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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Seasonal Calendar

Postby Net on May 31st, 2016, 10:49 pm

Summer 516 Calendar:
1st – After a harsh winter and uneventfully dreary Spring the city celebrates in the most seaworthy way for Summer, Zeltiva reopens Matthew’s Bay for trade and the Kelp Beer flows. After such a long state of inner reworking the Zeltivan Merchants Guild is ready to sail forth and trade. Skies are blue and clear, the waters calm and tranquil.
6th – A caravan of five merchants leave to Syliras to seek assistance from the Order in repairing the Kabrin Road
23rd – Food shortages are plentiful as the Spring stocks are nearing their limitations, there is a plea for locals to donate fish to the city.
26th – Food stores are stocked plentiful with fish and local vegetation, enough to last the season.
38th – The University shuts its doors from students and staff, leaving only the Board of Regents behind locked and sealed doors. Heavy deliberation can be heard from within.
50th – At low tide a member of the Wave Guard see a large number of fish left for dead as the sea recedes.
51st – Low tide again a member of the Wave Guard once again comes upon a large number of dead fish as the sea recedes. This alarms the local fisherman.
52nd – Concern for contaminated fish rises as the last two days provided fuel for fear. People start talking in whispered hushes. (2 PC quest)
55th – Inventories of several food stores are found to be holding less than expected. Merchants are not yet concerned, claiming failure in keeping their numbers straight, will recount and fix the inventories.
70th – The merchant caravan that left to Syliras early Summer have finally returned with assistance.
71st – The assistance that had returned with the caravan the previous day is asked forth and do as they were requested (modded thread)
80th – Merchants cry out to the Council in concern that there is a thief in the city stealing food from the storages. This has apparently been going on for some time and only just now noticed. (2 PC quest) [SPOTS FILLED]
90th – A call for change can be heard murmuring through the streets of Zeltiva, Is there change in the air?
91st – Summer comes to an end, Zeltivans start inventorying their food stocks for Fall.

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