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Event calendar for Fall 516AV. Consult when time stamping.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Fall 516AV

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 10:00 pm



The season begins with some panic. A Zith was seen flying near Thunder Bay, much too close for comfort according to most Inarta. Zith spottings continue to arise every few days up throughout the season, though no direct contact has been reported to the public. A metal smith Avora goes missing soon into the season. May think nothing of it, but his important place and known reputation in Wind Reach has a few concerned. On a lighter note, Inarta traveling merchants return from Avanthal and sell strange new wares from the city of snow during the first market day of the season. The next day is just as exciting as news travels quickly about a very wounded Isur stumbling up to the Sanikas Gates early in the morning. He is quickly taken in by the Valintar and is not seen again by the public until twenty days later where he begins to traverse among commoners. He acts wary and shy and speaks nothing of how he came to Wind Reach, though questions about any other aspect about him are happily answered. In preparation for winter, Chef Daviod calls for the hunters and gatherers of Wind Reach for food, offering food vouchers for bringing him the foods he requires. Soon after the Isur's arrival the Valintar sends a group of mercenaries and hunters out into the Unforgiving. They return much fewer in number and with no news about where they went and what happened. The families of the missing hold quiet ceremonies, but are unsure if their loved ones are alive or dead. On the Fortieth of Fall the Valintar issues a city wide warning, "Beware of Zith" seemingly confirming the many fears Inarta had about the Zith flying too close. Still, though, no specific details are given.

As the season goes on the temperature around the mountain stays its early Fall climate of cool and windy. Though later in the season the wind picks up heavily, usually common with snowfall, which is very absent strangely. Around the 53rd of Fall no snow has fallen and the citizens start to worry about Morwen and her antics. Although they embrace not being bound to their mountain quite yet, the strange weather causes some stir. As the wind continues to get stronger the lack of snow keeping the lava cool and inactive results in overflowing and splattering lava around the city. Some are badly burned and parts of the city close down for hours or days depending on how much lava has accumulated. Near the end of the season the food stores for Winter grow large, but without snow to stall their ripening the food begins to rot and all citizens are granted extra helpings for the rest of the season to avoid waste. The season then ends with danger as an Endal reports a large group of Zith accumulating outside Mt. Skyinarta. The Valintar request aid from citizens and the defensive attack will occur on the first of Winter.


Image Image Image Image Image
-------1-14 -------15-17 -------16-21 -------22-34 -------35-37
Cool and Sunny ----Light Rain -Hot and Sunny ----- Cloudy ----Heavy Rain
------58-65°F ------52-60°F ------65-73°F ------50-57°F ------56-62°F

Image Image Image Image
-------38-44 -------45-61 -------62-83 -------84-91
------Windy Cool and Sunny ---Heavy Winds Cool and Sunny


[Q]=Moderated Quest
[C]=City Event, Moderation Required
[D]=More Details to be Announced
Claim these Events and Quests here.

1: Market Day. Fall arrives and the Watchtower of Wind Reach, the Wind Tower, turns a bright orange. A young Endal and his Eagle claim to have seen a Zith flying around outside Wind Reach, near Thunder Bay. This induces some panic within the commoners.
3: A metal smith Avora goes missing during a trip to Thunder Bay.
8: Inarta merchants return from Avanthal bringing strange goods to sell on the next market day.
10: Market Day. [C]
11: A very wounded and starving Isur stumbles to the Sanikas Gates begging for entry. The Valintar takes the Isur in and questions him.
14: A highly selective group of hunters and mercenaries picked by the Valintar, accompanied by a few Dek, leave the city on a secret mission. Rumors spread that the group is being sent to assassinate someone. [Q]
20: Market Day
22: Chef Davoid places many food request notices on the slates within the Communal Kitchens offering various amount of food vouchers in return.
25: The group of Inarta sent off on a mission return, much fewer in number.
30: Market Day
31: The strange Isur is seen for the first time in public, though still no one knows where he came from. Common and widely accepted rumor is that he was an escaped slave. [D]
40: Market Day. The Valintar issues a statement to the people of Wind Reach. Beware of Zith.
50: Market Day
53: The citizens of Wind Reach start to worry about the lack of cold and snow usually common during this time of year.
60: Market Day
62: Heavy winds unhindered by snowfall protection cause open air lava to pour out of small pockets. The Twin Lakes create large waves and are unsafe to swim in.
70: Market Day
76: Extremely heavy Winds ground all Eagles and cause lava pockets to splatter. Some citizens are badly burned from flying magma. The Twin Lakes are again deemed unsafe.
80: Market Day. The Courtyard of the sky is closed due to overflowing lava. Market day is held within Glass Reverie. Repairs will begin as soon as the lava cools. [C]
87: The abundance of food reserved for the long Winter continues to grow but starts spoiling from lack of snow to stall its rot. For the rest of the season every citizen is awarded extra helpings to avoid waste.
90: Market Day. Lava rock is the theme of this market day as much has been collected and then shaped by jewelers from the now commonly overflowing lava pockets.
91: Last day of Fall. Endal scouts spread word that a large pack of Zith are seen headed towards Mt. Skyinarta. The Valintar requests aid from any citizen competent in battle. [Q will occur on Winter 1]

