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Caesi Starguide

Postby Caesi Starguide on April 5th, 2016, 11:45 pm


Caesi Starguide



    ★Hair Color: Dark Chocolate Brown
    ★Eye Color: Teal-Green
    ★Height: 5'5''
    ★Weight: 135 ilbs
    ★Marks: Wind Mark on right arm and hand.

On Person :
Image Heirloom Amethyst Necklace always around her neck. Given to her by her mother.
Image Special Item Womens Isur DaggerAwarded by Prophet Isur Dagger specifically made for a woman. It's 9" total length and twice as deadly as it is beautiful. Being made of Isur steel, it is lighter than cold steel and twice as strong Found in Spring 516. After hunting, she gave an offering to her Goddesses sending the innards of the animal down the river. She saw something shimmering in the shallows of the River, stuck between two large rocks. She retrieved the dagger and kept it, feeling as if it held a special meaning that she found it in such circumstances. (Although it is just a typical Isur Dagger)
Image Ramie Dress Dyed into a nice purple color. Keeping her cool during the Summer as it absorbs sweat quickly. Purchased
Image Thin Leggings Black leggings resembling stockings, but made a little thicker and less see through. Always worn under the dress. Purchased
Image Riding Boots Black riding boots that come just below the knee. Purchased
Image Leather Belt A Belt that is worn slackly around her hips. It is black and made of leather, with a steel buckle and steel chains. Purchased
Image Archers Glove The black leather glove is worn on her right hand. Purchased
Image Archery Arm Guard The leather arm guard is etched with the knotwork of her people. Always worn on the left arm. Purchased
Image Quiver/Arrows The quiver is made from a leather, with Drykas knotwork etched into the leather. Always full of Hunting and regular arrows. Purchased
Image Composite Shortbow This composite shortbow is made from laminated horn, with a intricate knotwork etched into the bows frame. Purchased
Image Hunters Kit The hunters kit is a medium sized leather pouch, with knotwork etched on the front. It has a loop on the back that she can place it around her belt and wear it on the side of her body. Purchased
Image Belt Pouch Worn on her belt is a small leather pouch used to place things she has foraged into it. Like with most of the things of the Drykas, it has the knotwork etched on it. purchased

Long noirette tresses spill down Caesi's back in silken waves. Her hair appears black though in the sunlight one can tell it is more of a dark chocolate brown. Ornamented braids can be seen throughout her dark locks. The braids usually will have various shades of purple fabric weaved in them and small pieces of Amethyst. Long, dark eyelashes frame her large teal-green eyes, that hold the traces of curiosity and wisdom. High cheek bones and a slight nose grace her golden tanned face. Her voice has a soft lilt too it, with a laugh that embodies happiness and causes other's to smile easily. Standing at 5'5'' and weighing 135 pounds. With a slender frame and toned muscles from archery and hunting, her body type is stuck between toned and curvy.

Depending on the Season, Caesi wears different types of clothing. Currently (Summer Season) Caesi is wearing a loose Ramie Dress that is dyed into a nice purple color. The Ramie Dress helps keeps her cool and absorbs her sweat. The dress is short, coming up mid-way of her thighs. However, she wears a pair of thin leggings that are a little thicker than a pair of stockings. The leggings are skin tight, so no loose material will hinder her during hunting and riding. A black leather belt hangs loosely around her hips, sporting a steel buckle and steel chains. From this belt can be seen a small leather pouch and her Isur Dagger.


Caesi is a bold female, who has no problem with questioning anyone, even those who are in authority. That is not to say she does not respect the Ankal, because she does. However, due to her highly opinionated self, the Ankal knows her opinion on things, but she is very obedient of her Ankal even if she doesn't necessarily agree. Caesi does not force other's to believe her opinion, but she will have her opinion on matters heard. She is outspoken, open to other's about her emotions and thoughts, and she does not back down easily. She has a strong will like that of a wild horse, there is not much tame about the sassy girl.

If the woman's uninhibited personality does not scare you off, then you will also see the other side. She is kind, passionate, and affectionate. Caesi has a love for all animals, a kindness to others, and is always ready to give a helping hand if it is needed. Seeking out adventure and living life to the fullest extent she can, Caesi stays upbeat, motivated, and self-assured. There is not a cold or distant bone in her body, she can be friends with just about anyone. Besides those who are malicious or overly arrogant.

