PM to join [Calendar Event] Hidden Treasures.

Rumors drift around that things worth a couple mizas can be found in the mud. Buras is hoping to make the best of this.

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[Calendar Event] Hidden Treasures.

Postby Buras on March 3rd, 2016, 3:48 pm

Why was he doing this? He was already knee deep in the mud, and not even there yet. He could feel himself being weighed down by it all, which only made his progress slower. It probably wasn't even worth it, he'd probably just find garbage and more mud. Perhaps he should have gone as a crow, that way he would sit more on top of the stuff instead of sinking into it.

Yet he was already heading there, and if there was something of value there he needed it. His coin pouch felt awfully light compared to what it had been when he first set out on his own. He needed the mizas, and he'd get them any way he had to. He shivered at the thought of what 'any way' might hold.
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