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Alipheese Nightshade

Postby Alipheese Nightshade on June 15th, 2016, 3:47 am

Alipheese Nightshade


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: 28 / Autumn / 496 A.V.
Birthplace: Sunberth
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Alipheese is 5'9" and weighs approximately 140 lbs (63-64 kg). She has jet black hair which she likes to keep to a reasonable length, often to the small of her back, the colour of her eyes is blue, but the shade varies with the light in which they are viewed, they could be as dark as the ocean, or as light as the sky, they also look harrowed by events from her past. Alipheese considers herself average in appearance, but there have been a couple of people who have stated otherwise. All around, Alipheese doesn't really like standing out in a crowd, and as such, really only wears nondescript clothing with maybe a flash of colour or two. When donning her armour Alipheese doesn't look very flashy, her leather armour, being as dark as it is, but with her rapier at her side she at least looks like she knows how to handle herself in a fight.

Character Concept

Personality-wise, Alipheese considers herself chivalrous and honourable to a fault, to those who encounter her for the first time, they would think her a little shy or reserved as she isn't really a fan of talking too much. After getting to know her, however, people will see another side of Alipheese, one that is caring, protective and loyal to those she calls friend. Alipheese will scarcely acknowledge and often goes to lengths to avoid interaction with those who betray her trust. When dealing with others, Alipheese will often remain quiet unless her input is required or requested, as she prefers to listen and observe to any and all sides of a conversation before she chips in, but when she does contribute to a conversation, she will do so respectfully, and not without considerable thought behind her words. If ever in a combat situation where her life isn't at stake, Alipheese will attempt to disarm her opponent, or disable them, with as little pain dealt to both herself, and her opponent; whereas if the situation is life or death, she will attempt to fight all out but bring the combat to a speedy resolution.

Alipheese's Creed:
- Talent: If you are talented in anything, pursue it.
- Honour: Always conduct myself in an honourable fashion.
- Discipline: Always discipline both my mind and body.
- Loyalty: Remain loyal to those who show you the same kindness.
- Mercy: Show mercy to all who you challenge and defeat.
- Strength: Always attempt to strengthen your resolve, and hone your skills.

Character History

Born in a nondescript house within the city of Sunberth to a disgraced duellist and a rogue Syliran knight, Alipheese came screaming her way into the world, while she lay screaming within her mother’s arms, she silently smiled and said a single sentence “My daughter, I name you Alipheese…” she then drew her final breath, the labour of the childbirth proving to be too much, even for the lady knight. As the mother passed from the world to Dira’s embrace, the father broke mentally, blaming his new daughter for the death which had occurred before him, but being that the daughter was the only living thing he knew of which was directly related to the woman he’d loved, he vowed to raise the child to both a warrior, and perhaps a better person than he himself once was…

Being raised by her father and a wet nurse she came to regard as her mother, Alipheese quickly learnt how to hold a weapon during her childhood, but not a broadsword like her father, as she didn’t really like using brute strength to win a fight; she instead learnt how to wield a lighter weapon, the Rapier, which more wholly embodied the fighting style which she desired to use. Practicing day in and day out whenever her father wasn’t home, Alipheese slowly became more and more proficient with her blade, while she had to pretend that she wasn’t improving that much around her father, as Alipheese didn’t want to join the Sun’s Birth as her father had done, she believed that there was no honour left within the organisation. Though they once were knights, whatever they had done when they’d gained power had corrupted them, slowly but surely. During this time, Alipheese’s father had taken up drinking, and beating up the “reason” the woman he’d loved had died.

