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This forum is an OOC forum for PCS and Organizations to work out plans in hardcopy. Each PC or Organization gets a single thread where their players can help work out plans for their PC. Quests, mini-sagas, and Trips can all be organized here as well working out timelines and points of travel and things PCs need to do along the way. Each PC however gets only one Plotnote for their individual PC. Groups get one as well. There is no limit on individuals posting saga or trip plotnote threads. Please denote [PC Plotnotes] or [Group Plotnotes] or [Quest/Trip/Saga Plotnotes] when titling your threads.

Caesi's Tent Of Plots & Things

Postby Caesi Starguide on April 11th, 2016, 2:22 pm


The Tent of Plots & Things

Summer Challenges

  1. Complete 6 for the city's medal.
  2. Complete all 8 for the medal and a small custom gift from me.
  3. You cannot cover more than two seasonal goals in a single thread.
  4. The thread must be at least 1500 words long for a single challenge; 2000 words for two challenges.
  5. Please be sure to include detail when completing your challenges. I reserve the right to deny anyone for lack of effort. The challenges are used to encourage everyone to think and write. Simply restating the challenge in a thread will not suffice.

Shadow someone else's job (PC)*
Give someone a gift just because (PC)
Convince someone else to eat a bug/Eat a bug to gross someone out (PC)
Visit a place in the city you wouldn't normally☆
Tell a story/Sing a song (PC)
Gain 5 XP in Foraging or Cooking☆
Make someone cry; can be good or bad (PC)
Perform a mundane task for the good of the community -1500 words☆

*(PC) Indicates the challenge must be completed with another PC.

Calendar & Events

Events & Weather

Secret :
1-5 Image Cold

➹1st - Summer gets off to a slow start. Animals are cold and many pavilions are reluctant to leave the city. Endrykas is full of refugees from the events of Spring. The former slaves are having a hard time adjusting to freedom in such a harsh environment. Not everyone is happy that they were allowed to stay.

➹4th – The first jaunt of travel for Summer leads the Tent City past Saer Ruins and there are many strange noises that fill the darkened skies.

➹5th – A trial is held where a Maledictor is accused of poisoning a water source. [M]

6-9 Image Warm

➹7th – The warm front brings hope that Summer will be a fruitful season. Many ankals start discussing branching routes away from the city that will give their animals better grazing.

➹8th – Tomma Thunderpaw cautions people about the Spearbacks’ mating season. He says they will be in large numbers and very aggressive.

10-13 Image Cool

➹10th – The rain delays a large group of pavilions from breaking away from the Run. Many of the refugees start to ask if they can help. There are mixed reactions to this.

➹12th – The Raised Sun refuses to give work to any who are not Drykas. This is supported by Jonas Pridesun and his pavilion. Rumor has it that the whole thing was his idea. The Watch has to create a rotation to monitor the refugees. [Any non-Drykas PCs who have not acquired a job at this point will not be assigned one]

14-18 Image Nice

➹14th – Many organized pavilions leave Endrykas and most won’t return until Fall or later. There are a handful of outsiders who have been invited to prove themselves but most remain trying to learn what they can while being grateful to those who are willing to share resources.

➹17th – There have been disturbances at the Bluethistle Caravansary. Zephyr and Lilly report to the Watch that there is harassment of the refugees but the incidents are well-organized and no one has been caught.

19-22 Image Chilly

➹19th – The cool weather makes for great hunting. This part of Cyphrus has very good grounds for elk and pheasant. However, both species are exceptionally clever and good at fooling hunting companions.

23-41 Image Hot

➹25th – Near the Wind Knotted Gates, several Drykas of the Topaz and Ruby clans establish a routine of speaking out against the refugees. They cite the watering down of the race, the extra burden on the Drykas and the way the extra bodies have slowed down progression on the Run. They even use the malediction trial and the pirate raids as evidence that outsiders are plotting against the horseclans. [D]

➹28th – The heat is so oppressive and people are being somewhat lazy trying to avoid heat-related injuries and illnesses.

➹30th – Several young men are treated at the River Flower for multiple injuries which are the result of a beating. The old women at the heart of town debate and discuss who might be responsible. The popular choice is that some refugees did it.