Mod Note: As people begin to inhabit Wind Reach a second quest line will be added to cater more to the citizens skills. This quest will be announced in the Announcements Thread.
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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Fall 516AV

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 10:01 pm

Seasonal Challenges

What is a Seasonal Challenge? Each season Wind Reach’s storytellers will provide a list of suggested ‘to do’ events for the characters here. These to-do threads are in no way required, but are simply for fun.

Fall 516AV is September, October, and November of real time. There are a total of 8 Seasonal Challenges a season. If 6 or more challenges are completed by a PC, they will receive the city medal shown below. If all challenges are completed in the season a PC is awarded a customized in game item for their character made by the ST of Wind Reach. Threads need not be completed during the season, instead they simply need to be started within the season and finished in some way or another to count. This means the thread must be completed before being turned in. If a partner leaves, finish the thread on your own. Though for PC related challenges, the challenge must be completed within the thread before the partner abandons.


Now, in terms of thread themes, the suggestions can be fast and loose in regards to however your character wants to spin the goal for the week. If your PC isn’t into flirting, then have them ‘flirt’ with a stray animal in Wind Reach and try to befriend it. If your PC isn’t into fighting with others, post a whole thread about fighting with yourself where you talk to and argue with yourself.

You can accomplish a maximum of two thread goals per thread. When finished please turn the completed challenges into the Grade Request Thread via the format listed within for your rewards.

1: Have an encounter with a Zith (Spotting one, fighting one, etc.)
2: Roleplay with a PC of another race.
3: Roleplay with a Yasi PC.
4: Roleplay with a PC of the same Caste.
5: Buy something from the market.
6: Do something out of character for your PC.
7: Obtain an injury.
8: Do something to help out with the lava problem.
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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Fall 516AV

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 10:25 pm

Archive of Calendars from Previous Seasons

Calendar of Events for Fall 515
Calendar of Events for Summer 515
Calendar of Events for Spring 515
Calendar of Events for Spring 514

Winter 513 :
Overview: Winter 513 AV

  • 1st -  Enclave Wilderness training (Tracking and Trapping)*Hunter event
  • 2nd - Those named by Zulrav begin to be shunned by the other Inarta
  • 3rd - Those who participated in the Blue Elk hunt begin to have strange dreams...and nightmares *Fall participants: see quest sign ups
  • 10th - A blizzard strikes. Storm lasts 4 days. Enclave Wilderness training (Fire & Water)
  • 15th - Hathal Iceflank arrives and has a meeting with the cities leaders; child dies in avalanche
  • 20th -Hathal Iceflank interrogates those with suspected involvement with the Despised. Enclave Wilderness Training (Edible plants and fungi)
  • 25th - The Winds blow relentlessly around the city, preventing any flights in and out of the city.
  • 27th - Avora hunter and apprentice found dead of exposure in the Unforgiving
  • 30th - A Dek is caught stealing from the stores; discovered to be working with the mysterious Despised.  Enclave Wilderness training (Shelter making)
  • 31st - Word spreads of the Dek of the Despised; a number of Dek are harassed by a group of Chiet and Avora
  • 34th - Tisuma baths show signs of toxicity; closed for next three days
  • 39th - An avalanche buries a team of Chiet and Avora melting water from a glacier. Strange discovery made.*First Come First Serve
  • 40th -  Enclave Wilderness training (Toolmaking)
  • 43rd - A Noreaster strikes the northern coasts of the peninsula; resident seals are forced south into Thunder Bay *Open Seasonal Event
  • 47th - A fight breaks out in the Inner Warrens
  • 50th - Food Stores broken into, two Endal discovered dead.  Enclave Wilderness training (Unlikely Food sources)
  • 59th - The winds relent at last, but all are on edge for Zulrav's return
  • 60th - Zulrav Returns to hold judgement on the Despised   Enclave Wilderness training (Weapons all around)
  • 61st - The Despised is executed *Open Event
  • 65th - Cold front sweeps in, temps plummet; many of the relief vents freeze over
  • 70th - Valintar meets with the city; announces status of the Famine.  Enclave Wilderness training (Rope making)
  • 77th -  Food Thieves and murderers found
  • 80th -  Enclave Wilderness training (Review)
  • 90th - Evernight Festival cancelled due to Famine Enclave Wilderness training
  • 91st - Let the Riots BeginDek and Chiet versus Endal and Avora
  • 92nd – Winter Ends; the nightmares that the Blue Elk hunters have been suffering hit a climax *Blue Elk Event

