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The site of a pre-Valterrian Library long gone to ruin... or has it?

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Reclaimed Knowledge

Postby Gossamer on July 10th, 2016, 8:10 am



It's original name has long been lost in time, known only to those who lived once before the Valterrian. Regardless, this massive Library is decidedly in ruin. It is open to the elements and has vegetation growing in its midst. Once, sheltered and mostly below ground, now Reclaimed Knowledge is open to the world and the wilds and slowly - as its name suggests - being reclaimed by the world and its knowledge lost forever.

However, oddly enough, many many of the remaining volumes are pristine. They show neither mold nor mildew and are decidedly not seemingly effected by the weather. The titles are varied and range fairly evenly between non-fiction and fiction, though some have titled spines that are oddly blurred so that mundane eyes cannot seemingly read the titles.

The place looks like it was suddenly abandoned, if one were to enter and study it with a knowing eye. Wooden tables and chairs remain, with signs of extreme wear though not rot, and immaculate volumes still lay open on them, as if studious people evacuated the premise with panicked alacrity. There are a few other furnishings remaining, though none of them metal, all that having long gone to rust. Windows have remains of glass both colored and clear. And the walls have art, some of which has survived, and some of which have long fallen to ruin. It seems whatever has kept the books preserved had been repeated on some of the art, presumably the more valuable pieces, while inexpensive pieces has long been lost to the elements. The art itself, where it has been preserved, depicts scenes - both rural and urban - from a world long lost to the denizens of Mizahar.

The entire place has a museum like quality to it, even though it is long abandoned and forgotten.

Talia The Librarian
Name: Talia Zakala
Race: Ghost
DoB: Pre-Valterrian
PoB: Syka
Title: Librarian
Skills: Projection 75, Materialization 90, Possession 35
Gnosis: None

Talia has always been with the library. Rumors have it that she was there at its creation and has seen it through to more modern times. As its continued state of decay grows so too does her sadness. She knows a great deal, both about the world before the Valterrian and about the world that came after. She is a keeper of knowledge, a lover of books, and one of the reasons the Reclaimed Knowledge continues to exist, despite all odds.

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