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Poppy Blackburn

Postby Poppy Blackburn on March 25th, 2016, 7:44 am


Full Name: Poppy Blackburn
Race: Human, Mixed (Half Vantha)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 62th Autumn, 496 (19)
Height: 5’6” (1.7m)
Weight: 143lbs (65kg)
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel Green
Skin Colour: Creamy & fair with a sprinkle of freckles
Voice Sample:*Clicky*

Birthplace: Sunberth
Current Location: Syliras
Profession: Squire
Housing: Stormhold Citadel
Worships: Yahal
Merits: Inquisitive, Loyal, Industrious
Flaws: Overzealous, Cynical, Emotional
Quirks: She has a tendency to hum to herself.
  • Common (Fluent)
  • Vani (Basic)
  • Fratava (Poor)

Physical Appearance:
Poppy's most obvious features are her shoulder-length locks of chesnut-brown hair and her distinctive hazel-green eyes. She often wears her hair loose, the loose brown locks falling down her shoulders.

When she engages in physical activity, she ties her hair up in a knotted ponytail to allow herself to move with ease. Depending on the lighting, the hues of brown found in her hair varies, and it may appear to be lighter or darker in shade. When she smiles, darling little dents of delight appears on her visage, the dimples ever present whenever a smile or grin makes itself known.

Her hazel-green eyes reminds one of the many leaves of a forest should they find their gaze onto them. Her face is slightly-oval in shape, her nose pert, and her lips a healthy shade of pink. She stands at a height of one hundred and sixty-eight centimetres tall and her posture befitting that of someone who engages in a healthy dose of physical activity.

Possessing a pear-shaped figure, Poppy is athletic with her fair share of muscles gained through her highly physical lifestyle, putting her weight at around sixty-five kilograms. The girl is highly lithe and agile, and her figure clearly represents one who is familiar with fighting and acrobatic manoeuvres. Her bust is of a moderate size, and her hips slightly curvier than average.

Poppy's creamy and fair complexion boasts a hint of golden undertones, and is unblemished without any sign of physical scars. When it comes to the way she dresses, Poppy can usually be seen dressed in shirts or pants, or even dresses when the occasion calls for it. When not dressed for planned heavy physical activity, she loves to be attired in the dress her mother made for her firmly secured at the waist with a leather belt. The only jewellery she wears is a necklace with the sigil of Yahal on it.

A warm and friendly individual, Poppy is also naturally inquisitive and excitable with a insatiable thirst for knowledge. Not one to boast, Poppy’s humble and down-to-earth nature was one of the earliest traits in her life nurtured by her parents. She is highly confident of both herself and her abilities, but not to an extent that would make her seem cocky or arrogant, simply just assured of her own capabilities.

She is also known to be highly-focused and remarkably industrious, always willing to put in the extra mile to achieve her goals or complete the tasks assigned to her. Once she sets aside some goals for herself, Poppy becomes incredibly dedicated to her goals, pretty much almost to the point of stubbornness.

Her trust is not easily gained, but once it is attained, her trust and loyalty will be resolute. Honest and sincere, she can sometimes be honest to a fault. Putting sincerity and dedication into the things she does, commitment is never a problem for her.

Bold and adventurous, she is not afraid of trying out new things and activities and is always looking forward to learning new stuff, whatever that might be. Pragmatic and a realist, she prefers to dwell on the logical and practical side of things, rather than going for abstract or visionary ideals. A good team player who understand the necessity of teamwork and cooperation, Poppy is also an outspoken and ambitious individual who is not afraid to make her views and opinions be known.

Prone to being cynical around people, a trait that remained from growing up in Sunberth, she believes that most people are motivated by self-interest. She also tends to be rather emotional at times, letting her feelings get in the way of her judgement and choices.

Poppy was born in Sunberth to a couple that spent the entirety of their lives in the lawless city. Her parents, Rickson and Marla Blackburn considered themselves to be well-to-do. At least when it came to Sunberthian standards. He worked in the local butcher’s shop as a butcher’s assistant and her wife worked as a seamstress. The couple lived a contented and frugal life, and was mostly satisfied with life before the birth of their only child changed everything in their lives.

While they had no problems subjecting themselves to the hardships one would face in the daily life in Sunberth, they would rather not let their only child face the same life they had their whole lives. They began saving up whatever money they could to prepare for their grand plan of moving to Syliras, leaving the lawless city of Sunberth behind. Money was not plentiful in Sunberth by any means, and it would take the family years of saving to get to the amount they needed for their travel to the capital of the Sylira region.

Growing up in Sunberth was definitely no bed of roses, and life was harsh. Coupled with the fact that the family was saving meant that they had less money to spend for themselves. Wanting to supplement the family income, like dozens of children in the city, Poppy got into thieving and pickpocketing. The young girl did not derive any joy or pleasure from these activities, but despite her young age, she knew that without these deeds, there was no way they would ever save enough to leave this awful place.

She was exceptionally skilled at it nor was she terribly bad, but she managed. Her attempts were mostly successful and those that were not so would end up leading to her agility and nimbleness being put to work in preventing the girl from being caught. That had worked rather well for her so far.

The girl’s luck wouldn’t go on forever, there was a limit to everything, good or bad. It’s just so happens that her time would come sooner than expected. At a tender age of twelve, Poppy met her match as she attempted to carry out a pickpocketing, something she had done numerous times before with relative success. She was already thinking of the success, thinking the rich merchant she was robbing to be the unsuspecting type of his ilk. Eager hands dove into richly-decorated pockets, digging around discreetly before fishing out a purse.

