[Flashback] A Killer Case (Richard Blow)

Yohana has quite a mess on her hands. Who will help her clean it up?

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[Flashback] A Killer Case (Richard Blow)

Postby Yohana Kenai on June 29th, 2016, 8:00 am


She inhaled the retched Sunberth air. The icy air filled her lungs and she exhaled. The moister created a large white vapor formed in front of her face. Rubbing her hands together, she did her best to create warmth where gloves were absent. Yohana ruffled her thick jacket, the doors to The Scarlet Sanctum were opened to her, it was obvious they had been awaiting her arrival.

The Scarlet Sanctum was like nothing she had seen before. In all her year of living in Sunberth, not once had she been through the doors. It smelt expensive, music filled her ears. They played soft tunes that could make anyone just sway to the calm beat. A trumpet played lightly and a piano was hidden in the background. It amused her so but she could not forget that she was on a job.

The man who hired her was expecting to have a meeting in an office they had reserved. Yohana turned on her boot heels to the left and made her way down a Cautiously the two business men stood up and greeted her. The man who hired her placed a not-so-steady had on her shoulder. She felt the gentle shake but made no comment on it. The human spoke first and said, "I've assigned Miss Kenai to guard the doors. She's the best girl I've got." He paused mid sentance and chuckled, "We can't have anymore slip ups like last time."

He was referring to the time a man attempted to murder both of them, it was quite the "slip-up". Yohana wasn't there at the time of the incident but he did brief her on it. Apparently they had their first meeting without a guard present. Someone fired bolts from a crossbow, they must have not been that great at the time because their aim was not accurate. Apparently he had gotten better because there was reported cases around Sunberth with the same incident but whoever it was, was succeeding.

With a polite smile she tore her gaze from her boss and met the man in front of them, he was a dark blue Akalak, fellow. His muscles practically bulge through his shirt. Yohana had never met an Akalak, there wasn't a plethora of business men of that race. He had a strong scent about him that she picked up was the drug, apple sauce. Yohana was not able to shake hands today. After the initiation process, someone in Sunberth was bound to notice the distinct marks on her hands. On today of all days, it slipped her mind that she might need gloves. It was foolish of someone not to wear glove on a day like this. Even if they weren't harboring a secret. Instead she held them either clasped together or in her pockets.

Luckily for her, the man only greeted her with a nod. "I'll let you two get down to business, you know where to find me." They both sat down, signaling that the negotiating had started. Closing the doors behind her Yohana crossed her arms, this was the part she hated. Waiting for the meeting to come to a close.

It was much harder for her to stand idle with so much going on around her. For a woman like her, it was easy to be tempted by all the beautiful chaos. Yohana snapped back from the urge and stared down a well lit corridor. Two large thumps came from inside the room. She was trained to burst through the doors if there was any loud commotion of any kind.

The sound was the men falling from their chairs and onto the ground. Dashing forward she immediately investigated the man who assigned her to this task. A long arrow went straight through his neck, it would've killed him almost instantly if the arrow wasn't so thin. He squirmed on the floor. His muscles twitched, blood slowly leaked from his wound.

Yohana knew that he would suffer quite sometime if she wouldn't take his life for him, end his suffering. His mouth moved and gasped for air, he even tried to speak but there was no way she could ever discern what he was trying to say. With hesitation she tore the arrow from his throat and ended his life. The faint light in his eyes dissipated and it was over. The other man was lucky and got a quick death but a painful one.

The arrow entered straight into his eye. Yohana placed the back of her hand over her lips and took in a deep breath. This was quite the mess but not the first assignment she received with deaths like these. It was very similar to an encounter in the Summer. Standing up she looked around the room, looking for a way someone could commit this crime.
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