Gile's Plot Notes (Ravings of a Sane man in a mad world)

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Gile's Plot Notes (Ravings of a Sane man in a mad world)

Postby Gile Askara on August 14th, 2016, 6:48 am

Gile Askara

Alright Goals....
Numero Uno, Gile needs to have sweet nothings up and running. Ideally customers will be pulled from the dynasties which will further his later goals

#2 Political connections, Gile needs to get to know at least one member of each dynasty and learn a little bit about the culture of each. Ideally this will give him an edge and influence within the city.

#3 Learn Pavi, or grassign as the natives call it. It's useful to know other languages, especially if the people who speak that language are the best Horseman around and are your best route to making a hast retreat from your city. Not that such a thing should be necessary, drykans are also useful traders.

#4 Repay debts to the Askara family.

#5 Relax until something important comes to mind.
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