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Bare Fists and Broken Bones[The Castle Commons ]

Postby Ssafirsotibones on April 2nd, 2016, 3:21 pm

Bare Fists and Broken Bones

*Opened Spring 516*


Bare Fists and Broken Bones was opened by the Constrictor Dhani Ssafirsotibones as a way of giving everyone the opportunity to learn to defend themselves.

Originally from Zinrah the Dhani city, Bones was a bit odd in that he worshiped Caiyha over Siku. He respected Siku as helping give birth to his race, but he always felt more of a kinship with her mother Caiyha. Partly because of this he has always known the importance of balance as exists in nature, while not shying from the more violent side of things when necessary.

Nature is quite literally dog eat dog, with the weak dying and the strong surviving. However there is also balance in that the strong only take what they need with nothing wasted, and no malice or unkindness in their killing and taking.

From Bones' perspective therefore Sunberth is a place out of balance, with the strong taking more than they should, and doing so in ways that go beyond necessity. He also sees many who are otherwise strong being beaten down by the larger groups or gangs, purely from a lack of training and ability to defend themselves.

He sees some groups having greater training and therefore ability to fight, which gives them undue power over those without such skills and training.

Therefore Bones opened his school in part to remedy this unbalance. If everyone knew how to fight then gangs and groups wouldn't have the undue power that they have, and the otherwise strong would be able to defend themselves and their family.

Location Description:

Formerly home of a herbalists shop, the space was since vacated when said herbalist went out of business. Oddly enough from those who were around when the shop was open, its believed the business closed due to mismanagement and poor gardening skills and not due to any of the more nefarious reasons business close in Sunberth.

The front of the school enters directly into the training room, an open hall with enough room for up to 8 people to train at once. It is stocked with padded cloth armor for more intense training and sparring, and has a few punching bags set up off to the side near a wall for punching practice.

At the back is a door leading out into the courtyard, an open grassy area where most of the novice classes are held, weather permitting. It has some odd weeds and plants sprinkled about, signs of the failed herbalist's garden that occupied the space before Bones turned it into his training school. Near one wall is a simple bench for the occasional permitted rest. On the opposite wall is a pair of lines of simple wooden practice dummies posted into the ground.

Along the back of the courtyard are Bones' quarters, a pair of simple connected bedrooms with a shared bathroom in the middle, with a spare room for if he ever has a guest.

Services Offered:

Children's Introductory Course: 4 GM/ person/class (Limited to children younger than 13 yrs old- or the equivalent age if non-human.)
Basic Training, Group Session: 6 GM/person/class (To Competent)
Basic Training, Individual Session: 9 GM/person/class (To Competent)
Advanced Training, Group Session: 18 GM/person/class (To Expert)
Advanced Training, Individual Session: 22 GM/person/class (To Expert)
Course Descriptions :
- The Children's course is meant for the young to learn the basics of defending themselves. With Sunberth being as rough and tumble as it is, being young does not mean you won't be the target of violence. With that in mind there is a course specifically for such under age students, with a main focus on protecting oneself from larger and stronger foes, and various basic defensive techniques.

- Basic training sessions are meant for the novice just learning to fight with unarmed combat, or without any base fighting knowledge. They are mainly copy and instruction based, where one follows the teacher and does as he does, with occasional practical examples and sparring, or use of dummies. Group classes are usually larger than those in more advanced classes, as there is little need for direct one on one instruction. In the case of solo sessions, more focus is given on the one student, usually allowing them to learn faster through direct feedback and immediate correction.

- Advanced sessions are meant for those already knowledgeable of the basics, and moving into more advanced fighting. It focuses mainly on practical applications and actual fighting, with a main focus on sparring, and occasional technique instructions. Group classes are usually smaller than those in basic classes, allowing for more focus on each individual student. In solo sessions the student usually spars directly with the instructor, allowing direct and immediate feedback and correction.

*Owned and run by the PC Ssafirsotibones- goes by Bones*
*Note the owners Dhani nature is secret, and requires IC discovery. Also note that just having a lisp isn't a complete indicator of being a Dhani, as non-Dhani also have them*
Bones is a Constrictor Dhani. He likes to eat meat. He also has some speech problems.

When he speaks, a double s (ss) means a [th] sound, that he cannot say.

A triple s (sss) means just an [s], but it is extended in his speech.

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