    December (2013)
    1. Go Ice Fishing
    2. Help fetch water
    3. Have a hallucination from some toxic water
    4. Share your rations with one in need

    January (2013)
    1. Entertain guests
    2. Weep openly
    3. Clean something
    4. Witness an Execution

    1. Despair over the famine
    2. Learn a dark secret
    3. Survive an Avalanche
    4. Overcome a fear

Fall 513 :
  • 1st - First day of Fall; volunteers recruited to begin construction of an arena in a crater midway between Wind Reach and Thunder BayMarket Day
  • 10th - Phaurd offers to take a hunting party into the Unforgiving to catch the rarely seen Snowshoe Leopard that's been seen.*Quest SignupsMarket Day
  • 18th - Massive Noreaster hits Thunder Bay and Wind Reach, pulling cold air from Taldera with it, blanketing the area in ice that lasts for two days
  • 20th - Market Day
  • 26th - The drinkable water around Wind Reach has a strange taste to it.
  • 29th - The Infirmary deals with many sick Inartans complaining of stomach pains and dizziness. Some guess the water is to blame.*PM ST
  • 30th - Market Day
  • 37th - Groundquakes shake the city, some of the drinkable water become cloudy and smells strongly.
  • 40th - Market Day
  • 42nd - Traders from Avanthal are late; temperatures over the Bay beginning to drop rapidly
  • 46th - Traders return from Avanthal, report loss of a rider
  • 47th - Sightings of a strange herd of elk abound to the south of Wind Reach; a group goes to investigate the sightings.*Quest Sign up
  • 50th - Clear, fresh water becomes harder to find, without venturing into very dangerous terrain. Market Day
  • 53rd - More people complain of sickness due to changes in the drinkable water.
  • 60th - The mountain trembles throughout the dayMarket Day
  • 63rd - An Avora and Endal die in the Inclement weather due to poisoning from water, closing the place for two nights. People panic as drinkable water becomes scarce.
  • 64th - Strong groundquakes interrupt routine and shake The Lookout; Endal worry of stability
  • 67th - The Wind eagles are nervous. Gases and smoke are released from vents through out the city. Small groundquakes can be felt at constant intervals.
  • 69th - Temperatures reach the lowest of the season; ice on Thunder Bay becomes impossible to navigate, preparations to close for the season begin in earnest.
  • 70th - Market Day
  • 72nd - A strong groundquake hits Mt. Skyinarta causing smoke, gas, and ash to explode from within. Much damage ensues through out the whole city. The Inarta panic and offer prayers to Ivak, fearing the worst.
  • 73rd - Miners report a change in the Underground Forest due to the ground quakes. Adventurers seek out a fiery treasure against all odds. *Quest Signups
  • 73rd - Kindergardeners put on a show for the returning riders from Riverfall
  • 80th - Total Blue Lunar Eclipse; Inartans wonder if it's Zulrav's doing. Has the God of Winds been offended by them in some way? Market Day
  • 83rd - Largest storm of the season; citizens take shelter in the Deep Warrens*Quest Sign ups
  • 89th - Strange sightings by Thunder Bay*Quest Sign ups
  • 90th - Groundquakes can be felt near the lakes in the morning. Market Day
  • 91st – Fall Ends; Valintar calls a meeting in the Inclement; Food Rationing begins earlier than expected
September (2013)
1. Tell a scary story to a Yasi
2. Spend a night outside, alone
3. Tell someone you love them
4. Pretend to be of a different Caste for a day

October (2013)
1. Volunteer in the Kitchens
2. Watch a storm roll in
3. Help a Dek in need
4. Take a chance at something...and lose.

November (2013)
1. Be Bullied by a Endal
2. Practice a Foreign Language
3. Be Mean to a Dek
4. Eat Dinner with a Friend

