Abigaile's Plotnotes

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Abigaile's Plotnotes

Postby Abigaile on May 16th, 2016, 11:36 pm

Skill Goals

Dagger 15/26
Meditation 15/26
Auristics 10/26
Hypnotism 5/26
Shielding 0/26
Writing 5/26
Copying 5/26

Short Term Character Goals

Money: Right now Abigaile needs to build a nest egg. I'd like for her to buy a decent home, but this currently doesn't have any plot significance.

Friendships: Building close relationships is going to be very important for her both as a form of rehabilitation and in general for future plots and development. She is more at ease with women and nonhumans, and is suspicious of human men most of all, but she is very capable of trusting and liking those of certain character.

Long Term Character Goals

Birth of a Sorceress: This is going to build over a long period. Realistically more than a year at minimum. Abigaile is going to slowly come to terms with her Reimancy through regular study, people she meets, and some situations where she may be forced to use the magic that makes her so uncomfortable.

Meditation is also going to be a big part of this, which is going to help her feel more in control and grounded. Even though she knows how to use Reimancy, she's afraid of it and it's a big hurdle from her past to overcome. Mastering a few forms of noncombat magic will help this develop.

Romance: This would be a huge turning point for Abigaile. For one, she hasn't trusted any men for years with anything deeper than friendship, especially other mages. It would be a big step in the direction of healing and also terribly fun to write. Real love would take a long time to bloom, and it's not even remotely on her radar at this point and time. This is going to be hard to do with anyone other than a patient, long-term player, because it could easily take a year or more.

The Path of Ruin: A long series of flashbacks that focuses on the origins of Abigaile's magic and her relationship with the Squire that destroyed her life. I can't begin to guess how many threads this will be.

  • First meeting at Undeniable Interests.
  • Day at the Windmount Stables.
  • First time alone together, taking a walk at the Outpost.
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