Caesi was born in the Starguide Pavilion of the Amethyst Clan, to her Mother Cerium Starguide and father Lanthanum Starguide. Her father helped the Ankal with decisions and keeping the Pavilion running smoothly. When he was not assisting his Ankal he would help tend to the horses, breeding, training, grooming, ect. Caesi's mother assisted by keeping the animals healthy, being a Veterinarian for the Pavilion's livestock. Both her mother and father were also excellent guides, as most individuals in the Amethyst Clan are. Sailing the sea of grass with ease, thanks to Zulrav's guidance and energy, to keep them going.

With that said, Caesi had a pretty normal life, or as normal as one can have in the Sea of Grass. Her days was spent helping her mother and father with the horses, then she would go out with another Pavilion member to learn hunting, so she could learn different trades to be useful to her Pavilion. When Caesi was 14, their clan was raided by a herd of Glassbeaks, some of the livestock died. It did not traumatize her, it only made her realize how dangerous the Sea of Grass really was. So she learned to be wary, but to stay strong and bold in her endeavors. Having that glimpse of the creatures though, made her want to hunt them even more. The Glassbeaks enormous hooked beaks shimmered in the sun, making the girl want one for her own. To possibly make a weapon out of it one day. Also, with the raid from the Glassbeaks, Caesi's father thought it wise to teach her about webbing. It was the bare basics and since she was the first and eldest, and presently the only child, he decided to teach her. The lessons were difficult and hard to grasp, but eventually she started to understand the most basic of concepts of Webbing, though she was far from perfect. 

Caesi's life was a bit monotonous and routine. Tend to the Striders and livestock, hunt, learn, come home, immerse herself into a hobby until the light left the sky, go to bed, wake up and do it again. It was a dull lifestyle, well to adventuress Caesi it was, although she still enjoyed it. But, she craved something more, something exciting to happen.

The Bond, The Marks
Summer of 514 

Caesi was out in the Sea of Grass hunting like she typically did. It was a normal day, a day like any other day. She had her quiver and shortbow and was out for a kill to bring back to her Pavilion. As she was walking through the tall grass, she felt a vibration underneath her booted feet. Moments later a pounding could be heard. Caesi frowned turning her head towards the sound. There was a small herd of Striders making their way through the Sea of Grass. The herd wasn't very large, only 5 Striders. Their ears went forwards and backwards, their eyes wide and alert. Caesi turned her body to get a better view of them, as they ran with a freedom that was captivating. The elysian view made time stand still, as they came closer to the young Drykas girl. The lead, a large Stallion swerved to the left to avoid Caesi, the herd followed, except for a Blue Dun Yearling who slowed and stared at Caesi.

Caesi and the Blue Dun Yearling stared at each other for a chime. Then the horse lifted her head, the upper lip curling slightly. The horse looked like it was laughing, so Caesi laughed too since the facial expression was funny. The herd did not slow, it kept going, she looked after it. "Your herd is leaving you." Caesi told the Strider. The horse however did not seem to particular care, as Caesi was her only interest at the time. "You better go before you are lost." Caesi told the mare. The horse however would not budge and the herd had disappeared in the distance. Caesi gave a sigh, she did not want to approach the Strider in case she scared her off, instead she walked away from her and towards home.

The Blue Dun Yearling followed however, no matter how Caesi tried to get her to go back to her herd. By the time she was at home she was irritated. The horse followed, not closely but kept her distance. When her father saw her and the horse he shook his head, "Well looks like you will be training that one." He simply said as he walked over to the other Striders he was tending to.

Caesi growled slightly and turned to look at the Yearling Strider, she was not sure how to approach the wild horse. It looked around nervously it's hears flat and the neck muscles tense. The horse was ready to bolt at the slightest sound. Caesi nibbled her lip, inching towards the Strider cautiously. She whistled a soft tune as she did, to calm the horse. When she was close enough she reached her hand out, however the horse reared it's head back, exhaling violently. Caesi murmured to the horse to calm her again, when she was close again she leaned her head forward, until her nose was touching the Yearlings. Caesi then breathed into the horse's nose with her own nose, as it was a greeting the horses did to one another. The tension in the horse's neck seemed to ease as she continued to breath, resting her head against the side of hers. 

