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Postby Sahar on May 15th, 2016, 11:26 am



Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Birthday: The First of Spring, 484 AV (32 years old)
Birthplace: Mura
Gnosis Mark: Pending (Avalis- the ability to see the past which is hidden)
Konti Gift: Pending (Retrocognition- the ability to 'overhear' previous conversations in her general vicinity)

Appearance: Sahar is just a bit outside of what's considered 'normal' for a Konti, which is something she's struggled with for a long time. She's around 5'11, and weighs in at 155 pounds. She retains her kind's pale skin, and fish-like traits of pearly scales, webbed appendages, and gills, but even her own mother bemoaned how Sahar is the opposite of "delicate". She's a tad too muscular compared to other Konti, mainly due to the fact she has shunned the mental activities in favor of the physical altogether. She often dyes her hair darker with henna to make herself stand out less among humans, but her inhuman aquamarine eyes always manage to catch the light and draw attention to her anyway.

Character Concept

The only places that Sahar has ever fit in are in places where it's okay to stand out. She's loud spoken, willful, and can be incredibly stubborn. She is a lesbian and yet can have trouble finding someone to date amongst her all-female kind. When she attempted to learn many crafts that Konti are known for, her mother accused her of doing it "angrily". She cannot even so much as play a musical instrument, because she grew frustrated with it too quickly. Sahar enjoyed her freedom too much to really ever devote time to mastering divination, and lacked the patience and the ability to hold her tongue to make a good healer, and instead became a devoted, talented fighter. She has always been rather clever, and longs to apply herself in intellectual pursuits as well as physical. While she loves her childhood home of Mura, Sahar has been driven out into the world by her own pent up frustrations with the place. She has no intentions of bearing children, and wants to make her way in the world by her own merit, without needing to have kids to raise her own status. However, beneath it all, Sahar has a fear of never finding a place where she can truly belong.

Despite all this, Sahar is still incredibly kind and welcoming to new people and new experiences. She's not trusting of people, per say, but she is an optimist, in that she will try to assume the best of people until it's shown that she cannot assume the best of them. Combine this with her easily distractible nature, and sometimes she ends up in dangerous situations. Thankfully up until this point her family has been able to get her out of them. She is loving to those who have earned it of her, and gets a little mushy around cute girls. Sahar always speaks her truth, though that can be part of her issue when it comes to keeping friends. She's both at odds with herself and with who she's supposed to be, and though she is uncertain in her path forward, she knows she cannot go back. And so, come hell or high water, Sahar has decided to make a life for herself in the city of Lhavit.

Character History

Sahar was born on the first day of Spring, and her mother always swore that she was like a stubborn flower poking through a layer of snow, or the first ray of sunlight in the early morning. Growing up on the White Isle, Sahar never really found a calling in terms of craftsmanship. Instead, she saw men with swords and shields and bows and was instantly enamored with fighting. And so, Sahar became an incredibly skilled fighter, lacking the dislike of confrontation largely because she finds her own sight completely useless. She has a smart mouth, and she questioned a lot of things living in Mura with her family. Her questioning about the way things were oftentimes made others uncomfortable, and she became embittered by how others would shun her questions. Her innate power of divination is useless in her eyes, and she wonders how she might be able to make better use of her talents. Sahar's gift has only ever brought her pain- for a place that hides little and fights less often, she still managed to stumble upon the one thing she didn't want to know. Her mother used to joke that even though she was blessed with a Gnosis mark like the rest of her kind, perhaps it was actually a curse for all the good it brought Sahar.

The Konti spent a time as a child where she was interested in moving to Riverfall and joining the Akalak, and learned what she could of their language- notably curse words these days. Sahar became disillusioned with that though, once she remembered they would probably frown upon her refusal to bear children, and realized that if she was amongst all men, there would be very few women to date. Despite this, she had still trained with a Akalak man as an adolescent, learning how to fight without arms, and once she was older, took a great amount of interest in suvai training- as her grandmother had.

For 30 long years, she listened to her mother's request to stay within the city at least until she was an adult. But at the moment she was an adult, she left, feeling like her home wouldn't have gotten her where she wanted to be. She traveled far to the West, staying for a time in Sylira to grow accustomed to the world of the Isle. However, she heard of a town she would be able to seek out knowledge that she hadn't been able to on the White Isle. This town is Lhavit, and Sahar, relatively young for her kind, and still a brand new adult, is completely ready to make a name for herself.


Fluent Language: Kontinese
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Tukant (Abysmal)


Skill EXP Total
Weapon: Suvai #30 SP #30/100
Unarmed Combat #15 SP #15/100
Wilderness Survival #5 SP #5/100
Fortune Telling #10 RB #10/100
Swimming #100 Racial (Natural Swimmer)


Lore of Religion: Avalis
Lore of Lhavit Streetplan


-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Kina

Heirloom: The suvai her mother gave her when she left the White Isle, passed down from her grandmother.


Location: Lhavit

House: At the Solar Wind apartments. Inside it there are two windows with a view out to the ocean over the forests outside of Zintia, the peak in Lhavit she is now living in. The walls are covered in a tan wallpaper, and the floors are brown tile. Beneath one of the windows there is a wooden desk, covered in papers and her journal from home, occasionally with doodles on them, along with some crumbs of her last meal. The soft blue chair, with its rounded back, is typically covered in clothing that she had just dried before the hearth across the room, the fire going sometimes at night when she gets cold. The couch that is the same blue color as the chair, lies opposite to the desk and chair, in front of the hearth. Some of the blankets have been removed from the bed and laid on the back of the couch. Her bed is canopied with a delicate looking white fabric, but the royal blue covers and the baby blue sheets are tussled about because Sahar rarely ever makes the bed. The pillows, both royal and baby blue, are mostly on the floor surrounding her bed, with one or two still remaining on the queen sized bed for her to cuddle up to in the night.

-1 Wooden Desk
-1 Blue Rounded back Chair
-1 Hearth
-1 couch (3 cushions)
-1 Canopied Bed


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Apartment Rent (Month 1) -3 Kina 97 Kina

Thread List

Sahar Enters Lhavit- Spring, 516 AV

Getting An Apartment- Spring, 516 AV

Sahar explores Lhavit- Spring, 516 AV
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Postby Astator on May 21st, 2016, 9:18 pm

Please list what is found within your apartment.

Also note that once your gift/gnosis have been accepted please make the changes necessary and also please attach your SS thread.
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Postby Sahar on May 22nd, 2016, 3:43 pm

Alright, I fixed the housing issue, but I had sent something to the help desk to get it approved a week ago about that and I've not heard anything back? Is that just normal waiting time or did I miss something/not do something right?

Thanks very much for looking it over though!
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