Throughout Alipheese’s preteen and early teen years, she began to feel as though she didn’t belong within her household anymore, as her father’s abuse had gotten worse to the point of leaving Alipheese on the verge of unconsciousness, but in the presence of other people he was as “honourable” as he had been during the happiest days of his life. Alipheese thought that there must be a better life awaiting her should she manage to ever escape from Sunberth, and often daydreamed about what life would be like in the walled city of Syliras which her father often alluded to when drunk and depressed. When she wasn’t daydreaming however, Alipheese was training with the rapier and set of Night Leather Armour she’d managed to purchase several years back using the money she’d been saving for the better part of her life, and her resentment towards her treatment by her father slowly began to make itself known, only in small ways while she trained with him; a barely perceptible scowl every time her father came near him, a slight adjustment of her swing against her father’s wishes.

The resentment between father and daughter finally reached a boiling point one day when Alipheese’s father came home, more intoxicated and aggressive than was usual, and as he went to strike Alipheese, the young woman blocked the strike, and fought back, hooking her leg around her father’s, and pushing him over, the look of shock on the older man’s face was clear to be seen, then it turned to a look of rage; as he picked himself from the ground, Alipheese’s father drew his sword and pointed it at his daughter. He clearly said the following “So, you think you’re finally able to take me on, huh? I challenge you to a duel to the death outside the city’s limits, the winner shall take the coat of arms and shall be the sole survivor of this family, come see if you can’t kill me, like you did your mother you piece of shyke.”

Alipheese's reaction was surprisingly calm as she responded to the challenge, despite her father’s sword being pointed at her “Very well, I accept the challenge, however as you challenged me, I shall decide the time, and I choose two days from now, to the West of the city.” The father merely scoffed, and, in a condescending tone said “What, need to give me a delay so you can run? You’re a coward, you foolish boy, however I shall be there.” As the allotted time for the duel approached, Alipheese prepared himself for the fight which would define her life, and whether it would be over within 3 bells; strapping on her armour, and Rapier, she made her way to the location she’d specified in the days prior. As she arrived, she saw her father standing there in his own leather armour, broadsword at his side, however he wasn’t alone, there were a couple of his friends standing around, leering at Alipheese, but she paid them no heed, as she stepped forward, she drew his blade, and offered a salute to her father, while the older man replied in kind.

Assuming her ready stance, Alipheese began by slowly circling to the left, watching her father do the same, she saw that the others who were assembled were observing, evidently interested in seeing who the better fighter was out of the father and daughter, they’d quietened down as the duel had begun. Alipheese’s father made the first move, turning his blade so that it caught the sunlight and reflected it into his daughters eyes, as that happened he charged in ready to deliver a deadly first strike to his daughters heart, he’d thought that it would be beneficial to end his daughters suffering as quickly as possible, even if he had to be dishonourable about the means of doing so. When the reflected sunlight hit her face Alipheese raised her offhand in front of her face, while also moving her blade to deflect where she thought the attack was going to go for, her heart, as the blades collided, there was a clang of metal, and a grunt of surprise from the father, who’d been expecting to end the fight with that blow.

Having parried the first attack, Alipheese prepared for her counter attack, pushing the blade further to the side, she attempted to roll her blade around her father’s, in order to disarm him, but her father was accustomed to such things, and merely stepped in closer, preventing the blades from turning as Alipheese had wanted. With her disarming tactic foiled Alipheese quickly leapt back, using some strength in her arms to push her father back as well, they resumed their ready stances and began circling once more. As the father contemplated how his daughter was so competent at using a rapier, and where she’d gotten the suit of leather armour from, Alipheese sprang into action for the second clash, lunging forward, she attempted to feint her father out by aiming for his neck, but in reality wanted to cut one of her father’s legs, in order to limit his mobility. Too distracted by his thoughts of praise for his daughters footwork, the father raised his blade to block the oncoming lunge, only to feel a searing pain as the rapiers point found its way into the meat of his upper right thigh.

After the lunge connected, Alipheese twisted her blade and wrenched it free, watching the trickle of blood now running down her father’s leg, she attempted to leap back once more to continue her darting attacks to wear down her father, she felt a dull pain in her upper right arm, as her father had recovered from the pain of being stabbed, in order to stab his daughter back. The stab hadn’t been quite as successful as the father had hoped however, as his clouded mind had prevented his from landing a clean hit, and the strike had been deflected by Alipheese's armour. Now standing back at her ready position, and observing the way her father now limped slightly whenever he applied any weight to his right leg, Alipheese prepared her next onslaught, due to the feint she’d just used her father would likely be on guard against anything else she tried of that nature.

