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Someone with a sense of humor turned this beach into an adult playground.

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Swing Beach

Postby Gossamer on July 10th, 2016, 8:53 pm



Sometimes in the midst of the hardships of founding a new place, humor crops up in the most unlikely places. Swing Beach is either the unfortunate result of a joke gone awry or a stroke of pure genius. Mathias often complained that in the middle of building, settling, and the sheer amount of work that went into crafting a new home in the Wilderness, they didn't have enough time or places to safely relax. His main complaint was that he missed his porch swing back home and indeed a swinging hammock that was his bunk on the ship.

Someone - everyone suspects Randal Zor because who else could it be? - spent all their free time crafting swings and hammocks and made sure that every single tree on the closest beach to Mathias' Mercantile had some sort of swing on it. Most were primitive board and rope affairs, but some were even more elaborate chair baskets and long comfortable cloth hammocks.

Some of the trees that hung over the water even had rope swings suspended from them for people who wanted to swing out and let go in order to take a quick dunk in the ocean to cool off. Consequently everyone tends to walk down to this white pristine sand beach to relax now that the swings are in place.

As the seasons pass, more and more swings have gotten added. Even some of the cruder affairs have been replaced with posh comfortable padded swings so that anyone and everyone visiting has a comfortable seat.

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