This was just the beginning of their bond, Caesi observed and watched the Blue Dun. Examining her body movements, facial expressions, and sounds so she could better understand the young female Yearling. She spent a season just observing and understanding the Strider, only touching briefly. The next season was when she would get the Yearling to relax around her by sticking her finger in the Strider's mouth, at the side where there was not any teeth. Doing this made the Strider relax instantly. Caesi did this every day until it was finally a natural response from the Strider. She combined this with stroking the Yearling's muzzle down the center where the pleasure groove was located. It calmed and relaxed the Blue Dun Yearling. 

The next season, Caesi was able to put a Yvas on the Blue Dun. She gave the Strider time to adjust to the Yvas, until mid-season. Caesi then began trying to mount and ride the Strider now that she trusted her. It took many attempts, she was thrown plenty of times, but finally she was able to mount and ride the Strider. Through tedious work and constantly taking care of the Blue Dun, Caesi and the Yearling had formed a bond. She trained her every day, fed her, brushed her, bathed her. Caesi doted and spoiled the young wild horse. Though the Blue Dun did not particularly care for other people, nor would she let anyone else ride her but Caesi she was trained. Wild at heart but trained. Caesi did not want to take all the wildness from the mare, she just wanted her to trust her and accept her.

When she finally did, the bond was formed, the Blue Dun was her Strider and she was the Strider's rider. No longer a Yearling but a strong Mare. They were more then that though, the bond they shared was a closeness that was hard to describe. Both wild at heart and seeking adventure, they protected and helped one another, riding as one and not as horse and rider. 

Her Windmark is an intricate pattern of swirls and design, going from her nails, hand, wrist and a little up her arm on the right side. It swirls around her wrist to the underside of her arm, back up to the top of her arm. Caesi wears it proudly, as it represents the bond of her and her Strider. Not only that but her thanks to Zulrav and Semele for making it possible for her to bond with Py. 

Race: Human,Drykas

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Born 23, Summer, 498 AV

Location: Starguide Pavilion, Endrykas

Birthplace: Endrykas, Cyphrus

Job: Hunter

Fluent in: Pavi

Basic in: Common
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Caesi Starguide

Postby Caesi Starguide on April 6th, 2016, 2:45 pm




Skill EXP Total Proficiency Origin
Weapon: Short Bow 20SP,+2, +1,+1 24 Novice SP
Hunting 15SP, +2,+2,+3 22 Novice SP
Riding 10RB, +2, +1, +2,+1 16 Novice RB
Webbing 10SP 10 Novice SP
Wilderness Survival: Plains 5SP, +1,+1 7 Novice SP
Observation +3, +3, +3, +1, +5, +1, +3,+1,+3 22 Novice
Weaving +2, +2 4 Novice
Acrobatics +4 4 Novice
Foraging +4 4 Novice
Fishing +4 4 Novice
Animal Husbandry +4, +1, +2, +1 8 Novice
Socialization +2, +1, +5, +3, +4,+3 18 Novice
Weapon: Dagger +3 3 Novice
Body Building +3 3 Novice
Rhetoric +2, +1 3 Novice
Running +1,+1 2 Novice
Cosmetology +1 1 Novice
Tracking +1, +1 2 Novice
Endurance +1, +2, +1 4 Novice
Digging +1 1 Novice
Skinning +1, +3,+2 6 Novice
Interrogation +3,+1 4 Novice
Planning +2, +1, +2 5 Novice
Herbalism +2 2 Novice
Logic +1 1 Novice
Butchering +1 1 Novice
Horsemanship +1,+1 1 Novice
Meditation +2 2 Novice
Ecology +1 1 Novice
Etiquette +1 1 Novice
Land Navigation +1 1 Novice
Philosophy +1 1 Novice
Stealth +1 1 Novice
Reimancy +2,+3 5 Novice


Caesi lives with her family in the Starguide Pavilion of the Amethyst Clan. However, she has her own personal tent, since she turned 16, that is always set close by.


Housing Description :
1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
1 set of fishing tackle & hooks
1 bonded Strider
1 Yvas
1 large set of Yvas bags



Nu is a Akinva Deerstalker who assists her in hunting. Weighing a 140 pounds, the large black dog appears fierce. He is only slightly trained, as Caesi is still teaching him. How ever, he is an exceptional hunter and protects Caesi fiercely.