➹35th – Jonas Pridesun and Pratal Turningleaf rally a large band of hunters and warriors then set up a boundary around the Caravansary restricting the movement of the outsiders. Jonas’ son, Tiberius uses several of the nastier men to scour Endrykas for any Walahk and unpleasantly rounding them up back to the Caravansary. [M]

➹36th – There is a stand-off between the Watch and the unofficial militia outside the Bluethistle Caravansary. There have been very very few large scale conflicts within Drykas society because survival is hard enough without infighting. Things eventually get worked out when Cyrus Windreaver, Eli Grassmane and Sorrel Rainmirror arrive with their pavilions in tow. The overwhelming numbers settled the dispute without any violence. Jonas and Pratal make it very clear that they have no argument with any Dyrkas. [ST Opener]

➹37th – The Watch imposes a curfew and increases patrols. [All PC Watch Members have to do a 3rd job thread involving a patrol].

42-47 Image Humid

➹42nd – The Conclave has been as loud as it’s ever been but so far there has been no more violence.

➹44th – Many people cling to the Vaspura River for refreshment and idle fishing though there isn’t much to catch unless you’re good with a spear.

48-53 Image Hot

➹48th – The rain feels good but the lightning makes everyone leery of playing around in it. Livestock and children are flight risks.

➹51st – The rains have accumulated enough to swell the Vaspura River. Outlying pavilions are in danger of flash floods.

54-58 Image Nice

➹54th - The Conclave finally ends its session and it seems that little has been resolved but there will be a few changes. The Raised Sun will once again provide jobs to outsiders if they have the skill. [Non-Drykas PCs who have no occupation will be given an official assignment]

➹55th – A group of compassionate citizens gather together outside the city for a trade fair. Word of mouth spreads and many show up to teach the refugees useful skills like weaving, cooking, trapping, etc. [Feel free to use NPCs] [PCs must pay to teach 2 GM for supplies]

59-67 Image Hot

➹60th – Ferem has a nightmare. The woman uses her connections within her clan to round up support for an urgent mission to Itone. [M]

➹63rd - An expedition heads up to the Kabrin Road to make the annual trade run with Syliras. The caravan is loaded with all of the goods the Drykas can muster including livestock and horses. This journey will take 17 days. [ST Opener]

68-74 Image Windy

➹70th – The wind creates problems with pavilions and tents. Extra care is needed to keep things fastened down.

➹74th – The gusty conditions have blown the scent of livestock to hungry nostrils. Glassbeaks attack in the night and wipe out a massive number of Zibri, goats, dogs and cats. Several watch patrols never returned. Clan leaders are asking that neighbors help one another out in any way they can. [D]

75-82 Image Hot

➹75th – The argument over the refugees heats back up and this time it ends with several shouting matches around the center of the city. The Watch separates everyone and preparations are made for more problems.

➹79th - The weather is so hot that mirages become a normal occurrence and the majority of folk don’t even bother trying to sleep inside their pavilions. The cycle of life shifts to try and work at night since there is a small but noticeable difference in temperature.

➹80th – A massive brawl erupts from Baultimes Barrel between Drykas and Walahk. It takes several bells for the Watch to put an end to the fighting.

83-89 Image Mild

➹83rd – The cooler weather and refreshing rain become cause for celebration. Food is shared and quarrels are put to rest between Drykas and outsider alike.

➹86th – The rain continues to heal the spirit of the people as well as the land. Despite some tough breaks, the Tent City seems to be holding steady. The anticipated arrival of some wandering pavilions helps.

➹87th – New breeding programs are set up to try and compensate for some of the losses. [D]

90-91 Image Nice

➹90th – The Bluethistle Caravansary is burned to the ground. The fire is contained quickly since the ground is so wet but many of refugees are killed as well as Zephyr Bluethistle and his strider. [ST opener]

➹91st – The Watch imposes a martial law on the clans using refugee sympathetic pavilions to bolster their ranks. Movement in and around the city is limited to prevent further complications. Tiberius Pridesun is arrested and the Conclave becomes a verbal war zone. [ST opener]

[D]=Details provided once the event has been claimed.
[M]=Moderated thread.
[ST Opener]=ST will make a 'setting' post but not moderate the thread. NPC use is on an 'Ask first' basis.

Summer Skill Goals

    + Archery- 35- End of Summer
    + Reimancy- 15EXP- End of Summer
    + Hunting- 30EXP- End of Summer

Summer Thread Goals

    + Learn Something New & Useful
    + Learn Another Magic
    + Get Into a Fight with another PC
    + Adventure
    + Comedy
    + Tension/Fighting
    + Drama
    + Pranks/Fun/Character Building

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