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Postby Reinard on April 6th, 2016, 4:16 pm



Race: Mixed Blood (1/4 Symenestra, 3/4 Human)
Gender: Male
Age: 39 years old
Birthday: 40th, Winter, 478 AV
Birthplace: Zeltiva

Reinard's appearance is strikingly distinct. While for the most part he looks like a normal human, his mother's bloodlines have left him with startlingly white hair and eerie yellow eyes. His face is marred by several prevalent scars, which without may have left him a very handsome man. Instead he gives off a stern and serious impression that is only emphasized by his hardened physic and overall unwelcoming carriage.

He doesn't have a particular preference for grooming but has currently grown his hair to his shoulders and is maintaining a short beard. He does go out of his way to bathe, not liking the smell of the road, and tries to keep his clothing in relative repair. While he may prefer cleanliness to the alternative, that doesn't mean he enjoys dressing up. He is most comfortable in something plain, sturdy, and with a sword at his side.


The mutt's personality is not quite what some may assume just by looking at him. In contrast with his appearance, Reinard is an intelligent and relatively soft-spoken man. Growing up orphaned as his uncle's ward gave the mixed-blood a sympathetic understanding toward the less fortunate of the world; at least once he outgrew the frustration and volatility of his youth. It plays a distinctive role in what jobs he takes and those he chooses to be associated with.

While he is an inherently decent man, he still looks out for himself first and foremost, and doesn't go out of his way to disrupt the political, social, or religious workings of those around him. He normally avoids organizations of any kind, and prefers the freedom of working by himself. Reinard hasn't lived as long as he has by being overly trusting or reckless. Until he grows to know someone he can be very aloof, with a cool, professional indifference that has no distinction between man or woman, rich or poor, though a dark and dry sense of humor hint at the deeper thoughts and feelings he keeps close to his chest.


Reinard's parents were an odd pair. No one expected a respectable armorer to fall for a half-Symenestra prostitute, shunned by her own kind because of an impure heritage and forced to sell her body to the highest bidder to survive. Yet the two defied all odds, and after a short courtship they wed. She was able to leave her old life behind and begin working in a shop, and they seemed deeply in love. Their neighbors soon warmed to the half-blood's striking appearance and secretive ways, for she and her husband were warm people with generous hearts.

Reinard knows little about the two's pasts, for soon after he was born his mother contracted pneumonia and passed from this world. His father was never the same after her death, partially blaming the birth of his son for the decline in his wife's health. He became a very closed-off man, neglecting his work and ultimately losing the store, forcing the two of them to relocate to East Street when their property was seized by the city.

When Reinard was seven, misfortune struck again. His father was murdered late one night in a petty mugging, leaving the young boy's future uncertain. Anger took root where innocence once was, but after spending a spring in the care of Zeltiva, a stranger appeared. A mysterious uncle named Germain whom he had never met, come to claim him with an obvious reluctance. The man was several years older than his father had been, grizzled and scarred and unpleasant. Bound by a sense of duty to family, he brought Reinard into his home, but was met with the thankless rage of a grieving child.

Their first year was turbulent until the two's fighting came to a head. Reinard snapped and attacked, but Germain quickly had him under-boot. This marked a shift in the uncle's approach toward his volatile nephew. By deciding to teach the boy to fight, he gave him an outlet, a purpose, and taught him discipline. As a mercenary this was the only thing his uncle had to offer, but Reinard took to the man's instruction with an eagerness he hadn't known before.

When he was old enough they began taking contracts together, and when his nephew showed an interest, initiated him in Reimancy and taught him of the basics of Hypnotism. It was one of the final steps of his training and marked a point which Reinard finally parted with his uncle to seek his own path. The mutt has been traveling Mizahar since.


Skill Image Skill Name Skill Points Notes Proficiency
Image Weapon: Bastard Sword 25/100 15 SP, 10 RB Novice
Image Unarmed Combat 10/100 10 SP Novice
Image Reimancy: Fire 5/100 5 SP Novice
Image Hypnotism 5/100 5 SP Novice
Image Riding: Horse 5/100 5 SP Novice
Image Stealth 5/100 5 SP Novice
Image Tracking 5/100 5 SP Novice

Fluent Language: Common


Lore of Sweet Whispers
Lore of Tracking: Finding A Trail


Set of Clothing
-Simple White Shirt
-Simple Brown Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Black Cloak
-Simple Brown Boots
Studded Leather Armor
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack
Wood Comb
Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
1 Eating Knife
Flint & Steel
4 Person Tent
Large Tarp
100 ft of Rope
2 Torches
Fishing Tackle & Hooks
Riding Saddle
Bit & Bridle
Saddle Pad
Large Saddlebags
Zavian Mare
Bastard Sword (Heirloom)


Location: Sunberth

House: Reinard currently rents a small but clean room at the Aquillar Hot Springs.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Studded Leather Armor -25 GM 75 GM
Scabbard -4 GM 71 GM

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Postby Astator on July 23rd, 2016, 5:14 pm

Hello there, Welcome to Mizahar a few problems with your character sheet:

  • How did you learn Hypnotism? Please make this known in your history. All you mention is this blurb:
    When he was old enough they began taking contracts together, and when his nephew showed an interest, initiated him in Reimancy and taught him of the basics of Hypnotism.

    That is not enough to surpass the idea of learning the basics of any magic. Why would his uncle teach him these things? Reimancy is a horrifyingly agonizing magic, Hypnotism is a horrible mental ordeal. Please revise this. (Note this is the third or fourth time requesting these bullet.)

Once you have completed the list above please private message me.

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