Pyxis, or Py as Caesi likes to call her, is Caesi's bonded Strider. Py is loyal to Caesi, knowing her better then she sometimes knows herself. The horse understands her commands and follows through them, but can also pick up on her emotions and be a companion through times of stress or sadness. Most times, however, the two of them run through Endrykas on adventures, hunting, or just lazing around in the sun. The two of them is a pair to reckon with. Pyxis is still young, although finally out of the Yearling stage. She is a Blue Dun Mare with dark and light colored mane with browns mixed in. Her coat is faintly luminescent at night, though not always.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Shortbow -30gm 70gm
Shortbow Arrows -1gm 69gm
Hunting Arrows -4gm 65gm
Quiver -20gm 45gm
Dog, Hunting -20gm 20gm
Fishing Pole -1gm 19gm
Dagger -2gm 17gm
Spring Wages +455GM 472gm
ShortBow SOLD1/2 Cost +15gm 487gm
Living Expenses Spring516 -135gm 352gm
Shortbow,Composite -75gm 277gm
Hunter/Trappers Kit -25gm 252gm
2 Violet Jars, 8oz -1gm 251gm
2 Pint of Honey -2 sm ---
Grape Seed Oil, 1 Gal -1 sm --
3 Cheese ClothsUsed Price of Linen Scarf -3sm --
Summer ClothesRamie Dyed Dress 21sm, Thin Cotton Leggings 5sm, Boots, Riding 1gm - 3gm, -6sm --
Ocarina, Violet Glass -8sm 246gm
Archery Glove -1 gm 245gm
Archers Arm Guard -1gm 244gm
BeltBlack Leather Belt with a steel buckle and steel chains. -4gm 240gm
Belt, Pouch -1gm 239gm
Handaxe -6gm 233gm


Caesi received a necklace from her mother when she turned 16. The necklace was made by her Mother, it had taken her a couple of seasons to complete it. The thick string is knotted beautifully with glass beads woven in the knot-work. Hanging in the center is a medium sized, rough Amethyst pendant, with thinner string knotted in an artful way to encase it. Her Mother told her, it was a gift of strength and memory. She explained that it would remind Caesi of her family and clan, no matter where she went. But it would also remind her of her inner strength, boldness, and the passion in her soul. Caesi placed the necklace around her neck and has never taken it off, not even when she baths. Keeping her family and strength close to her heart.

Heriloom :


Item Description Origin
Tunic Amethyst Color SP
Britches Dark Lavender Color SP
Undergarments Normal SP
Cloak Appears almost black, but is a really dark purple SP
Simple Boots Normal SP
Waterskin One SP
Backpack Contents: -Comb (Bone), Brush (Bone), Soap, Razor, Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth), 1 eating knife, Flint & Steel SP
Hunting Arrows (18) -2 Arrow Heads These arrows have blunt, heavy tips designed to stun small prey rather than completely destroy it Purchased
Shortbow Arrows (20) Common missile fired from a shortbow. Purchased
Quiver Used to hold arrows; quivers are made from leather, bark, wood and furs. Usually worn strapped to the back of waist or sometimes to a saddle if the archer is mounted Purchased
Fishing Pole Used to catch fish. Purchased
Dagger A common weapon often used as a secondary item of offense or defense. Purchased
Cattail Heads +3 Used for Medicinal Purposes and Cooking. Foraged
Wild Rose +5 oz Used to make one smell nice. Foraged
Wild Rose Berries +2 oz Edible Foraged
Dandelions +4 oz Roots, Greens, and Flower edible and used for Dandelion Tea Foraged
Sage +2 oz Used to season food Foraged
Composite Shortbow Purchased
Hunter/Trappers Kit A medium-sized leather pouch containing a hunting knife, a roll of thin rope for making simple traps, a handful of vials containing common animal scents (rabbit, deer) and a preserving kit. Also includes two tiny and one small animal snare as well as a 10 square foot camouflage tarp. Purchased
2 Violet Jars, 8 oz To Put Stuff In. Purchased
2 Pint of Honey To Sweeten Things. Purchased
Grape Seed Oil, 1 Gal To Cook With. Purchased
3 Cheese Cloths Used in Cooking. Purchased
Ramie Dress, Dyed Summer Clothing Purchased
Thin Cotton Leggings To Go Under Dress. Purchased
Riding Boots Black Purchased
Leather Belt Black Leather belt with a steel buckle, ornamented with steel chains. Purchased
Belt Pouch simple leather pouch Purchased
Ocarina An enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the body. Made of a Violet colored glass. Purchased
Archery Glove A fitted leather glove to protect the fingers from the bowstring. Normally there are only two or three finger pockets, since only the fingers that pull back the string need padded Purchased
Archers Arm Guard A single leather cuff covering most of or the entire forearm of the archer. Protects their skin from the bowstring. Purchased
Handaxe A small axe designed to be used as a secondary weapon, usually with a battleaxe. Purchased