Summer 513 :
  • 1st - Summer Begins with a gathering in the Courtyard of the Sky. A night long celebration is held. Market Day
  • 2nd - Groundquakes can be felt near the Twin Lakes around the 10th Bell causing anyone around to become disoriented because of extra sulfur coming from the below the water.
  • 6th - The Valintar calls for Avora and Endal volunteers to oversee the smooth running of Thunder Bay for the season.
  • 10th - Market Day
  • 15th - Rumours of a giant squid in Thunder Bay abound - when hauled out of the water after a fight with several Endal and Dek, the beast is found to be the largest seen in Wind Reach.
  • 20th - Market Day
  • 23rd - A Yasi falls and breaks his neck from the climbing wall.
  • 29th - A meteor shower is seen in the sky after sunset, lasts the whole night.
  • 30th - Market Day
  • 32nd - Strangely, parts of the city seem to overheat, making it impossible for individuals to inhabit said sections.
  • 33rd - The day turns out to be an extremely hot on, making temperature around Wind Reach unbearable. The majority of the population evacuate for cooler shelters.
  • 37th - A singing competition held in the Cedar Amphitheater. (Contact Whimsy for competition details)
  • 40th - Market Day
  • 41st - After Market Day, the heat of the mountain is still too high. Thunder Bay becomes the place to be.
  • 44th - Volcanic activity caused an ash cloud to form above Wind Reach. This creates a panic through out the City. The cloud dissipates two days later
  • 50th - Market Day
  • 53rd - The Wind Eagles are startled by a tremor within the mountain, they take to the sky, soaring above Wind Reach from high noon to dusk, before settling down.
  • 55th - A Thunderstorm wrecks havoc on the City in the afternoon, keeping everyone inside or seeking shelter.
  • 60th - Market Day
  • 62nd - A pack of wild wolves manages to get into the City. A group of hunters are gathered to catch them. People are urged to stay inside.
  • 70th - A mysterious sickness ails those who go to the Market. Symptoms: Intense sleepiness, dizziness, disorientation and blackouts. People rush to the infirmary. Market Day
  • 75th - An Avora is killed in the Inclement Weather, closing the nightclub down for the night.
  • 80th - Market Day
  • 81st - The Enclave holds a writing/reading course, like a university with hobbyist classes, for Chiet and above who are interested.
  • 85th - Due to volcanic activity, The Dreaming Lady spa reports issues with the natural fumes, causing horrible visions and nightmares.
  • 90th - Market Day
  • 91st - A festival is held to celebrate the passing of Summer and the coming of Fall.

June (2013)
1. Go Cliff Diving
2. Spend a night outdoors
3. Buy something on Market Day
4. Have De ja vu

July (2013)
1. Compete in an Open Seasonal Event
2. Read a book to the Yasi
3. Play a water-related game in Thunder Bay
4. Learn to Fish

August (2013)
1. Try out your greenthumb in the Hydroponic Gardens
2. Explore the Underground Forest
3. Peruse the Enclave
4. Dance like no one is watching in Inclement Weather.

Spring 513 :
  • 1st - Spring Begins with a gathering in the Courtyard of the Sky. Despite the remaining snow, the Inartans gather to remember the live altering event that befell them last Spring. Market Day
  • 4th - A group of Yasi try to start a snow-fight in the Courtyard of the Sky. The older Avora chastise them, and the yasi are set to shovelling snow.
  • 8th - The snow melts unseasonably early, leading to an impromptu celebration night at Inclement Weather. First drinks are free for everyone. The Sanikas Pass is reopened.
  • 10th - Market Day
  • 12st - The last of the ice over Thunder Bay disappears. Fishing and other maritime activities begin again.
  • 17th - A large school of fish is spotted off the coast of Thunder Bay. Unusual for this time of year, everyone grabs their fishingrods and heads down to try their hand at fishing.
  • 20th - Market Day
  • 22nd - An Endal sends out a challenge to all other Endal, stating that he cannot be beaten and would reward anyone who can beat him in a triathlon (PM Phoenix for information)
  • 23rd - There is a party in the Inclement Weather to celebrate the Spring Revelry.
  • 27th - Vampiric bats attack workers in the Hydroponic Gardens. People bitten cannot eat solid food for the next six days, and are prone to acts of aggression.
  • 30th - Market Day
  • 34th - A weeping young female ghost is seen in the Shrine of Those Who Have Passed. For those with spiritism who try to talk to her, she has a task for one to fulfill. (Contact Whimsy for details)
  • 39th - Two Xanthian try to invade Wind Reach. Endal and Avora archers shoot them down after a Chiet is ripped to pieces.
  • 40th - Market Day
  • 41st - A family of four grown neyka bears are found protecting a cave just near the Sanikas Pass, wherein there lies a pregnant bear. They are extremely aggressive and will attack whoever comes near.
  • 50th - Market Day
  • 52nd - A Spring storm lasting four days comes in over Wind Reach, complete with lightning cracking the glass work of the Avora. Prayers to Zulrav are offered.
  • 58th - Two wind eagle eggs hatch successfully. A party is held in the Courtyard of the Sky.
  • 60th - Market Day
  • 64th - A hunting party leaves to hunt down Takan Mountainbeasts, for their pelts, horns and meat. The trip is wildly successful and lasts eight days in total.
  • 70th - Market Day
  • 78th - The Dek of the Mountain fighting contest is held in the Fighting Pits. Two Dek fall to their deaths while fighting.
  • 80th - Something strange is happening around the city, people are sent to investigate (Start of Regional Quest) Market Day
  • 83rd - A music concert is put on by Avora in the Cedar Amphitheatre. In the middle of the performance, they get rained out.
  • 87th - A pair of hunters are referred to the Infirmary, having been stung by Vivianas out in the Unforgiving.
  • 90th - Market Day
  • 91st - A festival is held to celebrate the passing of Spring and the coming of Summer.

