Location [Wind Reach] The Stained Glass Gallery

A meeting hall, takes the place of the Courtyard of the Sky during the winter months.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Stained Glass Gallery

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The Stained Glass Gallery is next to the Courtyard of the Sky. Where the courtyard of the sky is a large amptheatre projecting ones voice from the raised dais to everyone within the bowl, The Stained Glass Gallery is a long meeting hall with a raised platform and large open floor. Though brilliant Stained Glass Panels cover the walls and ceilings the Gallery is mainly used when the Courtyard of Sky can’t be, this is due to the fact that the Endal Wind Eagles can’t fit or perch insides the gallery. Though the Stained Glass Gallery is breathtaking in its stone art and glass panels, it feels lonely without the eagles watching over the Inarta. That is why the Gallery is rarely used except for a cold weather gathering spot.

As one enters the gallery, the see the long bare floor stretching out before them to the raised platform, columns support the arching and swirling ceiling. Craftsmen have taken time and craft each column into a different form. Nearest the platform are four columns covered in Eagle patterns and wild game. This small area is for the Endal of Wind Reach. Besides the Endal section are eight columns carved into them the various trades of Wind Reach. These twelve columns make up the first two rows of six near the platform. Several rows of columns after the Endal’s and Avora’s are the Chiet columns. Scenery of Wind Reach and important people are interlaced into them. Well in the very back of the gallery rests plain columns denoting Dek space. When a meeting must occur everyone heads to their columns and wait till the masters of each caste and the Valintar to enter and start the meeting. The Yasi are allowed to take seats on the outside walls and listen into the meeting.

During the winter, Lorlyn and Herth are in charge of the setting up the Stained Glass Gallery just like the Courtyard of the Sky. Lorlyn has molded stone pillars into giant eagles, while Herth and his crew put up banners to celebrate each event. The biggest event that is in the Gallery is Mid-Winter Judgment. For many Inarta this is a time of hope and dread. During the event Inarta are called up to the raised platform and given new castes. The oldest living Inarta, currently Val the Gatekeeper, calls up the Yasi who are ready to become adults and announces their castes. The ceremony represents the Elder of Wind Reach giving the responsibility of food and protection to the newest members. During this time, they are awarded duties, rooms, and a simple gift to start their new life. Val then puts on a dark shoulder crest representing demotion and dishonor of duty. People who have been judged as lazy and too stupid for their castes are brought up before Val and are demoted, telling everyone that the Inarta was irresponsible in helping and feeding the rest of them. For those that have shown hard work and talent, Val pulls of the dark mantled and puts on a green one. As he calls these people up they are rewarded with respect and honor as they rise in station. Thankfully there are very few Inarta that rise up or down in a caste. So usually only the Yasi are pasted judgment upon and games of mental strength are tested.

During winter the Stained Glass Gallery hosts market day. With the use of chains, benches and cloth, the gallery is changed into hundreds of brightly colored booths and vendors. During this time heat builds up in the Gallery and it become hot and oppressive as the day continues. The light shafts made for the mirrors act like heat vents, sadly though since they have little air circulation the heat continues to build up.

Lastly, the Gallery is used for marriages during the winter. The couple are brought up to the platform, the master/s of their caste/s are brought forwards and wrap heavy cloth about their hands. During the joining of the hands, people are allowed to break tradition and move up to the front of the gallery and celebrate with friends as two people are married. After the couple have been joined the floor before the platform is opened and the couple with their hands still tied are allowed to dance alone. After the wedding dance everyone is free to dance with anyone they want. It is custom that if the bride and groom are of different castes that everyone is suppose to dance with someone not of their own caste, showing their support for the union between castes.

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