The group who’d been watching the duel had done nothing except observe, and as their comrade was injured, one of them called out “Come on, she’s just a whelp who can’t even hold a sword correctly, beat her into the ground Lukas!” The others in the group smacked him up the side of the head for interrupting the duel, and continued to observe. At the callout, Alipheese stayed her hand briefly, as she didn’t see the honour in defeating a distracted opponent, when it looked like her father was ready to continue fighting, she simply nodded back at her father before going on the attack once more, lunging in again, Alipheese aimed to pierce her father’s shoulder as the older man had just tried to do to Alipheese herself barely a few moments ago. In this endeavour she was more successful as the tip of the rapier almost effortlessly did as Alipheese had wanted, having just avoided the father’s own blade as it swung down, grazing her right forearm, and drawing blood.

As the point lanced through his armour and into his shoulder, Lukas howled in pain, and did something he wouldn’t do normally if this injury hadn’t already happened to him once several years ago, he dropped his blade, as the blade fell, and his daughter stepped back, he merely looked back to the girl who had inherited several of her mother’s features, namely her eyes and lips, as the girl pulled her sword back to deliver the final blow. With her lunge connecting it resulted in her father dropping his sword and yelling out in pain, with his sword point still in his father’s shoulder, she looked into the eyes of the man who’d been her tormentor for the last 10 years of her life, but who’d also been the one to teach her how to use a weapon, how to read, how to write, her own code of honour, and saw something she couldn’t quite place, but she would think about it after the duel had been completed. Stepping back, and withdrawing her blade from the shoulder of Lukas Nightshade, Alipheese prepared herself for the final thrust, adjusting her stance so that her blade was in line with her father’s throat, she lunged…

Lukas’ last thoughts were of the love of his love, Esmeralda, and his daughter, who he couldn’t be prouder of, he’d truly raised his daughter to be an honourable warrior, perhaps she’d go on and do what he’d come here to Sunberth to do in the first place, which was bring stability and order back to the fold, but he would likely never find out. The lunge connected, and Alipheese felt the blade pierce her father’s throat, and end any chance that Lukas had at surviving the duel, as the blood began to pour from the wound, Lukas merely fell to his knees, and tried to say something “Eh… rou… ou…” As Alipheese heard this, she bent down to listen to her father’s final words, which were barely a whisper “I’m proud of you...” With his final words spoken, Lukas Nightshade slumped forward, his soul departing for the afterlife, and his daughter, now the sole surviving member of the Nightshade family, standing victorious over her father’s corpse. The observer’s watched on in shock and awe of the daughter who’d taken on her father and won, walked over to the surcoat which held the Nightshade family crest and looked at it, before she turned back to them and asked “What happens now, do I die?” To which the group shook their heads “You won fair and square, girl… no, young lady, you are free to leave.” Cleaning her sword, Alipheese made her way back to the city, her future looking uncertain for the time being.

As Alipheese made her way back into the city, she had but a single thought coursing through her mind How will I make money? As she gave it more thought, perhaps she should, as dishonourable as it may be, become a mercenary, completing tasks for money, then perhaps she could make his way to the city of Syliras, or just wander the whole continent looking for any duelling opportunities which made themselves known to her, however such dreams were only that at this point, she would have to work hard to make them a reality.

After working for a couple of years, Alipheese had finally saved up enough, or what she’d thought enough to pay for herself and her “mother’s” way to the walled city she’d dreamed of seeing with her own eyes, and paid for the fare to get to the city of Zeltiva, which she’d thought would be one step closer to her dream, but during the journey between the cities, she’d come to a realisation, that there was a whole world out there, Alipheese decided to travel around, before reaching her eventual destination, perhaps she would experience more of what the world had to offer before heading to Syliras, but still she decided to start somewhere which was still closer to her decided location, asking her "mother" if she desired to come along, she refused, as she wanted to start a peaceful life of her own away from Sunberth. Respecting her wishes, Alipheese boarded the next ferry to Alvadas, hoping to start her new life, and maybe find peace...