March (2013)
1. Help shovel snow from the Sanikas Pass.
2. Dance naked in the Spring rain.
3. Hunt down an animal, either successfully or unsuccessfully.
4. Get drunk!

April (2013)
1. Visit Thunder Bay.
2. Purchase something from the Market Place.
3. Pray to a God.
4. Collect flowers from the wilds.

May (2013)
1. Fight with a friend.
2. Come to the assistance of one in a lower caste.
3. Try to fix a treasured possession, either for yourself or someone else.
4. Speak to someone of a different race, find out about their culture.

Winter 512 :
  • 1st- Winter Begins
  • 3rd- The mountain rumbles and the twin lakes begin to steam ominously.
  • 9th- Rumours of strange people outside the city spark the interest of the bold who go out to make contact. Many don't return.
  • 12th- A very grumpy Xanthian is spotted hunting a mile out of Wind Reach.
  • 18th- Sanikas Pass closes for the long Winter during a long snowstorm.
  • 20th- Wind whips up flurries and grounds flights.
  • 24th- Inhabitants of Thunder Bay have ice fishing competitions. They send supplies to Wind Reach with participating Endal.
  • 29th- A ten day long snowstorm completely covers the region. Dek and Chiet alike venture out to clear open spaces in the city, casualties from exposure and frostbite mount.
  • 32nd- A group of children disturbs a nest of hibernating Icharnta serpents and are bitten. The healers are again stressed as they try to save them.
  • 36th- Avalanche!
  • 38th- A sudden rash of illness spreads through the warrens, swamping healers and raising tensions.
  • 45th- The Winter Lights Festival takes place right on time despite concerns due to the weather.
  • 47th- Yasi instigate spontaneous snowball fights with undefended passersby, particularly the Chiet. The Chiet are unamused.
  • 57th- A Wing of Endal disappears in a snowstorm during a hunt.
  • 58th- The bodies of the Endal and Eagles are found.
  • 63rd- A Snow Festival is hosted. People decorate their homes with various snow sculptures dedicated to all manner of birds and Winter-themed subjects. The atmosphere in the city brightens considerably.
  • 65th- A great hunt takes place. Avora hunters and archers accompany Endal into the Unforgiving on wing and return three days later.
  • 79th- Relations between the castes better even further when a group of Dek rescues an unarmed Endal from a feral zynx that wandered into Wind Reach.
  • 86th- A late snowfall excites the children further and they declare a snow fight. Anybody spotted by them is included. The Chiet have fun.
  • 90th- The food reserves run dry and the Valintar is hopeful the next hunt goes well. Dek begin clearing the road.
  • 92nd- Winter ends

December (2012)
1. Build snowmen in the Courtyard of the Sky.
2. Hone your craft and show off a little!
3. Contract the flu... Or just get winter itch.
4. Participate in a staring contest (or other game) with a Yasi.

January (2013)
1. Learn to play a musical instrument.
2. Enjoy the vivid aurora over the region.
3. Celebrate something with a group of friends.
4. Have a very intense snowball fight with at least one other PC.

February (2013)
1. Decorate your home for the Snow Festival.
2. Help out in rescue from the avalanche.
3. Barter for something nice at Market Day.
4. Have Yasi work with you during their Bendi.

