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Tvarrick Snowsong

Postby Tvarrick Snowsong on June 28th, 2016, 3:57 am

Tvarrick Snowsong
“All roads lead you to your destination if you don't know where you're going.” Lewis Carrol

ImageName: Tvarrick Snowsong (Tah-VAR-ick)
Nickname: Vark
Birthday: 47 Winter 496 AV
Age: 19
Race: Mixed Blood (Half Human, Half Vantha)
Gender: Male
Father: Aratrax Tressor (Air-ah-tracks Tress-OR) (Human)
Mother: Mellinna Snowsong (Mell-inn-AH) (Vantha)

Physical Description

Standing at about 5’9” but weighing only 157 pounds, no observer would ever consider Tvarrick buff. In fact an optimistic person would describe him as wiry, while a more honest individual would probably use gangly or a similar synonym. However, while not particularly muscular, years of constant activity, chores and training have toned what muscle he does have to be strong and firm. True to form, Tvarrick’s fingers are long and slender, having been blessed with the nimble dexterity of his mother’s Vanthan blood. Marred only by a scar below his left collarbone, the light skin he inherited from his father contrasts sharply with the, straight, jet black hair of his mother’s lineage which he wears cropped halfway to his shoulders with a couple bangs trailing wisp like down his forehead almost to his eyes. Tvarrick’s facial features also take heavily after his Vantha heritage, bearing a small nose on a rounded face, though his father’s genes contribute to a chin that is more elongated than those typically found amongst the Vantha, which Tvarrick keeps clean shaven. Even when not outright grinning, Tvarrick’s thin lips are almost always turned up in a lopsided smirk, as if he can see something most entertaining that everyone else has missed. Tvarrick’s most striking feature by far are his eyes. Even though he does not inherit his mother’s color shifting eyes, Tvarrick was graced with the Vantha’s bright irises, and vibrant purple orbs often sparkle merrily with his laughter.

Tvarrick wears a navy blue shirt tucked into charcoal gray pants, which he in turn tucks into the tops of his black calf boots. He keeping his pants about his waist is a simple black leather belt. Atop all of this Tvarrick wears a long, dusty brown, knee length coat which he wears unfastened to more easily reach the multitude of pockets sewn into the inner lining. Atop his head, Tvarrick usually wears a broad brimmed hat of charcoal gray. Fastened on the belt at each hip is a scabbard holding a straight bladed dagger. Tvarrick also has scabbards for his smaller wrist knives sewn into the outside lining of each of his boots as well as one sewn into the underside of each sleeve of his coat.

Drixts: Drixts is Tvarrick's horse. Originally his father's, Drixts is a Dun coated Gildling. Standing at only 14.1 hands, He is on the smaller size for his breed but makes up for his lack of stature with a stubborn personality. Though surefooted, Drixts can't always run as fast as other riding horses but what he lacks in speed he usually makes up for in stamina.

Character Concept

Being raised through his formative years primarily by his mother Mellinna, Tvarrick picked up quite a few personality traits from Mellinna’s Vanthan culture. Foremost of which was that seriousness is overrated. To Tvarrick, if you treat life as a joke than you are sure always to have the last laugh. Along with this laissez-faire, grin and bear it approach to life, Tvarrick also inherited his mother’s flair for the dramatic. Exaggeration, embellishment, and dissembling have become second nature to him, after all, no story could ever be so perfect as to not benefit from some slight improvement. Not shy at all, Tvarrick has no compunctions against inserting himself into another’s conversation, or even argument as he sees fit. Far from the daft fool however, behind his violet eyes lies the quick thinking mind that Tvarrick learned from his father Aratrax. And while glacially slow to anger, Tvarrick has a long memory and little forgiveness to those who spark his ire.

Tvarrick boasts a strange mixture of strong and loose ethics. He is quite firmly opposed to the idea of physical harm to others. This is especially true of the defenseless, children and animals being most in need of protection and therefore in Tvarrick’s view, violence against them being wholly intolerable. On the flip side however, growing up in a thief’s household, Tvarrick’s view of material possession is rather fluid, essentially boiling down to the belief that if you can’t hold onto it you shouldn’t complain when it’s borrowed.

Showing off
Colder weather
Orange Juice

Violence towards children or animals
Hot weather
Being called “Rick”


Aratrax Tressor was a contract thief, hired to discreetly move objects of monetary, scholarly, or sentimental value from one person’s ownership to those of his employer. While not famous or widely known, he enjoyed moderate success under the moniker the Dusk Owl. While on the road betwixt jobs, a Vanthan storyteller wandered into his camp one evening, offering to share her food for a fire and a story. Only too happy to break from the monotonous rations he had been eating night after night, Aratrax agreed. Over the campfire, Aratrax surreptitiously told the Vantha, whose name was Mellinna Snowsong, of one of his heists, careful not to implicate himself. The next morn, Aratrax and Mellinna discovered that they were in fact headed to the same destination, the port city of Zeltvia. So the next evening the two travelers camped together as well, and so on. Every evening, before retiring, Aratrax would tell Mellinna of another of his exploits. For him, whose life necessitated secrecy and shadow, the chance to brag of his accomplishments was something he never expected and soon eagerly anticipated their evening camps. And so they journeyed towards the sea, him telling his life story piece by piece and her hungrily listening to each tale. And as people are want to do they fell in love. The night before they reached Zeltvia, Aratrax confessed to Mellinna that he was, in fact, the Dusk Owl, not quite to her surprise. The next day in Zeltvia they married.

