Woman
Bakar: Suspicious
Cromwell: with the lazy eye otherwise known as Lazy
First Mate of the Precious: Brayden, a bit of a sap
Brayden: A treacherous fellow
Brayden: Quite merciless
Brayden: A Nuit
Captain of the Precious: Novenem, a man possessed of a good beard
George the boy: Rode in three days late
Jay: Theo's Lost Love?
Lucky: Good Horse (Past Tense)
Marie: Blonde temptress with dreamsmoke
Moxie: Konti lady
Moxie: Tells people's fortunes, likes animals, is from Konti Isle
Moxie: Anxious shy woman
Peter: a Good Young Man
Pret the dog: Killed his owner
Rielly: Survivalist with a sharp tongue
Rielly: Attractively tough
Rielly: Likes the woods
Rielly: Muscular and curvy
Rielly: Wants to be a knight, not a housewife
Rielly: Love interest
Rielly: Willing to use people
Rielly: A Love Rekindled
Ser Vey: Potential Patron
Ser Vey: My Patron Knight
Ser Vey: Lives by himself
Ser Vey: A quiet man
Ser Vey: A Talented Warrior and Mage
Ser Vey: An Anxious Patron
Sparky: Trusty Cyphrus strider
Sparky: Afraid of snakes
Sparky: Killed by zith
Theo: Has Multiple Aliases
Theo: Can't Remember The Past
Walden: Fat Greedy Brother
Walden: A Living Enigma
Walden, a Ghost?
Wheaty: A Concerned Squire.
Yana: The Little Ghost Girl
Yana Has Met Walden

Acrobatics: Rolling on top of your opponent
Acting: play friendly first
Acting: Use small talk to distract
Anthropology: When akalak and konti mate, konti women will either give birth to an akalak son or a konti daughter
Dagger: A simple swipe
Dagger: Slitting a throat
Horseback Riding: Staying Mounted on a Rearing Horse
Horse Riding: Adjusting to a new horse
Horse Riding: Spurring a horse into gallop
Horse Riding: Controlling speed and direction using reigns
Horse Riding: Letting your horse pick its path
Horsemanship: Building a connection through praise and scratches
Horsemanship: Leading the horse up a steep hill instead of riding
Horsemanship: Bringing treats
Horsemanship: Brushing a horse
Horsemanship: Playtime
Interrogation: Basic threats
Investigation: Identifying signs of a ghost
Investigation: Slow and cautious
Investigating A Lead
Investigation: Look under the bed
Intimidation: Showing a half-concealed weapon
Leadership: amping up your men
Longsword: Techniques for practicing on a dummy
Longsword: Remembering an attack as a means of training
Long Sword: Good weapon for combat without a shield.
Longsword: Using one-handedly
Longsword technique: One handed attack, two handed to finish
Longsword: Middle attack and then kick
Longsword: Hit on the right, stab on the left
Longsword: Whirlwind swing
Longsword: Striking a reposte
Organization: Weighing the options before taking a life
Persuasion: Impressing a possible employer
Philosophy: What do Knights Work For?
Philosophy: Why Have the Gods Chosen Us?
Persuasion: Repetition works
Rhetoric: Using humor to taunt in battle
Rhetoric: The mention of torture gets people talking
Rhetoric: An answer for a life
Sailing: smaller ships are faster
Sailing: ballista cost much coin
Socialization: Don't push a joke when your interlocutor doesn't enjoy it
Socialization: Introductions
Stealth: Taking care to avoid creaks
Stealth: Remembering to keep an eye out
Unarmed Combat: Kicking your opponent to disrupt his balance
Wilderness Survival: Smelling if rain is coming
Wilderness Survival: Grabbing a snake by the neck to stay clear of its fangs
Wrestling: Rolling to gain the advantage

Auristics: Sensory magic
Reimancy: Lighting a small flame held up with res
Reimancy: As Good for Show as Application
Reimancy: Igniting flammable gas
Reimancy: Creating an absence of wind
Reimancy: Pushing sails
Reimancy: Signs of overgiving
Reimancy(fire): hand held light
Reimancy: uncontrollable blaze
Reimancy: Scorching words into the ground
Reimancy: It's hard to control res without seeing your fingers
Reimancy: Using fire to burn through rope
Spiritism: The Danger's Ghosts Can Pose to the Living