Fall 512 :
  • 1st- Fall Begins
  • 5th- Wind Reach becomes home to a large family of dire blue mice. After eating the mice, the birds of the city become disoriented and violent.
  • 7th- The Inclement Weather hosts a celebration to raise the spirits of the city. It lasts well into the morning hours.
  • 14th- A curious ghost moves into Wind Reach and takes up residence in one of the ravaged aeries. No Inarta is safe from her pranks.
  • 20th- Inhabitants at Thunder Bay see a vibrant aurora over the water to the west.
  • 21st- A harsh wind keeps Wind Eagles indoors to avoid being bashed into the volcano.
  • 25th- Thunder Bay sees more activity as a pod of dolphins move in. They leave six days later.
  • 28th- An Avora is found dead in the Unforgiving with no sign of his attacker.
  • 36th- A light shower washes through the region, refreshing the city after yet another hot streak.
  • 40th- A group of training Yasi and another Avora go missing in the Unforgiving. Tensions mount.
  • 45th- Mid-Autumn festival in the Courtyard of the Sky. The theme is "Rejuvenation" and many visitors from nearby cities are present. Most Dek are not.
  • 49th- Bird watchers abound as migratory flocks make their way to warmer climes for the Winter. It is a time of wonder for many at the sheer amount and variation of species, considering the effects of the Died storm.
  • 52nd- Another Avora is attacked outside of Wind Reach, but returns with tales of a fast, cruel predator that attacks with "invisible whips".
  • 56th- Mysterious sounds are heard from within the Underground Forest.
  • 68th- Traders from Alvadas bring much needed produce and garments from their city, and although sometimes luridly coloured, the traders are well received.
  • 70th- A small forest fire forces inhabitants of Thunder Bay to take refuge in Wind Reach. It lasts for three days, but the damage to the settlement is nil.
  • 75th- A hunting party of Endal and Avora leave Wind Reach to locate the attacker that has so far taken eighteen lives. They are gone for six days.
  • 81st- The hunting party returns. A female Wind Eagle fledges.
  • 88th- Another Wind Eagle fledges. Competition gets rough as fights break out among the Yasi and Chiet.
  • 91st- Fall ends

September (2012)
1. Celebrate something with a group of friends!
2. Dance in the rain with someone, or sit alone in the rain and feel lonely.
3.Go see the mystical blue aurora at Thunder Bay.
4. Go out and meet somebody new!

October (2012)
1. Have a friendly competition and treat the winner (or loser) to a surprise.
2. Discover a new species of animal, mutated or otherwise, and then bring it back to Wind Reach.
3. Write a song for a beloved friend, lover, companion, or hobby.
4. Have a prank played on you or play a prank on someone else.

November (2012)
1. Go into the Underground Forest at night and camp there.
2. Take cooking lessons from a Wilderness Survival expert.
3. Get in an argument with someone in a higher caste and suffer the required punishment.
4. Tell someone you love them.

Summer 512 :
  • 1st- Summer Begins
  • 3rd- A late Spring storm blows in, giving the city a much needed relief from the unusual heat that has lingered since the Escape.
  • 9th- The first Djed-mutated creature is brought in after a hunting trip.
  • 14th- Sfevra pod discovers Thunder Bay and stays for five days.
  • 17th- Fights break out amongst the Yasi. One child is killed.
  • 22nd- The Musicians of Wind Reach gather in the Cedar Amphitheater for a performance.
  • 25th- A big boulder is moved from The Courtyard of the Sky, allowing for the first Market Day since the storm.
  • 29th- Sounds of unrest are heard among the Dek, but nothing bad happens.
  • 30th- The first Wind Eagle egg is laid since the storm, a huge party is thrown in celebration.
  • 36th- All of the Glassworking wares in the Crafts Gallery are found shattered and broken
  • 41st- Avora is found dead next to a two headed bear by an Endal in the Unforgiving.
  • 44th- Freak lighting storm hits, killing two Inartans who were at the Edge of the World.
  • 50th- Heat wave hits the mountain, raising the temperature to unbearable levels for the rest of the Season.
  • 59th- A boat is spotted drifting into Thunderbay.
  • 60th- Having drifted close enough, the boat is secured and the survivors are rescued and brought to the Infirmary.
  • 63rd- Summer storm hits Thunderbay, keeping everyone away from the water.
  • 70th- Sounds of unrest grows, individual reports of Dek acting out start filtering in.
  • 75th- A Yasi child is reported missing
  • 80th- Another Wind Eagle egg is laid, totaling two for the season.
  • 91st- Summer ends

June (2012)
1. Help Clear Debris.
2. Celebrate the simple things in life.
3. Learn something from a book.
4. Find a Wild Djed effected plant or animal

July (2012)
1. Spend a Day in Thunderbay.
2. Go Fishing.
3. Investigate a mystery.
4. Prostrate oneself before a God/dess.

August (2012)
1. Make Music.
2. Attend the Summer Revelry at Inclement Weather.
3. Pick Wildflowers and give them to somebody.
4. Opposite Day! Your PC wakes up and acts completely different for the entire day.

