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August Shensly

Postby August Shensly on June 9th, 2016, 5:38 pm


Physical Description
Name : August Shensly
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Age : 27
Birthday : Season of Autumn, Day 10, 489 AV
Height : 5' 11''
Weight : 180 lbs
Languages :
  • Common ~ Fluent
  • Sunberth Creole ~ Basic
  • Konti ~ Poor

August has an athletic build about him, a natural at anything involving strength or agility. He has dirty blonde hair down to his shoulders, with hazel eyes with flecks of gold within them. He generally wears light clothing; A loose collared cloth shirt with buckles at the end of each arm around the wrist, and short pants going down to his knees. In winter he wears a woolen shirt under his collared shirt and warm pants. Whenever he is sent on a mission he generally wears a cloth around his face to hide his identity. He wears bladed boots year round. He always wears his leather armor hidden underneath his clothing. His body is covered with scars from the many fights he has been in. He generally covers these up, though he cannot cover up the scar across his right eye, a scar he will never forget receiving... He also wears strange tattoos on his arms and back, flocks of ravens going up his arms and a large raven with an enchanting diamond eye on his back.

Character Concept

August is a natural at most things involving physical strength and determination. His athletic build is mirrored only in his stubbornness, determination, and mental fortitude. If August starts something , and sets his mind to it, he will finish it. He used to be a kind and loving young lad, but that all changed when he witnessed his parents murdered by the elite Night Eyes group "The Shadows". From then on he was on his own and his personality grew more jaded, sarcastic, his mind growing cold and dark as time wore on. His black humor and sarcasm are generally used to condescend, him hoping that the recipients of his humor lash out physically at him; he loves to fight. Deep down though August hates people who subjugate the weak and will often come to the rescue if someone needs it, and has a natural instinct to protect and help children, especially the ones whom have no home whom remind him of himself. Though he may have a tortured and sickened soul, his heart is pure, and though he may sometimes lost sight of this fact he would never tell anyone this truth.

August has learned to cover up his flaws, but some still show. He is very stubborn, and this fact will often lead to him learning a lesson. He often gets himself in over his head when picking fights and his numerous scars are a testament to this fact. His true weakness is in helping the unfortunate, and while this could be considered a strength it also can be used to take advantage of him. He works alone and generally has little or no trust for people, let alone partners.

August is generally completely cold and jaded and has no problem beating the living daylights out of townsfolk, gangmembers, and even ill equipped guards to steal from them. In fact, in his days as a gangmember August would pay his dues through assaulting rival gangmembers for whatever they had on their person. Though he is generally a coldhearted individual, he has a weak spot for children and the unfortunate, though he will never admit this.

Character History

August had a wonderful life as a middle-class son to a middle-class family, and always wondered what his parents did for a living. His father, when he was very young, taught him a hybrid skill between flux and unarmed combat known as the Whispering Palm. It involves striking an opponent with your outstretched, but never actually hitting them, pulling away at the last moment of the strike. Djed flows through the body, up the arm, and out through the palm, feeling like a strong wind has passed through the interior of the enemy. It does not hurt, and the damage takes time to set in, the enemy still active in full, until the internal bleeding sets in and the subject collapses. This technique can be used to knock a subject out, though if done to hard the subject's brains will be turned into scrambled eggs. It is very important not to touch the opponent during the strike, as it will backfire up into the practitioner themself and cause great damage if the palm actually touches the target, though the closer you get and the harder the strike the more damage it does. Overgiving comes VERY easy to people who utilize this art for combat. August to this day cannot do any more damage than that of a 2nd degree sunburn, wherin a master could leave no outward trace of the attack, and needs a teacher or master to further his skill in this area.

August witnessed his parents' murder at the age of twelve by five members of the elite Night Eyes group "The Shadows". He will never forget the voices and the eyes of the five who murdered them;
Shadow Elizabeth - Deep emerald green eyes with notes of black in them.
Shadow Neferetu - Cold grey and blue eyes with flecks of silver.
Shadow Tiosus - Golden, with bits of amber brown.
Shadow Markus - Albino pink.
Shadow Tassa - Green and blue with marks of light amber brown.
It has been his mission to assassinate each and every one of these elite members of The Shadows since that day, and has trained every day since to prepare for these encounters. Though he has trained since, his movements are still undisciplined and he needs a master to further his training. He knows this deep down but will never admit to it.

His father and mother were both high-ranking members of the Night Eyes; his mother being the Master of Whispers, being able to know how to propagate lies or truth, and to listen to or silence the musings of the city, as well as eavesdropping and shadowing assignments. His father was Master of Shadows, the leader of the Night Eyes group "The Shadows" known to the Night Eyes as Shadow Michael, though that is not his true name. Shadow Michael was in charge of high-profile assassinations, espionage, and running of the undercover Night Eyes agents placed secretly within Sunberth, especially the ones within the Daggerhand's ranks. After finally discovering that they were both Night Eyes agents, the Night Eyes put a hit on the both of them, as they had more power together than most anyone in Sunberth.

To be continued in a flashback...

After his parents' murder August joined a violent gang and assaulted rival gangmembers regularly for fun and profit, often starting gang wars that he would clean up. His gang eventually abandoned him because of his overly violent ways at the age of eighteen, and so he decided to stay on his own, still roughing up gangmembers behind a cloth mask hiding everything but his eyes to make a living.

After witnessing his parents' death and crying helplessly all night, he finally went upstairs to his parents' room and found a chest under the bed. He opened it to find his father's Assassin's Blades, given only to the Night Eyes elite Shadows group, and upon touching them made a pact that he would thrust these into the heart of each and every one of the Shadows' hearts. The blades are sharp and need to be cocked into place to hide them, but has a spring that can puncture just about anything short of light armor and heavier. The gauntlets are also metal and can block most bladed weapons short of heavier weapons.

Skill Level Proficiency
Subterfuge 5 Novice
Crowdwalking 10 Novice
Freerunning 10 Novice
Weapon (Dual Assassin's Daggers) 10 Novice
Weapon (Assassin's Blades) 15 (Racial) Novice
Flux 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10 Novice

1 Collared Shirt
1 Wool Shirt
1 Cloak
1 Grey Bandana (To cover face)
1 Pair Hemp Shorts
1 Pair Hemp Pants
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack
1 Set Toiletries
1 Travelers Ration
1 Eating Knife
1 Flint and Steel

1 Pair Assassin's Blades (Heirloom)

1 Pair Bladed Boots
10 Dagger, Throwing
2 Dagger, Assassin's

1 Rope, 50ft
1 Smoke Bomb
1 Leather Armor
1 Leather Belt

Starting Package +100gm
Bladed Boots -18gm
10 Dagger, Throwing -10gm
2 Dagger, Assassin's -8gm
== 64gm
Leather Armor -50gm
1 Smoke Bomb -5gm
Rope, 50ft -1gm
Leather Belt -1gm
== 7gm

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