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: N/A (Yes, I'm sure)
Poor Language: N/A (Yes, I'm sure)


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Rapier 15 RB, 15 SP 30 / 50 Competent
Weapon: Dagger 10 SP 10 / 25 Novice
Socialisation 10 SP 10 / 25 Novice
Tactics 10 SP 10 / 25 Novice
Dual Wielding 5 SP 5 / 25 Novice


The Basics: Parrying a strike
I... killed my father.


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
-1 Waterskin
-1 Rapier
-1 Set of Leather Armour, Night
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
40 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: A Rapier she acquired one day when cautiously making her way around Sunberth, she's been taking care of it ever since.


Location: Alvadas

House: Though Alipheese had a house when living within Sunberth, she now lives day to day within whatever accommodation she can afford. (Temple of Ionu)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Armour, Leather, Night -60 GM 40 GM
Rapier Heirloom 40 GM

Thread List

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Character sheet

Alipheese Nightshade - 100 Questions

Postby Alipheese Nightshade on June 20th, 2016, 3:50 am

100 Questions

General Information :
1. What is your Name?
Alipheese, but you can call me Alice
2. Do you go by a nickname or pet name?
Not as far as I'm aware...
3. How old are you?
19 years
4. What is your height?
5. What is your weight?
145 lbs.

Aesthetics :
1. Describe yourself as you see yourself.
Honestly? I don't bother to keep track.
2. Describe yourself as others typically see you.
I don't know, ask someone else and get your answer.
3. What is your favorite body feature?
Perhaps... my eyes, they always seem to fascinate others.
4. How physically fit are you?
I can hold my own in a battle, and I aim to train often.
5. How do you typically dress and what is your style?
Mostly darker clothes, and my night leather armour. With my black surcoat over it all.

Family :
1. Who are your parents and what are they like?
I never knew my mother, she died in childbirth. My father... well to put it mildly he was a drunk who abused or rather, assaulted me on a regular basis...
2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I believe I do not have any... but I don't know for sure.
3. What is your extended family like?
What extended family?
4. Do you consider close friends as important or more/less important than family?
I don't have any particularly close friends.
5. Do you treat animals like family?
Not really, I have no reason to.

Location :
1. Where were you born?
In Sunberth...
2. Where do you live now?
The City of Illusions, Alvadas
3. If you could live anywhere in Mizahar where would that be?
Syliras, as it is my eventual goal...
4. Do you have a favorite place to vacation or spend leisure time?
Away from others, in solitude to contemplate my previous misgivings...
5. Where do you fear to be?
... I don't know, I'm only just traveling the world for the first time.

Traits :
1. Do you have any physical weaknesses (disease, scars, and missing limbs?)
I have a single scar, on my right forearm, it's fading, but still there.
2. Are you right handed or left handed?
I'm ambidextrous.
3. What languages do you speak? What do you sound like? Do you have an accent?
Common, common, and more common, I've never really had a need to learn otherwise.
4. Do you have any odd mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
Annoying habits? I don't know. Again you'd have to ask others about this.
5. Do you have (or want to get) any tattoos or piercing? Why do you have them (or will get them) ?
I do not have any of the above at present, but I am interested in perhaps getting one in the future, of what, I do not know, perhaps a tiger on my shoulder...