And so they lived, traveling, him taking contracts and her collecting and telling stories, until in the summer of 496 AV Mellinna found herself with child. In Syliras at the time, the couple decided to settle on the outskirts of the Mithryn Outpost. On the 47th day of Winter, 496 AV Tvarrick Tressor was born. With his father often traveling for work, much of Tvarrick’s childhood was spent in the care of his mother, learning of her Vanthan culture and listening raptly to her stories, often of his father. It was here also that Tvarrick discovered that his nimble, dexterous fingers were aptly suited for sleight of hand. Tvarrick would often delight his mother with simple tricks and try to fool his father with what he had learned when Aratrax was home. Tvarrick grew and learned in this happy household until the age of twelve. In the year 508AV, Aratrax’s job finally caught up to the Tressor family. Through magic or guile or bribery or maybe just blind luck one of the Dusk Owl’s victims discovered who he was. Returning from a trip to the outpost on the 11th day of Spring, 508 AV, Aratrax found his wife dead and Tvarrick unconscious with a dagger lodged in his left shoulder. Carrying Tvarrick all the way back to Mithryn Outpost, Aratrax, believed to be an upstanding member of the community, begged for Tvarrick to be healed and the garrison to avenge his wife. The former he was granted, as the dagger had pierced only muscle, narrowly missing Tvarrick’s heart, however the garrison was unable to find any clues as to the assassin beyond a cryptic note informing Aratrax that he had brought this misfortune upon himself.

Thereafter, Aratrax stayed home with Tvarrick. Mourning his wife and bent upon revenge, Tvarrick’s father devoted his days to training Tvarrick in his profession. With his face now know, Tvarrick’s father dreamed of sending his son to enact his vengeance. Perhaps Aratrax blamed Tvarrick for not protecting his mother better. Maybe Tvarrick just reminded his father too much of the love he’d lost. Possibly without his loving wife to temper him, Aratrax reverted more to his truer nature. Regardless of the reason, Tvarrick’s once loving father grew cold and distant with the boy as he tried to impart his skills to his offspring and the following years were not kind to Tvarrick. Though he suffered much at his father’s hand in the years following Mellinna’s death he learned too and never lost his mother’s exuberant outlook. As such it was with regret but not sadness that in his nineteenth year Tvarrick awoke but his father did not. Instead, Tvarrick merely gathered up what he could. He made sure he grabbed his father’s old lucky charm, a circular medallion slightly too large and thick to be called a coin. Made of Iron and etched with an owl in flight on one side and a closed eye on the other. Tvarrick had no idea what it was or if it had any meaning, but his father had always kept it close. Saddling up the family horse, Drixts, he set out for Sylaris hoping to start over.

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani

Skill EXP Total EXP Proficiency
Climbing 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Legerdemain 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Observation 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Larceny 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Stealth 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Storytelling 10 RB 10/100 Novice
Unarmed Fighting 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Weapon: Knife 10 SP 10/100 Novice

Types of Locks
Tales of the Dusk Owl


Heirloom: Father’s old lucky charm, a circular medallion slightly too large and thick to be called a coin. Made of Iron and etched with an owl in flight on one side and a closed eye on the other.

Gildling (Drixts)

Starting Package:
Navy Shirt
Charcoal Pants
Simple Undergarments
Long dusty brown coat
Black Calf Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel x2
Fishing tackle & hooks

large tent (4 person)
Large tarp\
100 ft of rope
Torches x2
Full set of tack
Large set of saddlebags

Leather Belt
Thieves Tool Kit Contains:
skeleton keys
long metal picks and pries
a long-nosed clamp
a small hand saw
a small wedge and hammer.

Knife, Wrist x4
Dagger x2


Starting Mizas +100gm
Initial purchases
Broad Brimmed Hat -4gm
Leather Belt -4sm
Thieves’ Tools -30gm
Cards -10gm
Dagger x2 -4gm
Wrist Knife x4 -4gm
Dagger Scabbard x6 -12gm
Total -60gm 4sm
Current Total 35gm 6sm

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Character sheet

Tvarrick Snowsong

Postby Astator on July 23rd, 2016, 4:14 pm

Hello there, Welcome to Mizahar a few problems with your character sheet:

  • What is: Legerdemain?
  • Your skill of Unarmed Fighting is called Unarmed Combat
  • Your lores are too broad: What locks do you know? Can't be all of them, sorry. Tales of the Dusk Owl also too broad.
  • You only start with ONE flint and steel in the basic package, either remove one or purchase it.

Once you have completed the list above please private message me.

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