*SP*Lore: Sea of Grass Geography
Drykas: Foragers & crafters by way of life
Cyphrus location: Moresta River
Cyphrus location: Lomack Tower
*SP*Webbing: The threads that connect Endrykas
Archery: the importance of calm

Ecology: trees need more water than grass

Etiquette: belated introductions are possibly rude

Hunting: the importance of patience

Land Navigation: signs of water in plant growth

Philosophy: the relationship between perfection and failure

Skinning: avoid cutting belly muscle

Skinning: first cut throat to tail, then inside legs

Skinning: never mind the lower limbs

Socialization: new faces bring opportunities

Socialization: reading status in one's placement

Socialization: showing affection by action and consideration

Stealth: rolling feet to reduce noise

Survival: water equals life

Meditation: best done without distractions
Meditation: relaxes body and mind
Meditation technique: visualizing a focus
Observation: evaluating a person's mood from their appearance
Reimancy: forming a ball of res
Reimancy: the nature of res
Reimancy: only manipulates res
Reimancy technique: Earth Spike
Reimancy technique: forming pebbles and raining rocks
Reimancy technique: igniting from outside in
Horsemanship: protecting tack from sun-heat
Magic: overgiving is dire and deadly
Reimancy: Initiation
Reimancy: Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Acrobatics: Finding the Center
Acrobatics: Stretch Before Attempting
Riding: Using Knees and Mane Instead of Yvas
Planning: Sketching Out Movements in Your Mind First
Wilderness survival: leave the mother plant, eat the shoots
Wilderness survival: take only what you need
Wilderness survival: potatoes are versatile

Hand daggers hilt first

Skinning: remove legs first

Skinning: cut only skin under

Butchering: gutting fish

Riding: if slipping tighten legs
Animal Husbandry: dog used as distraction
Skinning: innards used as chum and treats
Fishing: fish seem bigger during the fight
Fishing: fish slapped

Weaving: A useful skill & an art-form
Weaving: A basic long-grass basket
Weaving: Long-grass is strong & flexible
Weaving: Finding just the right tightness & tension
Weaving: Making & adding a basket handle out of long-grass
Cosmetology, Hair: A simple 3 strand braid
Logic:prey needs water too
Windheel Pavilion: of the Emerald Clan
Khasr Windheel: a new friend
Khasr Windheel: outcast among his Pavilion?
Khasr Windheel: taciturn and quite practical
Liras Stormwind, Drykas Reimancer of the Sapphire Clan
Naiya Dawnwhisper: a blunt conversationalist
Naiya Dawnwhisper: grieving the pirate raids
Naiya Dawnwhisper: knowledge of plants
Naiya Dawnwhisper: secretly sick?
Nu: early riser, early annoyance
Wildfire: Naiya’s pretty strider [/size]
Amira Starguide: A kind & talented story-teller

Siglay Firstsong of Topaz Clan: A skilled weave
Starguides: Waste nothing that can be made into something else
Starguide Pavilion: expects animals to work too

Plants of Endrykas
Watercress: spicy greens
Wild rose: edible, fragrant and painful
Dandelion: edible in all ways

Nothing Yet
Caesi: Doesn't like the feel of long-grass
Caesi: Tenacious & determined
Caesi: Admitting failure & asking for help
Caesi: A helping hand in times of hardship
Caesi: prefers to hunt than look for a man
Caesi: feels alone in her stress and fear
Frustrations of a weaving disaster!
More mouths in a home will require longer hunts
Caesi: wants to learn butcheringfirst

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Caesi Starguide

Postby Caesi Starguide on May 31st, 2016, 3:33 am

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