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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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The Not-So-Secret Garden (Skyard)

Postby Winona on May 3rd, 2016, 5:46 am

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helloOnce she agreed to come with him, he flashed another pretty grin but just as quickly turned his back to her. Anxiety immediately gnawed at her once his lips were out of sight. Please do not talk yet... Please do not talk when I cannot read you... Winona couldn't exactly tell whether or not Skyard knew she couldn't hear... And she was afraid that she would offend him if she couldn't read his lips well enough. Would he understand? Would he treat her differently? But he kissed her and that meant he loved her, right? I can tell him... I will tell him soon. But... Maybe not now. His warm hand extended back and caught her own, interrupting her thoughts with his touch, and gently but hastily led her to the staircase before them.

helloDespite his short burst, he seemed to slow down once they started their trek up the iron stairs, taking in one step at a time. Winona squeezed his hand a little, her legs still wobbly from her jog earlier. Stairs were fun to go down, but heinous to go up. Winona was tempted to just run up the stairs, skipping a few at a time, preferring to 'rip the bandaid off' instead of making it slow and painful. However, Winona glanced up at Skyard before preparing her rush up the stairs and had gotten distracted by his profile. He was looking off to the side, observing something in the distance. What is he thinking about? Curious, Winona followed his eyes and was greeted with an astounding scene. The waterfall... She missed it when she ran down before, mostly focused on not falling to her death. So that's what it did... That's why it was called water-fall. The water looked so smooth at the top of the cliff, slithering down with a mist that clouded about it. As gravity overtook it, it surged faster and faster towards the waters below causing an explosion of white foam once it reached the bottom, never ceasing. The invisible floating god that created this... was a tremendous individual.

helloWinona wanted to ask him if he knew who created the waterfall, but when she turned her head, she caught his lips moving once again as he now took steps backwards to face her. An inkling of frustration bubbled up like sea foam against the shore, her eyes having to continuously strain to watch and understand what his lips were saying. "—my love!" The frustration instantly melted away from the heat that kindled against her cheeks. What in the name of the gods... How did his words so easily sway her emotions? "I hope that you enjoy your time with me as much as I will with you. You are magnificent in both your appearance and your heart and I've hardly gotten to know you. Why is it that you are so gorgeous?” Such a strange question... It was obvious that she was made from a combination of her parents... She didn't respond so quickly though, her mind still struggling to comprehend his question. Winona couldn't grasp the idea that he thought her so beautiful. Blue eyes were beautiful, but she did not have blue eyes... What was his definition of beauty?

helloWinona hated to say this, but she wasn't sure how else to answer his question. "I-I am not sure..." While she didn't want to muddle the conversation, she quickly added, "Why are you so handsome?" Yes, perhaps that would make up for her lack of words... But wait, was this flirting? Usually in situations like this her words were unintentional, like the time she visited the library and made the purple akalak at the desk blush. It was quite accidental, even if she meant it. Every smile, subtle or clear, Winona felt no desire to hide how pleased she was whenever she provoked it. Skyard's dimpled smile was interesting, seemingly holding some sort of power over the hungry empty hole that burrowed itself within her ever since she stepped foot in Riverfall. Not only his smile, but everything about this stranger just made it... Cease. Winona returned his smile, a full and true beam. Something she hadn't done since Rasha went missing.

helloThe moment they reached the top of the stairs, Skyard wasted no time to rest and hastened towards his destination, still holding her hand firmly so she wouldn't slip while the other searched for an item in his pocket. Winona struggled, staggering for a moment before matching his pace, but the excitement that pulsed through his body seemed to rejuvenate life back into hers. She was, in fact, extremely giddy at this point. Where they were going was still a mystery to the naive chaktawe, but once he pulled out a small key, it wafted away the shroud. They were headed to his place? A thousand red flags waved in front of her eyes, her heart pinching in protest. Was that Yahal? Or was she just nervous? It was Skyard's private place, which meant no one else would be there in case... Something... Anything happens... But he kissed her and that meant he loved her, right?

helloOnce they reached his residence, Skyard swiftly unlocked the door, turning to her with an unfamiliar look in his cerulean eyes. Did he feel it too? The dark hole inside that couldn't be satisfied? Skyard slid his hands around her waist, with a web of nerves sending electricity throughout her body as more scorching, passionate kisses were sprinkled across her neck. When he lifted her off the ground, Winona curled her legs around his waist tightly and her arms hooked around his neck for support. He only needed to take one step back for the door, that gave her a chance to change her fate, to close. Winona had no idea what she was doing. No one ever explained such things to her, only that her husband would teach her in due time. Skyard wasn't her husband, but if he kissed her that meant he loved her...

helloShe was raw, vulnerable, clumsy, embarrassed, exposed... However, Skyard's warmth and touch distracted her, his smell comforted her, his kisses electrified her. The pain she felt was unbelievable at first, but Skyard realized her innocence and was gentle with her as if she were made of glass... The moment the pain subsided, all she felt was pleasure. The emptiness morphed into a thick dose of numbing pleasure that slaughtered the tiny splinter of guilt in her heart. The room was hot and stifling from the heat, their bodies conjoined as one... Winona made a promise to Rasha so many years ago, but it was okay... Skyard would never leave her for someone else like what had happened to the benshiran girl. He kissed her, he made love to her, and that... That proved that he loved her...


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The Not-So-Secret Garden (Skyard)

Postby Konrad Venger on September 19th, 2016, 1:13 am


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Well, arn't we just the horny little kitty, hmm? Shame that Winny is no longer around, because she did a great job, providing the conflict and doubt warring against Skyrad's biological imperatives. But you played the character very well, evoked his almost helpless NEED to get out there and... well, spread it around like a garden hose, right?

The last post from Winny really made me wince: poor girl just doesn't understand Kelvics... oh, something else: Mizahar doesn't have "T-shirt", more like a "tunic" or just "shirt".

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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