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Postby Daturix on February 22nd, 2016, 2:11 am

Name: Daturix
Race: Human
Birth: Day 47, Winter, Year 492
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Physical Description: A light skinned male approximately 5 feet tall 10 inches, slim build with decent muscule definition, a tired visage with bags under the eyes and a naturally bored look. Short brown hair gracing just above the shoulders and fashioned to the left of his face.

Personality: A man of work and pleasure. Dedicated to his efforts once started, making sure his work is of upmost quality for his effort. Along with a expected work ethic he enjoys to endulge in chasing after a well-endowed women when he sees one, sometimes going to an effort to get to know more of the woman.

Ethics: Work hard, relax lazily, do everything to a moderate choice. Help those in genuine need and punish any whose wronged him.

Likes: Seeing efforts fruition and well-endowed woman. Enjoying life to its fullest while not overworking.

Dislikes: Those who would do unjust actions upon whose undeserving of them, deceit and dishonesty. Spiders, fuck spiders man.

History: Son to farmer and wife, elder brother to two sisters, worked hard, and raised to be rightful and merciful. Grew as a farmhand to his father, assistant to his mothers household chores, protector and friend of his sisters. Born of low wealth and humble beginnings he grew to realize hardwork, honesty, and truth are paramount to be a just and proud man, while to still enjoy the pleasantries of man.

Skills: 50/50SP, 15/15Racial,
Agriculture; 5/100 (5SP,)
Animal Husbandry; 5/100 (5SP,)
Aquiculture; 5/100 (5SP,)
Beekeeping; 5/100 (5SP,)
Butchering; 5/100 (5SP,)
Cooking; 5/100 (5SP,)
Farming; 30/100 (15SP, 15Racial,)
Sewing; 5/100 (5SP,)

Possessions: Family Heirloom: Father's shortbow. 30/50GM.
1 set clothing (linen shirt and pants, linen cloak, basic straped shoes.)
1 waterskin
1 backpack (1set tolietries, comb brush, razor, soap. Food for a week. 1 eating knife. Flint & steel.)
100 GM
One 20x20 cottage in Mithryn Outpost.

Ledger: Currently no entries.

Threads: Currently none.

Grades: Currently none.
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Postby Astator on March 5th, 2016, 4:28 am


Welcome to Mizahar! There are a few problems with your CS that need to be fixed first!
  • Please list your cottage's items. You can find the basic starting Housing Package in the Starting Package.

When you are finished with them, please let me know via the little envelope to the left underneath my name

Thank you!
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