Closed Blood Red on Snow [Parushta]

Lemma runs into some trouble and gets some unlikely help.

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Blood Red on Snow [Parushta]

Postby Lemma on March 23rd, 2016, 3:12 am


Huh... look at him squirm. I must be right.

He didn't bother trying to correct his mistake, he just shrugged and avoided eye contact. How does he expect to keep his secret if he slips up this easily. Still, it wasn't enough to prove anything. Maybe though, is she was nice enough, he might just slip up completely. When she switched tactics and tried to play nice she saw the immediate change in his posture. He buckled and relaxed and began talking a lot. She honestly hadn't expected this kind of success so quickly. This wasn't even a challenge. People were usually so tight lipped. He revealed that he was alone and headed the same way she was. Her face visibly lit up with relief. Tomorrow, maybe, she could persuade him to travel with her. It just made sense. "We're headed the same way, friend." She told him

She wanted to sound hopeful. She hoped she wasn't being too over the top and making him suspect her. He seemed to react well to her apology though. He went on to talk about his brothers death. Lem was rather shocked to hear him talk about something so personal. She wondered if she should make up a friend or a family member who had a similar death, but elected to stay quiet when he didn't dwell on it. "I trained with talon swords once. I didn't like them as much as my bow, but sometimes I wish I had something for closer combat."

Parushta was still talking about his family members. This time his mother was mentioned. Lem felt a stab of longing whenever a mother was mentioned as well but she was used to controlling that. Paru, however, wasn't. His face turned down and he began nervously keeping his hands busy by cleaning his nails, looking uncomfortable. Lem's voice grew softer and she carefully went in for the kill "She sounds like a wise woman. Mothers always take care of their children. Even when they aren't there." Saying this hurt her. Her next action hurt her even more as she instinctively found herself gripping onto the locket around her neck that had been passed on to her from her mother.

She let go of it quickly and swiftly changed the subject "Foods looking almost done" She said, stabbing her knife into it to check the tenderness inside. She smiled at her work and took the spit off the fire, halving all the food and cutting it into manageable pieces. She handed the traveler the best parts of the rabbit "Eat up" She said also halving the veggies and herbs after first washing them with the water she had left over. "Big day of traveling tomorrow."

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Blood Red on Snow [Parushta]

Postby Parushta on March 23rd, 2016, 3:32 am


Parushta licked his lips to chase away the winter chill still hanging in the forest, and nodded. His mother was a wise woman, and she did always take care of her children. He felt a familiar pang in his heart and roughly finished cleaning out his nails. Parushta tossed the stick onto the fire, looked up and noticed Lemma holding a locket he assumed meant a lot to her.

The food was done. Parushta seemed to switch from being sad and distant to being a hungry little puppy. He only noticed he was wriggling his butt when he finally looked away from the frankly perfectly cooked meat. he was hungrier than his father used to be after a harsh winter, and that was saying something.

"You cook this well." He said, then puffed out his chest as he leaned closer tto the fire so as to get a better view of what was on the menu, "I burn a lot of my meat. Not by purpose. By accident." Paru explained. He took his pieces of meat and vegetables along with the herbs then started to eat big mouthfuls at a time.

Parushta smiled as he ate, and pushed his messy red hair out of the way occasionally so he could view Lemma eating as well. He looked around for his backpack, then grabbed it and took out the waterskin to take a long sip of it. He licked his lips, wiped his mouth then held it out to Lemma, "It has leaves in it. Good for the hair and fingernails." He said with a semi full mouth.
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