Location The Sunken City

Off Treasure Point lies a city in ruins that predates The Valterrian and even Pavena.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Sunken City

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Just off the shore of Treasure Point lies a vast stretch of ruins that stretches over the seafloor of the Suvan for miles. Aquatic races that have explored the ruins claim it has a striking similarity to the architecture of Riverfall and that it might have ties or actually be the remnants of the great Akalak city of Valkalah. Valkalah existed pre-valterrian and was not far from the city of Pavena who's ruins also lie beneath and surrounding the settlement of Syka. However, there's been no proof.

Exploring the underwater ruins of the Sunken City often result in artifacts such as pottery, coin, and jewelry. These same artifacts often wash up on the shore of Treasure Point thus giving the rocky headland and beach its name.

Human and other terrestrial race mages often claim that they can feel the djed building up offshore as they walk the beach or cross the waters above the Sunken City. Arm hairs can raise, goosebumps form, and often people get a distinct sense of 'discomfort' that makes them want to leave the area. Aquatic races seem immune to this effect.

The Sunken City stretches for miles beneath the Suvan. It has the usual build up of coral on some of its stone structure, but there are places the rock is bare and buildings turned sea caves are open for exploration. There are even small groups of salvages that try retrieving and selling items found in these ruins. The most famous of these - a small foot tall statue of a female Akalak called The Dark Lady - fetched 200,000 mizas at an auction in Ravok. It is said to grant the person who holds it the ability to see the past and even travel to it in the very spot they stand if they concentrate hard enough. Scholars of magic artifacts speculate The Dark Lady was marked by Dira.

And so to this day visitors come annually to dive off Treasure Point and comb its beaches. Confrontations with the new settlement of Syka have grown more and more common. The raiders who plunder the waters are not happy of a city developing so close to their treasure trove.
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