Morrigan's Plotnotes

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Morrigan's Plotnotes

Postby Morrigan on July 14th, 2016, 2:55 pm

Plot Plans

The Origin Arc will involve discovering who her parents are and meeting either one or both of them. This will be a tragic set of threads that leads to great personal change for Morrigan, and is reliant on Kenash reopening. A goal for this would be some involvement with the Rujaro, and possibly revenge against her father. Her skills will need to be much higher than they are now for this to work.

The Reluctant Mother Arc may come before or after the Origin Arc depending on how long it takes Kenash to reopen. It will involve Morrigan liberating some slaves, one of which is a young girl. Upon leading them back to the city the child will either refuse to leave her or she will be too attached to let the girl suffer through the same childhood that she did. Morrigan will grow significantly as a result, and a meeting with Oriana further down the road is highly desired.

The Arcane Arc is going to be a tough one, and develop over a long period of time. Most of her wilderness and combat skill goals will need to be either met or surpassed to justify a set of threads involving extreme danger in the wilderness. For now the ultimate goal is being kept private as it requires approval by the higher-ups.

Long Term Goals

Wilderness Set:
☐ Competent Wilderness Survival
☐ Competent Tracking
☐ Competent Hunting
☐ Competent Land Navigation
☐ Learn Swimming
☐ Learn Climbing
☐ Learn Foraging
☐ Learn Fishing

Mercenary Set:
☐ Competent Shortbow
☐ Competent Shortsword
☐ Competent Unarmed Combat
☐ Learn Dagger

Subterfuge Subset:
☐ Learn Stealth
☐ Learn Disguise
☐ Learn Investigation
☐ Learn Interrogation

Supplementary Set:
☐ Competent Riding
☐ Competent Animal Husbandry
☐ Competent Horsemanship
☐ Learn Sailing
☐ Learn Cooking
☐ Learn Food Preservation
☐ Learn Construction

☐ Build a personal hideout/outpost in the northern wildlands, probably in a cave, and stock it with supplies.
☐ Higher quality weapons and armor. Isurian steel, etc.
☐ Buy a horse.

☐ Develop a new breed of hunting dog.
☐ Build a reputation in Syliras.
☐ Earn a title or notorious nickname.
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