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Abigaile Evenridge

Postby Abigaile on May 16th, 2016, 10:43 pm

Abigaile Evenridge

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: Spring 3rd, 492 AV
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 pounds
Birthplace: The Mithryn Outpost
Current Local: Zeltiva
Occupation: Scribe


Lawful Neutral


Abigaile was raised in a common, hardworking household as the only daughter of two loving parents. Under the protection of the Syliran Knights she had little to worry about growing up, resorting in a mundane childhood with access to most of the necessities any child would need in life. She developed an early interest in books after a visit to Undeniable Interests that turned into a passion for learning as she grew older, and lead her quickly down a path that no one could have predicted.

It was in this beloved place that she met a young Mage-Squire, thirteen like herself, as impish and curious as she was, and dangerously fascination. The two of them became fast friends, and over the course of two years explored their own capacities and the stirring up teenage sexuality. Through her own naivete, Abigaile mistook the emotions and lust she felt for him as love, and blindly followed him to mutual ruin.

In the two years she had known him he introduced her to the arcane knowledge his patron was instilling in him, though they were more harmless forms of magic such as hypnotism and auristics. She didn't notice the change that overtook him toward the end of their association, and all seemed normal the last day Abigaile and her paramour were together. Unbeknownst to her, the Squire had begun taking a keen interest more in the power magic offered him than how it could be used to help others.

He had begun viewing Abigaile less as a friend and confidant and more as an experiment, a tool to exert his will upon. He lured her to the Bronze Woods away from prying eyes with the false promise of a romantic rendezvous among the trees. It was there that he played on her emotions and attraction, taking her virginity and offering to seal their love in a blood pact. Only then did suspicious stir at the back of her mind, but the stubborn recklessness of youth drove her forward.

She thought herself brave when he cut their hands with his dagger, and was prepared to promise herself to him, but as she exposed herself to him completely, he tore into her with the Res.

The agony of the initiation nearly killed her, and when she awoke drenched in sweat and tears, half-naked and alone, the trees around her were aflame. At the time she couldn't remember the searing pain of what had transpired, but her body ached to its core from the attack it had suffered.

A few weeks later she began thinking that maybe her life could simply return to normal, but when she accidentally set the family shed on fire, the weak light at the end of that tunnel was snuffed out like a candle. Until that point she had kept her experience in the woods a secret. When her community realized she posed a possible threat to their safety, Abigaile's grief-stricken parents were forced to act. The girl was given a choice; join the Order or go to Zeltiva with her aunt whom was versed in the affairs of the arcane.

The latter was the only option that she could learn to live with.

Years later Abigaile is a well-adjusted woman considering the circumstances of her youth, though the mental and emotional scars of her relationship with that fateful Squire still haunt her. When she arrived in Zeltiva in 508 AV at only 16 years old, she learned how to control her Reimancy at the University, but has avoided its usage beyond the required schooling to understand it, mostly out of apprehension and the painful memories it stirs.


Skill EXP Proficiency Note
Weapon: Dagger 15/100 Novice 15 RB
Meditation 15/100 Novice 15 SP
Auristics 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Hypnotism 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Reimancy (Fire) 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Riding: Horse 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Writing 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Copying 5/100 Novice 5 SP


Overgiving: Symptoms and Dangers
Reimancy: The Agony of Initiation


Fluent in Common
Poor in Kontinese


Everyday Clothing
-White Shirt, Linen
-Black Pants, Cotton
-Undergarments, Linen
-Blue Jacket, Cotton
-Tan Hood, Wool
-Long Red Fingerless Gloves, Cotton
-Tan Jerkin, Leather
-Brown Belt, Leather
-Short Brown Boots, Leather
Belt Pouch
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Toothbrush & 4 oz. Toothpaste
Rations (1 Week's worth)
1 Eating Knife
Flint & Steel
Steel Dagger & Scabbard

Heirloom: Lapis Lazuli Pendant


Abigaile currently lives in a small apartment in the Old Quarter by West Street. The building itself has seen better days, and her only view is of the line of buildings across the street. Still, her quarters are clean and orderly, with basic furnishings and a few simple luxuries.


Furnishings :
Bed, Starter
End Table, Average
Trunk, Starter
Wardrobe, Average
Table & 2 Chairs, Average
Hearth, Starter
Hutch, Average
Armchair, Average
Couch, Average
Wash Basin, Average


Pre-Creation :
Transaction Amount Total
Starting Coin +100 GM 100 GM
Steel Dagger & Scabbard -4 GM 96 GM
Belt, Leather -4 SM 95 GM 6 SM
Jerkin, Leather -6 SM 95 GM
Belt Pouch -1 GM 94 GM
Gloves, Cotton -6 SM 93 GM 4 SM
Hood, Wool -1 SM 93 GM 3 SM
Armchair, Average -4 GM 89 GM 3 SM
Chair, Average -7 SM 88 GM 6 SM
End Table, Average -3 SM 88 GM 3 SM
Wash Basin, Average -2 GM 86 GM 3 SM
Couch, Average -3 GM 83 GM 3 SM
Wardrobe, Average -2 GM 81 GM 3 SM
Hutch, Average -2 GM 79 GM 3 SM
Toothbrush & Toothpaste -4 GM 75 GM 3 SM

516 AV :
Transaction Amount Total
Rollover +75 GM 3 SM 75 GM 3 SM

516 AV



Spring 80th, 505 AV
Summer 10th, 505 AV
Summer 25th, 505 AV
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