Location The Pavena World Gate

Herein lies the ruins of the only remaining World Gates on Mizahar. It is heavily protected but some say it is still functional.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Pavena World Gate

Postby Gossamer on May 30th, 2016, 11:51 pm



Buried in the jungle deep in the peninsula which Syka's residents call The Maw lies a structure unlike anything on Mizahar. Stretching towards the sky, this open aired tower looks relatively intact despite the fact it is rumored to be thousands of years old. Without question, just looking at The Pavena World Gate one would realize it is of Pre-Valterrian origins.

Once the centerpiece of a mighty collective, the Pavena World Gate was last in use by the The Alizarin Team which was headed by Marcus and Myrna Kelvic. Marcus, more famous for his role in creating the Kelvic Race at Ironrock, did so in response to the loss of his sister off world in an unknown location. Myrna, however, called Pavena her home. She was in charge and made this place her home. The younger of the two twins, Myrna was a world walker, in charge of ecological mining off world. The Pavena World Gate was Myrna's Headquarters and so too were the ruins of Syka which once housed a thriving facility in The pre-Vaterrian Suva Empire. These twin siblings were incredibly gifted in melding science and magic to produce astonishing technology for the Suvan Empire’s use though perhaps only Marcus Kelvic's name lives on in this day and age because of his creations.

Today all that's left of Pavena is The World Gate itself. The jungle surrounding Pavena has definitely tried to reclaim it. Old even in Myrna's time, the World Gate has stood solid through thousands of years. The World Gate even held firm through the Valterrian where it became very violently and suddenly a coastal outpost. The Pavena World Gate holds the key to the technology of the past because if properly used it can act as a bridge to other worlds and as a rare source of finding astral coordinates for other worlds. It's function, however, in this modern age is somewhat lost to the current residents of Mizahar. Though it is reported that Mathias and his team have founded Syka to secretly study what can only be deemed an ancient artifact.

There's only one issue. The Pavena World Gate is not without its residents. And those residents have been there a long time and are careful who they let near it. Myrna once upon a time won their affection and hearts. It is possible that others may do the same in the future... perhaps even Mathias Okavis. It is the only way one can unlock the secrets of the World Gate and open oneself up to a whole new discipline that was lost with the Valterrian; World Walking.

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