A haunted house
Ambush on the road
Be humble more often
Combat: Killing An Acquaintance
Combat: Running From Danger
Fighting With Fire and Steel
Logic: Purpose of The Locket
Surviving A Kidnapping Attempt
The death of a brother
What The Knighthood Means to Me
Winning, Even in Defeat
A fish out of water, in water
Remembering that day on the ice
Rumor: About the captain…
Book: Histories of Elephil
Resigned from the Knighthood
Memory of attempted kidnap: Why?
The perks of having friends in high places
Don't kick stones with your toe-tip
The feeling of entering the familiar under new pretenses

Worldly Knowledge
An unlocked door can lead to robbery
Bars: Sources of unsolicited information
Dreamsmoke will put you to sleep
Event: The ambush of Lester’s wing, Winter 515AV
Nuit: The Undead
Nuit: Body ritual
Nuit: Seek new bodies often
Nuit: Leak ichor when cut
Nuit: Weak, with delayed reactions
Nuits: White Ichor
Nuits: Making Weapons the Bane of Nuits with Ichor
Struggling won’t get you out of a rip tide
A letter from Adrasto
A love letter to Rielly
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
A day spent drinking is a wasted day
Dress to impress
A common enemy turns foes into allies
Zith: Language sounds like hisses
Zith: Males and females can be told apart by their voices
Zith: Instinct-driven
Revan of the Avaric Flame: Theo's old name
The lakan with the gold pommel: An old ceremonial item
Do not remove a blade without a doctor present
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Theo Popcampio

Postby Theo Popcampio on September 25th, 2016, 7:55 pm



Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Assassin's Dagger, steel -4 GM 96 GM
Rope Dart, Chained/Bladed -7 GM 89 GM
Robbed in A Breach of Faith -25 GM 64 GM
Moxie's Skirty -4 SM 63 GM 96 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 515 AV (Squiring) -0 GM 64 GM
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 515 AV (Squiring) -0 GM 63 GM 96 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 515 AV (Squiring) -0 GM 63 GM 96 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Spring 516 AV -45 GM 18 GM 96 SM
Seasonal Wages, Spring 516 AV +920 GM 938 GM 96 SM
Seasonal Wages, Summer 516 AV -45 GM 893 GM 96 SM
Hard Bargaining -20 GM -2 SM 873 GM 94 SM
Travel from Riverfall to Syka -20 GM 853 GM 94 SM



A longsword made from cold iron that Theo looted from a swordsman he killed. The sword has a hawk's head on the pommel casted from cold iron, formerly encrusted in it were two rubies that acted as the hawk's eyes.
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Theo Popcampio

Postby Theo Popcampio on September 25th, 2016, 7:56 pm



Summer 515
22- Trouble on the Road
Rewards: Riding: Horse: 2, Horsemanship: 1, Singing: 1, Socialization: 5, Planning: 3, Acrobatics: 1, Endurance: 4, Unarmed Combat: 1, Wrestling: 1, Observation: 5, Brawling: 1, Weapon: Longsword: 3, Running: 1, Leadership: 5, Rhetoric: 2, Reimancy: 2, Land Navigation: 2, Stealth: 2, Negotiation: 1, Flirting: 2, Tactics: 1, Interrogation: 1, Intimidation: 1, Cooking: 1, Scouting: 1
25- A Breach of Faith
Rewards: 5 Observation, 3 Socialization, 2 Rhetoric, 2 Swimming, 1 Flirting, 1 Hunting, 1 Land Navigation, 1 Reimancy, 1 Stealth, 1 Storytelling, 1 Tracking, 1 Unarmed Combat, 1 Weapon: Longsword
26- A Test of Might and Will
Rewards: Socialization: 1, Tactics: 2, Weapon: Longsword: 3
56- Unforeseen Adventure
Rewards:Flirting: 5, Riding: Horse: 2, Endurance: 1, Observation: 5, Socialization: 5, Intelligence: 1, Leadership: 3, Land Navigation: 1, Investigation: 1, Rhetoric: 3, Persuasion: 1, Interrogation: 2, Teaching: 1, Storytelling: 1, Negotiation: 3
68- Meeting Under Less Than Ideal Circumstances
Rewards: Observation: 2, Rhetoric: 3, Logic: 3, Investigation: 1, Socialization: 4, Acting: 1, Organization: 1

