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The Burning Barge

Postby Jaios Coglias on May 10th, 2016, 10:26 pm

The Burning Barge

If one would to simply look at the building they would see it was a simple run down shop that had seen better days. The windows that once displayed wares from the shop now were mostly boarded up with planks of wood. The only thing that stood out was a rather new sign in simple letters that said “The Burning Barge”.

When the shop was open one would find its stock would depend on the day but one of the only things that stayed the same was the Isur that ran the shop and worked out prices for people. While the prices were standard he would work out discounts or price hikes depending on the situation and the customer.

If one would become a regular type of customer they would see Jaios would treat everyone fair at first. He would not side with one gang or the other since he was not a charity at the end of the day and just cared about coin. Yet he would lower the price if someone needed help but more so if they would work for him to pay off the discount either by running a quick errand or owing him a favour if he saw something in them.

Yet one would also see that he would give a price hike if you were rude or wanted to waste his time by trying to get him to give a discount when you were not in bad shape even trying to get him to side with a gang would cause a price hike and if one would complain he would just refuse the sale even if he needed the coin.

If someone did become a regular buyer or seller he would be more open to trade deals that were best for both members. Even if it meant giving special items away if it meant a long term deal. In the end of the day Jaios did care about the city and getting it in better shape even if it meant pushing coin or special items about to help move the right people.

A simple hand made sign was on the shop's counter which read:

"Taking orders for items. Please see shopkeep for details. Otherwise the items on hand shall be sold. If one wishes to buy anything that is not currently on display please see the shopkeep for help.."

Price list
All items are normal price from the Price List. If seeking a discount or customer order please see the owner.
Hiring for:
Other postions may be open.
*See Owner for details
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