The hand snaked back out, but inches away from freedom, it was caught in a vice-grip by a much meatier and larger hand. The young girl yelped in shock and pain as her gaze turned to meet that of her intended victim, the nicely-dressed merchant. Poppy honestly thought that that would've been it, and she would be well on her way to meet her maker. She’d heard the stories about being caught and left at the mercy of their captors, be it local or foreign. The foreign man then dragged her off the main streets and into a side alley. Stare were exchanged between the two before he began to question her. “Why do you steal? Do you-”

The merchant stopped himself midway as he realised what a fool he was to be asking a question like that in such a city. A laugh escaped his mouth the rest of his realisation caught up with him. This was Sunberth he was talking about, of course there plenty of thieves, who stole for a wide array of reasons, although most did it to simply survive and live a better life. The plucky girl kept her eyes on him, blazing pools of defiance that met the gaze of the man, despite being scared out of her wits. She did not want to show him that she was scared, afraid of giving him the upper hand. The man continued. “Forget I said that. You need money, yes? How would you like to work for me. I promise that it’s far more rewarding than a life of stealing.”

“What kind of work?” The young girl questioned, to which the merchant replied. “Errands, mostly. You’ll find that I pay better than being a thief for sure.” The prospect of earning more than what she got during her thieving attempts was extremely enticing, and so Poppy accepted without further hesitation. And so weeks would pass as the young girl found herself in the merchant’s employ. His name was Marcus and he was based in Syliras, the shining capital of the Sylira region. Weeks would turn into a month, and a month into two. She ran all sorts of errands for him daily, and as promised the pay was good, better than she could ever hope for when she was still a thief. His stint in the city of the lawless soon came to an end, as he was due to return to Syliras. In the time that he had come to know the girl, Marcus knew that Poppy had always dreamt of leaving the city, and he had come to like the girl. She remembered him of his late daughter who had passed from sickness several winters back. Her spunkiness and determination along with her keen appetite for knowledge struck closer than home.

With several days left to go, he sprung the question, asking Poppy if she would like to follow him to Syliras and start life anew there. Her eyes had widened in shock as realisation of his words started to sink in. “Are you serious? Can my family come too?” Those were her first reactions to his request and the merchant found himself grinning from ear-to-ear as he replied her. “Yes, I’m serious. Yes, your family can come along as well.” The girl hugged him before running home to tell her parents, who were similarly dumbstruck. Neither of them could believe their luck that they would finally be leaving Sunberth in bid of a better life. The day came soon enough, and the Blackburn family joined up, forming part of the Marcus’s caravan. They would first head to Zeltiva before taking the Kabrin road to Syliras.

Years later in the vicinity of Syliras, Poppy had grown into a fine young lady and her parents had established themselves in the Mithryn Outpost, with her father working in the local butchery and her mother as a seamstress and cook in the local tavern and inn. Life now was miles better than the life they used to lead in Sunberth, and for that, they had their benefactor, Marcus to thank. The merchant continued roving through the region, conducting his business as he usually did, visiting the family in the outpost from time-to-time when he came to do business.


#Weapon: Longsword15RB15Novice
#Riding: Horse15SP15Novice
#Wilderness Survival: Forest10SP10Novice
#Weapon: Shortbow15SP15Novice
#Weapon: Shield5SP5Novice


  • Lore of History of Syliran Knights
  • Lore of Religion: Yahal


  • Simple Shirt
  • Simple Pants
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Coat
  • Simple Boots
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Backpack which contains:
  • Comb (Wood)
  • Brush (Wood)
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
  • 1 Eating knife
  • Flint & Steel
  • Leather Belt [Heirloom]
  • Longsword
  • Steel Heater Shield
  • Composite Shortbow
  • 40 Shortbow Arrows
  • Dagger
  • Studded Leather Armour
  • Necklace with sigil of Yahal
  • Tent, one-person
  • Camouflage Tarp
  • Strong Rations
  • Bedroll


A leather belt engraved with the sigil of Yahal made by her mother and given to her along with a yellow cotton tunic specially sewn for her on her sixteen birthday. Both of them ranks among one of her most treasured possessions.


Starting Package #+100GM100GM
Cashed in housing #+500G600GM
Steel Heater Shield#-20GM565GM
Composite Shortbow#-75GM490GM
Shortbow Arrows (40)#-2GM488GM
Studded Leather Armour#-25GM456GM
Mug of Ale (Rearing Stallion)#-1SM455GM 9SM
Tent, one-person#-2GM453GM 9SM
Camouflage Tarp#-12GM441GM 9SM
Strong Rations#-7GM434GM 9 SM
Bedroll#-1SM434GM 8 SM


2nd Spring, 516 AVEasing into a Situation
2nd Spring, 516 AVWater Words
3rd Spring, 516 AVA Test of Capabilities
10th Spring, 516 AVWeapons & Horses
32nd Spring, 516 AVTo Catch a Thief
51st Spring, 516 AVA Reprieve from the Nightmares
52nd Spring, 516 AVHunting and Concidences
86th Spring, 516 AVEbb and flow, tactics in motion


40th Summer, 510 AVFetching from Fool's Errand
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