Fall 515
1- Back at it
Rewards:Weapon:long Sword 2, Endurance 3, Reimancy 1, Socialization 4, Observation 3, Tactics 3, Acrobatics 2, Riding 3, Acting 1, Subterfuge 1, Spiritism 1, Investigation 2, Rhetoric 2, Persuasion 1, Negotiation 1, Storytelling 1, Tracking 1, Cooking 1, Planning 1, Meditation 1

Winter 515
1- Rekindling
Rewards: Longsword +4, Reimancy +4, Tactics +1, Rhetoric +3, Endurance +2, Running +1, Spiritism +1, Observation +4, Socialization +1
5- Feeding Time
Riding: 1
Reimancy: 2
Socialization: 2
Observation: 2
Philosophy: 1
Logic: 2
17- A Playful Show
Reimancy 2
Socialisation 5
Intimidation 2
Observation 1
Running 1
Spiritism 1
Persuasion 2
Teaching 2
Rhetoric 1
65- White Faith
Rewards: Observation - 3, Philosophy - 1, Riding - 2, Planning - 1, Endurance - 2, Reimancy - 1, Logic - 1
78 - Chains and Blades
Rewards:Riding: 1, Observation: 3, Intelligence: 1, Acrobatics: 1, Weapon Skills - Longsword: 3, Unarmed Combat: 2, Rhetoric: 4, Reimancy: 1, Running: 1, Endurance: 3, Socialization: 1
84- Playing in the Snow
Rewards: Weapon: Longsword 4, Reimancy: Fire 4, Observation 4, Endurance 3, Running 3, Subterfuge 3, Intimidation 2, Investigation 2, Acrobatics 2, Logic 2, Deduction 2, Planning 1, Land Navigation 1, Tactics 1, Intelligence 1, Socialization 1, Weapon: Dagger 1, Detection 1, Stealth 1, Brawling 1, Weapon: Rope Dart 1, Cleaning 1, Philosophy 1
92- Letters
Socialisation 1
Intimidation 1
Reimancy 1
Rhetoric 2

Spring 516
3- Awakening
Observation: +2
Intimidation: +1
Weapon: Longsword: +2
Reimancy: +3
12- Rising Action
Weapon: Longsword: +1
Observation: +2
Socialisation: +1
22- Mercy is for the Weak
Observation: +4
Weapon: Longsword: +3
Endurance: +1
Stealth: +2
Investigation: +1
38- A Brush With Death
leadership: 5 XP
Socialization: 5 XP
Investigation: 4 XP
Tactics: 3 XP
Acting: 3 XP
Weapon- Assassins Dagger: 1 XP
Weapon- Longsword: 2 XP
Observation: 2 XP
Reimancy- Fire: 2 XP
Stealth: 2 XP
Scavenging: 1 XP
Sailing: 1 XP
Running: 1 XP

Summer 516
21- Hard Bargaining
Socialization +3
Flirting +2
Persuasion +1
Reimancy +1
23- The Death of Sparky
• Horse Riding +3
• Horsemanship +3
• Weapon (longsword) +4
• Reimancy +2
• Weapon (dagger) +2
• Unarmed Combat +2
• Tactics +1
• Acrobatics +1
24- Easy Pickings
• Reimancy +1
• Logic +1
• Weapon (dagger) +1
• Anthropology +2
• Organization +1
• Rhetoric +1
• Unarmed Combat +1

Fall 516

Winter 516
Spring 517

Summer 517

Fall 517

Winter 517

Spring 518

Summer 518

Fall 518

Winter 518
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