Spring 512 :
  • 1st = Spring Officially Starts.
  • 1st = The Massive Djed Storm hits. Everyone is locked inside for two Days. Those with djed abilities feel a swell in their power.
  • 2nd = Immediately after the storm hits, the Wind Eagle's take cover.
  • 5th = Major structural damage is done to the city. A team of Dek and Endal that were sheltered the Skyhigh Stables work together to clear away the debris.
  • 15th = The debris has been cleared from those places sheltering people but the death toll is high.
  • 17th = With the City still in shambles, the Inartans gather in the remains of the Courtyard of the Sky. Death toll: 147.
  • 18th = Only now that everyone is out in the open are the effects of the Storm seen. (Modded thread for those who want it.)
  • 20th = A Group of Endal find the Wind Eagles sheltered in a cave on the side of the mountain.
  • 23rd = Fierce loyalty is seen among the Inartans; Caste is forgotten while the City takes it's first big breath after the Storm and tries to assess the extent of the damage.
  • 31st = A squall sweeps in from Thunder Bay and covers the city in cold rain and clouds.
  • 33rd = Squall ends.
  • 37th = The clutches of Wind Eagle eggs meant to hatch this year are found crushed. City Mourns.
  • 42nd = The Sanikas Path is finally cleared.
  • 44th = Rodents three times their normal size raid the Kitchen.
  • 49th = Some of the Wind Eagles get their Telepathy back.
  • 50th = The Courtyard of the Sky is cleared of debris.
  • 56th = A pair of Inarta are mobbed in a lower corridor by crazed, fledgling Wind Eagle that was hit by the initial Djed explosion. It has two heads.
  • 67th = The Winds, unusually calm this season, pick up as a massive wind storm hits the City unawares.
  • 69th = The Volcano has a minor eruption triggered by an Earthquake somewhere in the Unforgiving. Twenty people are killed.
  • 74th = The City is mostly cleared of debris. Rebuilding begins.
  • 80th = A late Spring storm hits, drenching the city in cold rain for five days.
  • 90th = Spring Ends.

March (2012)
1. Survive the Djed Storm.
2. Lose Someone Close to You.
3. Experience the effects of the Storm firsthand.
4. Help Clear Debris.

April (2012)
1. Find Beauty in Something Despite the Tragedy.
2. Learn a new Skill.
3. Help Someone or Something.
4. Join in the Rebuilding of the City.

May (2012)
1. Create something.
2. Journey into the Unforgiving.
3. Pick Wildflowers.
4. Go Fishing in Thunderbay.

Winter 511 :
  • 1st = Winter Officially Starts.
  • 4th = The First Snow Surprises Everyone.
  • 8th = A Pair of Yasi Get Lost While Playing in the Snow Near The Lookout.
  • 14th = The Second Snowfall Blankets The Mountain Further.
  • 26th = An Endal Hunting Party Returns With Four Elk.
  • 27th = Dek's Break into the Kitchens in a Riot of Starvation.
  • 33rd = A Massive Snowball Fight Breaks out in The Courtyard of the Sky.
  • 40th = A Wind Eagle Dies mysteriously.
  • 48th = The Largest Snowstorm Yet Causes an Avalanace That Obstructs Part of Sanikas Road.
  • 58th = More Dead Dek Are Found and an Investigation Initiated.
  • 64th = Endal Have Returned Empty Talon'd From Their Hunts. Food Is Scarce.
  • 69th = One of the Preserved Carcasses Goes Missing.
  • 71st = A Pair of Avora Discover the Dek's Secret Cave.
  • 79th = Endal Fly to Thunderbay in Attempt to Ice Fish.
  • 81th = The Last Snowfall Occurs.
  • 85th = A Group of Yasi, Chiet, and Avora Sled down Sanikas Road.
  • 89th = Dek Prepare to Clear the Road to Wind Reach.
  • 92nd = Winter Ends, but the Roads out of the City are Still Not Clear.

December (2011)
1. Build something out of snow.
2. Get lost in the Winter Wonderland.
3. Make a new friend
4. Discover a secret

1. Eat the Blue Mold :(
2. Explore someplace in Wind Reach that you've never been.
3. Winter is stressful. Find a way to cool your (or someone elses) temper.
4. Explore what it feels like to really be hungry.

1. Dance, Learn to dance, Teach someone to dance.. just dance.
2. Help Someone in need.
3. Attend the Winter Revelry.
4. Celebrate Diversity.

Fall 511 :
  • 1st = Fall Starts Officially
  • 23th = Fifteen Wind Eagle Eggs Hatch Dangerously Late
  • 30th = The Underground Forest Blooms
  • 35th = Upper Lake Erupts Spewing Gas and Boiling Water
  • 36th = Largest Tunnel Viper Ever Seen Discovered & Killed.
  • 40th = Eclipse of the Sun
  • 42nd = A room full of dead Dek are found. They appear to have been tortured.
  • 45th = Mysterious Visitors Come To Wind Reach
  • 55rd = Typhoon hits Thunder Bay
  • 58th = Reopening of Wind Reach's Largest Glass Furnace. There is a big party in the mountain.
  • 65th = Wind Storm strikes Skyinarta.
  • 66th = Massive Kitchen Fires starts, Yasi are blamed.
  • 71st = A Rider & Eagle goes missing.
  • 70th = Salt fields close at Thunder Bay.
  • 76th = Last of the crops brought in from Thunder Bay.
  • 80th = Thunder Bay ices over.
  • 89th = Road to Wind Reach closes.

