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Postby Nureddin on March 11th, 2016, 10:53 pm

Apologies, this character concept is not going to work out. Disregard.
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Postby Astator on March 19th, 2016, 7:38 pm


Hello there! Welcome to Mizahar, however there are a few issues we need to address before you can continue to roleplay.
  • You have misspelled Yahebah and Syliras throughout your CS, please fix these.
  • Martial in not a skill, can you please switch this to the word Weapon.
  • As I am gathering you are starting as a squire. You cannot turn in your housing as a starting squire as your housing and provided by the order. Lore: *
    When playing a Knight, your Seasonal expenses are considered Poor (45gm per season) even though your living conditions are considered Good. This is because the Knights are provided with basic meals. However, you cannot trade in your Housing for 500gm. When playing a Squire, your Seasonal expense is handled by the Knights, though your living conditions are considered Common; Squires live in communal barracks, and the food provided is more than enough to keep you healthy but it's nothing at all fancy.
  • Please list the actual price of all your equipment purchases in your ledger. Even pre-creation
Once finished, please hit the little envelope to the left and left me know.

Thank you,

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Attention Players, Graders, and Storytellers:

A character sheet does not require the green checkmark for the player to roleplay. This is just a notification to all that the character sheet has passed through the Liaisons thorough checklist and meets Mizahar standards.

All sheets with a large red X or a speech bubble beside their thread title do not recieve grades and cannot continue threads they are currently involved in until all issues have been fixed and verified.

She said down...

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