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Postby Morrigan on June 28th, 2016, 2:46 pm


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: 80th of Winter, 495 AV
Birthplace: Unknown (Kenash)

Profession: Hunter (Pending)
Location: Syliras and the surrounding wilds.

Height: 5'2"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel-green

As far as appearances go, Morrigan is an average woman. Slightly below-average height, average build, average features. There is potential for an attractive young woman lurking beneath an outwardly rough appearance, but vanity was never something she could afford. Her long hair is often braided, hanging down her back or draped over a shoulder, thick and heavy and otherwise unmanageable. At first glance, it is perhaps the only distinctively unique thing about her.

Morrigan's skin is naturally pale and dusted with freckles, though in the summer her round cheeks have some manner of sunburn. Her features are soft from lingering babyfat, making her serious face seem less-so, and dulls the sharp cut of a natural scowl. As far as cleanliness goes, she does what she can. Morrigan tries not to let too much grime accumulate, though it seems no matter how much she scrubs dirt still lingers under her partially chewed fingernails.

She dresses practically and in simple colors that don't stand out. Her clothes are kept in careful repair to maximize their lifespan, but this sometimes means she's wearing a stitched up rag by the time it's time to replace anything.

First impressions vary drastically. Morrigan has been considered many things by many people, but few of these have been friend. Short tempered and never one to shy from confrontation despite her stature, several have found that her bite is just as bad as her bark. Bouncing between foster families throughout her childhood bred a deep rooted distrust and general indifference for other people. Morrigan is quick to judge and categorize, and slow to bond. These qualities have inadvertently pushed many well-meaning people away, effectively alienating her from those in her past.

Beneath this harsh exterior, a part of her struggles to change. While she would never admit it, she is a lonely person by her own making, and longs to be free of the walls that have been built up over time. Buried under all the glaring flaws and projected indifference is a sensitive and inherently kind young woman that yearns for a meaningful relationship, but who's crippling fear of relationships makes it impossible for her to reach out. To bandage the jagged wound left by a general lack of companionship she pours herself into her work.

To the rare friend, Morrigan is fierce in other ways. Loyal and protective, almost motherly. While to many she is quick to snap, among friends she is swift to defend. A witty sense of humor accompanies good moods and on the best of days, an infectious smile or bubbling laughter. A select few earn a look behind the cold curtain at the softness underneath.

Morrigan had a dull and slow childhood growing up as another presumed orphan the city of Syliras, and has little history to share. She was given up by unknown parents for an unknown reason, and after years of bitter resentment, decided that it was a waste of time to despise the faceless ghosts of her past. Morrigan turned all of this energy toward learning a trade, and after harassing some of the local hunters long enough, became an apprentice.

The huntress had always assumed she was born in Syliras, with no known relatives to tell her otherwise, but her origins aren't quite what she thinks. Morrigan was conceived and born in Kenash between a young Inartan slave and fierce Draer master. His elevated birth made him indifferent and cruel to those with low status, and she feared the worst when her pregnancy made itself known. He expressed extreme displeasure and rage over the idea of having a child, let alone with a slave, and after numerous threats to kill the baby upon birth her mother decided she would try to save it.

With the help of a small few Freeborn and Rujaro, she managed to smuggle the baby out of the city while convincing her master it was stillborn. From then on Morrigan was a ward of Syliras, bouncing between foster families at the Mithryn Outpost as she grew older and her behavior became more erratic and rebellious. It was seventeen when she finally went out on her own, and the rest is of little excitement.


Though her childhood was tumultuous, growing up largely in the Mithryn Outpost greatly influenced her perception of the gods. She quickly understood the precarious importance of the Syliras farmlands and though she would never admit it when she was young, greatly respected those who tended those fields. Worship of Bala was something she was exposed to regularly, and Morrigan will now pray or leave offerings to her during times of planting, harvest, or poor weather.

Worship of Makutsi is tied directly to both Bala and Zulrav, and though prayers to her are more of a supplement to other deities, there is no less reverence.

Morrigan has always had a deep sense of peace during inclement weather. Unbeknownst to her she was born during an intense thunderstorm, and was left with a certain draw toward Zulrav as a result. During her wilder years, she had a particular fascination with his destructive strength and felt almost a sort a kinship to him.


Skill Experience Total Rank Notes
Weapon: Shortbow - 15/100 Novice 15 RB
Riding: Horse - 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Skill Experience Total Rank Notes
Land Navigation - 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Skill Experience Total Rank Notes
# - - - -
# - - - -
# - - - -

Skill Experience Total Rank Notes
Trapping - 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Tracking - 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Wilderness Survival - 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Hunting - 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Animal Husbandry - 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Skill Experience Total Rank Notes
# - - - -
# - - - -
# - - - -
# - - - -

Lore of Syliran Geography
Lore of Wilderness Survival: Methods to Build a Fire

Waterskin x2
One-person Tent
Winter Blanket
50 ft. Hemp Rope x2
Hooded Lantern
Oil Flask (1 pint) x2
Torch x2
Tin Cooking Pot (2 quarts)
Tin Cup (12 ounces)
Knife, Spoon, & Fork
Balanced Rations (7 days)
Traveler's Stock (10 days)
Flint & Steel
Knife & Sheath
Shortbow Arrows x100

Set of Clothing
-Linen Shirt
-Cotton Pants
-Linen Undergarments
-Wool Cloak
-Leather Boots
-Leather Belt
Belt Pouch x2
Wooden Brush & Comb
Bar of Soap

Name: Myles
Breed: Inganu Deepwoods Dog
Gender: Intact Male
Color: Fawn
Age: 3 years old
Training: Obedience & Tracking

Myles has been Morrigan's closest companion for two years, after he was given to her by an older trapper that couldn't keep up with his boundless energy. She relies on him greatly for her job and is never without him outside the walls of the city. He is a happy-go-lucky animal that enjoys people so much that her initial hopes of also training him to be a guard dog failed miserably.

A basic 20x20 single room (400 sq feet) with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.

Summer 516
Transaction Amount Total
# - -
# - -
# - -

Transaction Amount Total
Starting Coin +100.00.00 100.00.00
Shortbow -30.00.00 70.00.00
100 Arrows -5.00.00 65.00.00
Quiver -20.00.00 45.00.00
Table Spoon -00.01.00 44.09.00
Dinner Fork -00.01.00 44.08.00
Waterskin -1.00.00 43.08.00
2 Belt Pouches -2.00.00 41.08.00
One-person Tent -2.00.00 39.08.00
Bedroll -00.01.00 39.07.00
Winter Blanket -00.05.00 39.02.00
Hooded Lantern -7.00.00 32.02.00
2 Oil Flanks (1 pint) -00.02.00 32.00.00
Traveler's Stock -3.00.00 29.00.00
2 Torches -00.02.00 28.08.00
Leather Belt -00.04.00 28.01.00
Tin Cooking Pot (2 quarts) -00.03.00 27.28.00
Tin Cup (12 ounce) -00.00.10 27.27.90
2 Hemp Ropes (50 feet) -2.00.00 25.27.90
Knife & Sheath -2.02.00 23.25.90

Summer 516
Date Title Participants Rewards
3rd A Dangerous Game Duenna Ongoing
4th It's All About Chance Tvarrick Ongoing
15th Rain, Rain Crystal Ongoing
30th Hunter, Hunted Ferrin Ongoing

Date Title Participants Rewards
# - - -
# - - -
# - - -

Date Title Participants Rewards
# - - -
# - - -
# - - -
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