How Does Your Garden Grow?

A little one on one gardening action.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Postby Boo Beckett on July 5th, 2016, 5:20 am


Timestamp: 27th of Summer, 516 AV

Boo was a tiny bit disappointed with himself. Perhaps a modicum more in fact. Certainly it was not a lot, nor was it even slightly so. More than a smidgen for sure. But perhaps not quite a tad. No, in truth it sat somewhere between a fraction and a dab. Whatever it was, the fact remained that even after a whole season of living in Lhavit, his garden still looked like shyke. Not that anyone could really call it a garden and keep a straight face. It was more akin to a patch, being only ten feet by ten feet. Even so, the previous owner had seen fit to wall the patch and stick a gate on it, as though it was a rather important patch that was in need of protection.

The closest Boo had come to doing anything worthwhile with the garden was that day in spring he had met Amelia. She had dragged him off on some hunt for blue flowers, but the man had at least cleared the dead and dying crap on his return. Raking the patch so that only a layer of earth remained, he had called it good and someone never returned to the project since then. Since now. There was no particular reason that had motivated him to come out here. He had just woke up on a day off from work and decided that yes, he would tend to his garden.

First things first, he needed to think about what he was going to do. The patch was clear and ready, a blank canvas almost. Had this been a traditional canvas ready for the paintbrush, his options would have been limited only by his skill. But here in the garden, there were considerations to be made beyond the simple selection of plants or herbs he would grow. After all, while he did not claim to know much about gardening, he knew at least that some items were considered seasonal. He did not know which of course, which was the first stumbling block. For all he knew he could plant something that would not bloom until next spring. That was something he would have to look into when buying the seeds.

Speaking of which, he had no idea where to buy seeds from. The seed shop? Where was that, if anywhere at all? Perhaps there was some general store or some place that specialized in garden equipment and the like. That would be a good place to start, since really it was the only place to start. Standing here looking at the barren patch of garden, he realized that he was simply wasting time. There was a chance now that he would head back inside and forget the whole thing. But in a moment of determination, he was quite set on seeing this through. Perhaps he could at least grow some vegetables so as to reduce the amount of money he spent eating at the inn.

Giving the garden one last glance, he checked his pocket to make sure he had some coin, before shutting the door to his home. The summer was a third of the way in now, meaning there was little need for a coat. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and his dark brown pants, looking as casual as could be. He would head off the peak and just start asking for directions, as he was oft to do when in search of a certain kind of place. After he had visited a place once, he was always able to find it again should he have need of a second visit. But until he had actually been once of course, he would need to be shown the way.

One final look around, he figured there was little point in remaining for any further length of time. Checking his pockets at second time out of habit, he began to walk down the path from his home that fed into the wider and more used path that led through two pastures, one on either side. From there it was a straight walk via the Okomo Villa, which in turn followed the path straight to the crossing bridge between the first two of Lhavit's peaks. For now though he had only marched a few steps from his house when he noticed someone passing by.
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