September (2011)
1. Start a brawl.
2. Train a skill.
3. Take a fall.
4. Craft something completely from scratch.

1. Throw a party.
2. Have a crazy dream.
3. Wax eloquently on a topic for bells.
4. Invent a new saying.

1. Try your hand at home brewing.
2. Insult someone or be insulted.
3. Give someone a gift or receive one.
4. Acquire a serious injury.

Spring 511 :
  • 1st = Spring Starts Officially
  • 24th = Mysterious illness sweeps the Yasi.
  • 30th = Sanikas Road cleared (again) from late snowstorm and open to travelers.
  • 35th = Thunder Bay Breakup Occurs
  • 38th = Strange beast found in the woods. No one knows what it is.
  • 40th = Rhaus holds a song festival with a music competition.
  • 42nd = Birds of Prey around Wind Reach grow ill.
  • 45th = A comet is seen in the sky for 15 days thereafter.
  • 53rd = Unusual white whale washes up in Thunder Bay dead with huge teeth marks in it as if its been fed upon. Fishing vessels begin to disappear.
  • 58th = Wind Reach’s largest glass furnace explodes. Fifteen people killed. No one understands what happened so there is an investigation. The furnace needs to be rebuilt.
  • 65th = Severe Sudden wind storm blows down two riders and their eagles
  • 69th =Rodent infestation discovered in The Inner Warrens.
  • 71st = Mysterious flock of carrion birds invade Wind Reach and try and take up residence
  • 73rd = Two wind eagles come up ill and are grounded. One dies.
  • 78th = Hunters bring in record numbers of mountain goats. Some have enormous horns. Their abundance blamed on the easy winter.
  • 80th= Record rainfall grounds riders for almost ten days. Sanikas River floods.
  • 90th = Mysterious chamber found by Earth Reimancers clearing out more space for a new freezer.

March (2011)
1. Pray deeply to a God
2. Go Swimming! Clothing optional.
3. Explore a new location.
4. Kiss someone or something.

April (2011)

1. Stargaze in a beautiful setting.
2. Succeed brilliantly at something.
3. Go hunting and turn out to be the hunted.
4. Get hurt or hurt someone.

May (2011)

1. Cook something! This can be in the kitchens or over a campfire.
2. Make a new friend.
3. Try a new skill.
4. Have a lengthy conversation with someone or something not of your race.

Winter 510 :
  • 1st = Thunder Bay is evacuated completely and the road crew makes last minute prep work for the first snowstorm of the season.
  • 11th = Hard Storm finally closes the passes. No one in or out of Wind Reach other than by air.
  • 11th-21st = Huge Blizzard Cuts off Mountain. No eagles leave the aeries. Endals are stressed and very short of temper.
  • 24th = A grouchy eagle eats a Dek who disturbed its sleep. The Dek vow revenge on the particular bird.
  • 37rd-43rd = Eagles grounded due to intense storm. Their tempers flare anew.
  • 45th = Winter Lights Festival
  • 51st = A knife fight in the Courtyard of the Sky over an Endal forcing his attentions on an Avora craftswoman. Her brother, an Endal, looses an eye in the fight.
  • 61st = Severe Earth Quake. Gas erupts from both lakes. Anyone by them at the time will have inhalation issues.
  • 73rd = Grain locker discovered broken into. Food supply in Wind Reach reduced by ten days meaning they would have made it through the winter without shortages for once.
  • 86th = Wind Reach runs out of food for the year and everyone goes on green mold for a diet. (Last year it was the 70th so this year is more abundant).
  • Endals discover Dek having killed and roasted other dek for fresh meat. The smell of cooking food permeates the entire mountain truly upsetting the eagles.
  • 91st = River Breaks Up Allowing Road to be Cleared to Thunder Bay
  • 92nd = Winter Officially Over

December (2010)
1. Any sort of Training Thread!
2. Solving a mystery about your PC’s life
3. Flirting (While tempers are still good!) or Seduction
4. Cooking! (While there is still food!)

January (2011)

1. Teach someone something.
2. Epically fail at something. :)
3. Resist or give in to temptation
4. Dangerous Encounter. You need to fight something.

February (2012)

1. Have any thread where your PC flashes back or dreams about something within the current timestamped thread.– ie. Remembers something or has a wild dream about something.
2. Create something (Song, Craft, Poem, Craftsmanship)
3. Thread where you epically fail at something.
4. Do something kind for someone else.
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