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Benare Nitrozian

Postby Benare Nitrozian on August 23rd, 2016, 1:58 am


Name: Benare Nitrozian- pronounced (Ben - air)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10th Spring, 498 AV
Age: 20
Height: 6"1''
Weight: 165 lbs

Profession: Mercenary since Fall of 516av
Birthplace: Ravok

Fluent: Common
Conversational: Fratava

Physical Appearance:

Ben is quite tall for a man like himself. Rising at the height of six feet and two inches, he's pretty intimidating to look at. Though, that's not all of what matters, he has charcoal grey hair, almost black, and he has a tanish looking skin tone, that tells others he does spend some time out in the sun. He has a face like no other, hinted with green irises. Ben hides his identity most of the time, as he avoids drawing too much attention, though it's a little challenging as he's a son Sitanos and Milina Nitrozian.
[color=#ffffff]Other Appearances:


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It's one of the first words that comes to mind, when talking about Benare. Ben tends to stray away from people as best he could, but it doesn't help him much if he wants to do business. He loves politics, but things can get a little tense with Benare as he is a little hot headed at times, though he is quite patient. Perhaps thst might be a flaw to his behavior? Anyways, Ben won't mind having a conversation here or there, unless something's on his mind. Ben can't work well under pressure. For sure. He'll choke if things get a little too much for him. Benare is working on his inner self, he wants to be more patient with others who might not talk senseful. Meditation can help with that, sometimes help.


Birthed to Sitanos and Milina Nitrozian, Benare grew up to understand what it is to become a full Nitrozian. He would listen to his parents about the knowledge of trade and what goes around it, and what trading involves with, and things like that. Sitanos couldn't be more proud to have a son like Ben, though Ben could be stubborn, and selfish at times, it mainly runs through the family. Once Ben discovered magics, he always wanted to try something, he discovered that Magecrafting was the right thing to do, Benare also took the time to train though, he was pondering at that point whether or not he should join the Ebonstryfe Military, or he should open up a business of his own, to follow through the family line of work.

It was one of his earlier years that Benare understood of what slavery meant, he didn't enjoy watching his family purchase other people, though once free, Benare would loan some of his own money to them. If he can. But, he wouldn't dare steal from the rest of the family, even if it meant his reputation. He wouldn't want to waste that and throw it all away.

Benare was one of those kids who would go out and do things. He was a doer. He was quite adventurous as a kid, he made enough friends to get him by through the seasons. He was living the life for the most part, Ben always had fun, he was serious about a lot of things now, but he does prqise optimism, but not only that, he does respect and pray for Rhysol as well. Some say, he hopes to make his deity proud of how he had become.

Ben, grew up to learn the language of the sea people, Fratava, through trading, and conversing with other slaves. Benare wasn't so keen on slavery of course, but he would often find himself talking to a lot of the slaves that the Nitrozians own.

Ben discovered Magic around his early teens. After talking to a local merchant of Ravok, he was directed to a magecrafter. Serimius Ishburn. Though, the man was getting fairly old, he died, because of Overgiving. Once in awhile, Ben would find others to teach him, but so far he just hasn't found the right person who'll take the time and teach Ben.

Now, Benare studies his father, and what he does as he just might as well get into the family business. Though, on his off time, one could find himself training, becoming stronger each day as he pushes himself to become good at defending himself, either his blade work, or his unarmed combat


# Skill Points Added Points Total Rank
# Weapon: Shortsword 15 (Starter), +2 17/100 Novice
# Weapon: Shield 10 (Starter), +4*Thanks to Prophet 14/100 Novice
# Magic: Magecrafting 10 (Starter) 10/100 Novice
# Persuasion 5 (Starter) 5/100 Novice
# Negotiation 5 (Starter),1 6/100 Novice
# Unarmed Combat 5 (Starter),+1, 6/100 Novice
# Body Building 15 (Racial) 15/100 Novice
#Stealth 33/100Novice
#Investigaton3, +3,6/100Novice


1. Lore of The Black Sun
2. Lore of Religion: Rhysol
3.Location: Silver Sliver Tavern
4.Jeb: Bartender at the Silver Sliver Tavern
5.Stealth: Covering up in a cloak to mask one's identity
6.Damien: New employer
7.Investigation: Finding men believed to be exporting unique materials
8.Climbing: Finding hand & footholds in a brick wall
9.Mercenary work is tough
10.Tactics: Take higher ground for sight advantage
11.Race: Kelvics
12.Shortsword: Parrying a blade
13.Shortsword: Knocking another unconscious with the pommel
14.Unarmed Combat: Break out of a hold with a sharp kick
15.Stealing: Pickpocketing a foe when he’s down
16.Subterfuge: Hiding an unconscious foe
17. A sleeping or unconscious mind is vulnerable
18. Sayana: Knows magics of suggestion
19.Sayana: Knows techniques for getting secrets
20.Sayana: A mysterious six-armed woman


Starting Package
Simple undergarments
Simple black cloak to represent Rhysols embrace(s)
Simple pants (s)
Simple boots (s)
Toothbrush (Bone)

Starting Package
Comb (Bone)
Brush (Bone)
20x20 apartment at Nitrozian Estate Good (Blooded Family-free?)
small table
Leather rucksack
Food for a week
Eating knife
Flint & Steel
Captain's Journal-containing a full and completed list of names.



Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100gm 100gm
Wages for Fall 516+644744gm
Living Expenses-45gm699gm
Common NPC Fall 516av Damien, -450gm 249gm
Earned Money from Stealing+3 GM 563GM
Winter 516av,NPC -450gm 113gm
Winter 516 Wages##Working on Job Threads, I have this as a priority and will finish ASAP--
Winter Living Expenses+-+-


Flashbacks :

Current :
Let it Go-- Fall of the 20th 516av

Humanity and the inhumane-- Fall of the 30th 516av

Tête-à-Tête ‎-- Fall of the 84th 516av

[Event] A Clean Kidnapping-Fall of the 17th516av

Knocked Down a Peg-Fall of the 75th516av

Tipping the Bowl-Fall of the 15th516av

The Captain's Journal-Fall of the 15th Pt. II of Tipping the Bowl.

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