Closed [Fiachra]Wings and Scales

Sisas needs some help gathering information; Who better to ask than a bird?

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[Fiachra]Wings and Scales

Postby Sisas on April 26th, 2016, 3:25 pm

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Sisas takes the map, looking it over carefully. It's more detailed than he was expecting, which was good - and Fiachra had said that she'd measured everything as a raven. Good, Sisas thinks, satisfied. Less suspicion that way. There were plenty of birds hanging around Sunberth, particularly scavenger birds, thanks to the frequency of dead bodies, and one raven hopping about an alleyway or hanging around on a roof wasn't going to draw much suspicion, much less be connected to what Sisas and his acquaintance have planned. "This isss good," he says. "Good enough for the extra mizasss I promisssed." The Dhani bends down to collect the little bundle of coins, tossing it to the Kelvic. "It wasss a pleasssure doing busssinessss with you," he says, tone clearly pleased. "Perhapsss we can work together again sssome day." Without further ado, the Dhani crouched, shifting once more into the snake form so that he could make his way down the building; this time he held the paper in his mouth, as he would need his tail more on the descent than he had on the ascent.

A painful spasm in the Dhani's chest reminded him that it had been nearly a full day since the last time he'd relieved the ache of his Gnosis; he'd been forced before by circumstance to wait to relieve it for a day or two, and Sisas had never relished the experience. He enjoyed causing pain to others, but he didn't enjoy it himself. When he reached the ground, Sisas shifted back to his human form, shrugging his clothes back on and pulling on the leather gloves that he used to hide the obvious red veining on his right hand. Stretching, Sisas glanced around before tucking the map inside of his shirt. He slipped out of the bushes and began making his way back to the Tent City; not to go home, not yet, but rather to find someone to torment for a bit.

Sisas considered it part of his reward for a job well done, finding the map and collecting the information.

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Fiachra has not been on in a few days, and was worried about being banned, so we were going to wrap this up soon anyway.

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[Fiachra]Wings and Scales

Postby Anarkhos on July 7th, 2016, 5:55 pm

Character- Sisas


Animal husbandry(Dogs)-3



Kelvics: Can change quicker than Dhani

Kelvics: Are beautiful creatures

Rikit: Always on guard

Rikit: An obedient dog

Sunberth: You get what you pay for

Fiachra: A very good map maker

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