Occupations :
1. What is your occupation?
I am a mercenary, it's not as boring as you'd think though, with all of the different things I can do.
2. Do you like/dislike your work? Why?
I have no particular good not ill will for this job.
3. If you could be anything you wanted to, what would you be?
A duelist, plain and simple.
4. What occupation do you admire the most? Why?
I've never had a cause to idolize any particular profession, so...
5. What occupation do you least like? Why?
... Pass

Childhood :
1. What sort of child were you?
I suppose... I was obedient at least, and quiet, I studied diligently in all things.
2. What is your favorite memory from childhood?
I don't remember much of my childhood, and I certainly don't remember good things.
3. What is your worst memory from childhood?
The constant beatings my father gave me whenever he came home drunk.
4. What sort of relationship did you have with your parents?
I never knew my mother as she died in childbirth, and I killed my father, does that answer your question?
5. Who was your most influential role model?
The wet nurse who helped raise me, I will forever consider her my mother.

Education :
1. What sort of education do you have?
I mean, I didn’t go to school. I was… taught by my father in matters of the sword, and by my "mother" in the finer arts of reading and writing.
2. Do you like/dislike learning?
I enjoy learning quite a bit.
3. Where or how did you learn most of your skills/abilities?
As much as it pains me to say, my father was the greatest asset I had when learning new practical skills, my "mother" was beneficial to the more... theoretical things.
4. How do you learn best?
From experience. What's the use in talking if you never do anything?
5. What are your educational goals for the future?
Learn what I can, while I can, I won't be young forever.

Relationships :
1. Do you form close bonds with people? Why? Why not?
I don't really, because I'm still new to traveling, and don't really talk all to much, unless approached.
2. Do you trust people easily? If not, why not?
Not easily, but once my trust is earned,
3. Do you consider yourself straight, gay, bi, or something else?
As I am yet to experience love... I wouldn't know, and besides, I don't even know what half the stuff you're saying means.
4. Have you ever been kissed? If so, describe the first time.
No, I haven't been kissed before.
5. Have you ever had sex? If so, describe the first time.
No, though it's not like I would I tell either.

Drugs and Alcohol :
1. Have you ever been drunk? If so, describe your first time.
I haven't ever been drunk, nor have I had alcohol before.
2. Do you like to drink on a regular basis?
Well yes, though I only drink water.
3. What sort of alcohol do you prefer?
4. Have you ever tried drugs (mood altering substances)? If so, which kinds and what did you think of them?
Not as far as I'm aware...
5. What do you think of drugs and alcohol? Be specific.
I have no positive or negative views on these things as I am yet to experience either, but I detest drunks.

Likes and Dislikes :
1. What are your hobbies?
Practicing with my sword, my reading and writing skills, and trying to converse with people.
2. Do you like to read?
I don't particularly mind reading, and I do enjoy it from time to time.
3. What annoys you more than anything else?
Hmm... that's a difficult question, I'll get back to you on that.
4. What do you find the most relaxing activity to do?
Contemplating what I may end up doing in the future, or perhaps meditating?
5. What kinds of things embarrass you? Why?

Favorites :
1. What is your favorite color or colors?
I prefer darker colours, especially black and purple.
2. What is your favorite time of day?
Midnight. The moon is in full view, and the stars dance around it.
3. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
Again, a difficult question, let me get back to you.
4. What do you like to eat? What do you hate to eat?
Whatever is there at the time, I don't have any preferences.
5. What is your favorite type of weather? Does any kind scare you?
I find storms beautiful, and calming. The harder it's raining, the better.

Outlook :
1. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
...A little bit of both.
2. What are your religious views?
I don't really have any to share.
3. Would you be able to kill?
Yes. I have before.
4. What are your views on sex?
How to I judge something I've never taken part in?
5. What, in your opinion, makes a successful life?
Following who you wish, feeling freedom. Take advantage of what you have. If you don't have anything, get something. I don't care about your excuses, you can do something. Once you've got that something, and you're happy with it, you're successful. That's all that's to it.

Actions :
1. What is the worst and best thing you’ve ever done?
Worst thing? Probably killing my father... The same also applies for the best, though I think leaving Sunberth was a close second.
2. What is your greatest regret?
I won't answer this...
3. What is your best/worst memory?
Refer to the question you asked me just before...
4. If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be and why?
Well, if it's just one thing… That would likely be my mother having not survived childbirth, I would very much have liked to met her.
5. What are you the most proud of doing in your life?
You'd be surprised, but I'm not particularly proud of anything within my life at this point.

