Location [Wind Reach] The Katshika Mines

Deep in the bowls of the mountain, this mine provides the city with it's precious metals.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Katshika Mines

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Located deep in the tunnels beneath the Katshika Falls, accessible only three seasons out of the year, the Katshika Silver Mines have been quietly producing Wind Reaches silver since the year 437 AV. The mines were discovered by a yasi who got lost in the tunnels beneath the Katshika falls. He was written off as dead by his parents and the rest of the city, but nearly fifteen days later he boy returned. The boy had survived off the green mold which grew throughout many of the unrefined tunnels. The boy claimed he had been guided out of the tunnels by a small glowing mouse, who led him through the strange silvery corridors until he found his way to the light once more. Most people dismissed the story as a simple hallucination, possibly brought on by eating the wrong kind of mold or fumes from the volcano, but a few were intrigued by his repeated mention of the silvery walls. A season later the mines were opened, and Wind Reach began producing its own silver.

The Katshika Mines are located deep in the mountain beneath the Katshika falls. They are operable only three seasons of the year, and close down during the spring when the snow melts and the tunnels are at risk of flooding. The mines produce a small amount of silver, enough for the city, though not enough to make much of a profit exporting the ore. The mines also produce a sizeable quantity of lead, an ore usually found together with silver, though the silver is certainly the main attraction. The dek and chiet assigned to work the mines rarely see the light of day, though they are shifted out each season with a fresh group. Casualties in the mines are rare, but have been known to happen when the workers push too deep or wait too long before shutting down the mine for spring.

Working in the Katshika mines is unlike working in any other place in Wind Reach. The conditions are harsh, the work is difficult, and workers can go days without ever coming up to see the son. When it rains, the mines must be evacuated quickly, or one could potentially be trapped if the tunnels will with water. Sometimes the heat can become unbearable, since some of the tunnels run close to pockets of magma from the volcano. On rare occasions a tunnel might collapse. The most common danger in the tunnels however is simply getting lost. If one ventures too far from the main corridors without a light, there is little chance they will find their way back.

Foreman Zenis is in charge of operations within the Katshika Silver Mines. He is a gruff, no-nonsense man who takes his work very seriously.

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