Location The Community Pools

A nicely maintained community bath and swimming spot of fresh water makes it easy for the denizens of Syka to keep clean.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Community Pools

Postby Gossamer on July 10th, 2016, 3:54 pm



Obviously manmade, this reimancy creation has been well and neatly sculpted out of a small series of waterfalls that gently drain off into the sea. Consisting of a large pool for swimming and a smaller far warmer pool for soaking, this water structure makes the perfect bathing and relaxing location for the denizens of Syka. The water is constantly being refreshed by the waterfalls, one of which passes through a giant heated kettle that uses either solar heat (in a long series of copper coiled pipes) or wood-heated (a fire beneath the kettle) to warm the water before it passes into the smaller soaking pool. Many people do their washing at the outflow of the pools, taking advantage of the warm water.

Stone, obviously formed by magic, makes the edges of these pools smooth and the bottoms and interiors bather friendly. Steps lead from one another and encircle both bodies of water giving bathers and swimmers nice comfortable access without worrying about cutting bare feet or fighting off the normal Sykan jungle to approach.

The pools are well maintained by a resident mage who has seemingly found this sort of work his calling in life. They can enjoy the company as often Duncan, the minder, joins people when they do not wish to be alone in their recreation. The Svefra mage has turned out to be an excellent listener. He also has the uncanny ability to sense when people do need to be alone, and they find the pools all to themselves in those instances.

Name: Duncan Citrine Maelstrom
Race: Svefra
DoB: 487 (29)
PoB: Middle Suvan
Title: Water Mage
Skills: Swimming 90, Navigation (water) 87, Sailing 66, Wilderness Survival (jungle), 85 Reimancy (water/earth/air) 76, Auristics 65, Acanology 55, Teaching 45, Singing 34
Gnosis: Laviku 1, Makutsi 1

In his early twenties, Duncan Malstrom fell victim to an accident that left him blinded. A blind svefra is normally a dead Svefra, but he was fortunate enough to fall in with the James Chaliva who found his knack of finding water and getting about even without his vision useful. His knowledge of sailing and navigation were all but useless, so when the expedition landed on Syka and started community building, Duncan found his new calling when he discovered a series of small fresh waterfalls near the heart of the settlement and started forming them into a large pool and a warmer soaking pool that the water could be circulated through - clean in, dirty out - and thus keep the settlement clean without the inconvenience of salt which they had to deal with bathing in the sea.

Duncan has his own dwelling in a cave-like structure near the base of the pools. It's a humble abode, but neatly kept. In his spare time he is teaching himself to surf and navigate the new little city without the aid of a companion. Duncan is normally a friendly soul, but he does not welcome questions about his blindness.

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