Emotions :
1. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings with others?
I'm reasonably open and blunt with anything I say or do.
2. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
Being raised in Sunberth instilled a rather irritability with magic and magic users... I aim to change this.
3. What makes you happy?
Accomplishment. Relief. Being alone.
4. Who or what, if anything, would you die for?
My "mother".
5. What makes you angry?
Cheaters, thieves, liars...

Relationships :
1. In general, how do you treat others?
With cautious respect.
2. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
My "Mother".
3. Who is the person you respect the most, and why?
Refer to your previous question...
4. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If not, describe an ideal lover.
No. I do not know as I haven't sorted out my personal preferences...
5. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?
I trust any friends I make, as I rarely do this.

Group Situations :
1. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
Not particularly...
2. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
I don't like to, but if I must, I shall.
3. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not?
Absolutely not. The more people there are, the less comfortable I feel.
4. Do you care what others think of you?
Not really, why should I? If they feel ill at ease with me, let them speak their mind.
5. What do you think of others, in general?
This is... a broad question, however I shall try to give you as honest an answer as possible... I believe that others deserve to be treated according to their actions.

Self Image :
1. What is your greatest strength as a person?
Hmm... I don't know, my willingness to stick to any decision I make?
2. What is your greatest weakness?
My inexperience with the way the world works, I'm not afraid to admit when I know I'm wrong.
3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
So far in my life, there's been little about myself I have desired to change.
4. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
Introverted, usually, though it does sometimes depend on who I appear to be.
5. Are you generally organized or messy?

Beliefs :
1. What God or Goddess do you find most appealing, if any?
None... so far.
2. Which God or Goddess do you fear, if any?
I haven't been on the receiving end of any god / goddesses malice, so I have no reason to fear them.
3. Do you have any Gnosis Marks? If so, how did you receive them?
4. What lengths would you go to to please your deity?
I have no deity, therefore this question is pointless.
5. Where do you draw the line at pleasing your deity? What is too much?
... Refer to my previous answer.

Life & Death :
1. What do you absolutely live for?
I live my life day-by-day, am I supposed to pick a life goal?
2. What is the best part of life?
I don't quite know how to answer this... But I will say, being happy seems to be something which everyone strives for.
3. What is the best part of death?
Release from pain and regret.
4. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
Losing a duel to a more skilled opponent.
5. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death?
I just want to be remembered.
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Character sheet

Alipheese Nightshade

Postby Astator on July 23rd, 2016, 3:55 pm


Hi there! Welcome to Mizahar.

There are just a few issues with your CS:

  • You need to straighten up your character sheet with pronouns and city names. There isn't a Temple of Ionu in Sunberth, you mention a house in Sunberth but live in Alvadas. Throughout your history you are switching through cities without any hesitation like you just wanted to throw them in there, it got quite confusing.
  • There are no coat of arms in Mizahar.
  • Even if your character's father was a lush. You most likely aren't going to beat him that easily.
  • You CANNOT have Dual Wielding at your current skill levels. There is a prerequisite for Dual Wielding that states you must have 30XP in BOTH weapons you are wanting to wield. Currently you have 30 and 10... Just not happening.
  • I am not sure about the Rogue Knight bit in your character's history. Don't remove it just yet, I will get an answer for this definitely though.

Once you have fixed these please let me know via private message.

Which way do you want to go? Up or Down?

Attention Players, Graders, and Storytellers:

A character sheet does not require the green checkmark for the player to roleplay. This is just a notification to all that the character sheet has passed through the Liaisons thorough checklist and meets Mizahar standards.

All sheets with a large red X or a speech bubble beside their thread title do not recieve grades and cannot continue threads they are currently involved in until all issues have been fixed and verified.

She said down...

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