Open [Event] A Clean Kidnapping

17th: Tawny and Jill of the registration office for becoming full citizens of the city are abducted. Only a non-citizen witnessed the abduction, and is facing torture if he doesn't provide information of the event. Ebonstryfe tries to quietly handle the affair.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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[Event] A Clean Kidnapping

Postby Benare Nitrozian on October 10th, 2016, 1:42 am


Timestamp: Fall 17th 516av
Location: Registration Office


Note: This first part of my post will explain the capture of Tawny and Jill as they're taken captive from the unnoticeable break in from mysterious figures whom are swathed in red cloaks and elongated animal head masks that conceal their faces. If anyone's interested please notify Crow (I think) it myself and either one of us will let everyone who's participating in this event know.


Dark skies filled the contents of the air, the Lake City if Ravok stirs quietly most if not all of it's residents within the confinements of Ravok are close to sleep or are getting ready to sleep, it would be soon that the citizens and residents are sleeping. It'll be a good thing, well for those who decide to do crime, and more later at night, less witnneses to have to worry about.

"Just something simple. Kidnap Tawny and Jill." One man said in a deep monotone whisper, though it merely sounded as if his voice were intentionally harsh than what it sounded. "In and out that's all." He said again, taking a peek around the corner of a building, that overlooked the next street alongside a river, a bridge shown before the Registration Office, the one man peeking around the corner retreated from his position and turned to his two strong comrades, he to was buff just as much as the other two were, though the only difference that separated from their looks were the different animal nasks with elongated snouts or other noses of different animals.

"The streets are clear, we can take the two on, bring out the pipes." The leader ordered, the men withdrawn pipes from their cloaks that could easily be mistaken as flutes, and no one would suspect there to be a weapon concealed within a simple flute case, full proof. The trio swiftly made their way to the Registration Office.
Pipes away in the cases, one man was carrying a limp Tawny, another carrying a limp Jill. Their bodies flopping against the backs of both men carrying them as they walked, walking deeper into the darkness of the city of Ravok, if one bound to enter the Registration Office, they would only see nothing touched, and of course, no signs of forced entry, the only thing different, is the absence of Tawny and Jill.


It was just another night, training during most of the day, though he decided there to be a different path today, he wanted to do something different. Pondering to check up on Tawny and Jill, Ben doesn't do it often, but whatever happens Ben won't forget it, nor will he regret it, though he could always be wrong about it, of course and soon he'd head back home, and sleep, hunger wasn't on his mind at this time as he was fed at the Estate awhile ago.

Upon reaching the main door of the Registration Office, Ben places a hand at the knob, he tested it, sure it was unlocked... maybe Tawny and Jill decided to stay a little late, catching on some work or something? Maybe Ben could help... though, bent didn't know anything about what Tawny and Jill really do besides writing down each and every Ravokians names.

Ben opened the door, looking around before walking in to be sure no one suspected him to be doing any crimes. He stepped inside, closing the door quickly, bu quietly behind him, well tried to, as the door creaked behind him. Silence.

That was the first thing that rang through his mind, the Nitrozian looked around to see every untouched, and still clean. "Tawny, Jill?" The Nitrozian called, he wasn't sure where they would have gone, but he swore that they always kept the door locked, it's not like them to leave it unlocked... maybe they forgot something?

"Tawny?" He called walking around the lobby, hoping to get a response. "Jill?" Still no response. Ben decided that this was useless, he figured something was up, and he assumed it might've been a prank or something, but he wasn't sure, maybe something really did happen to them.

Ben left the office and headed for the Black Sun, hoping that they might know what's going on.
"Yes we'll see what we can do." A guard answered, looking at the Nitrozian carefully. "Alright..." Ben said wearily, not so sure what else to say after he explained what had might've happened. "We'll send some men over to scout around and most likely investigate, please stand by and be patient before we inform you or anyone else about what happened to Tawny and Jill, I'm sure they're okay."

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[Event] A Clean Kidnapping

Postby Alija on November 20th, 2016, 11:47 pm

It was about time. She wasn't certain why she had put it off. Perhaps it was the heavy feeling of leaving yet another home behind, watching it go out of reach, almost unable to do anything. Perhaps it was the darkness that clung to this city, that seeped into her, that she hated. She wanted Nyka again. She wanted Zeltiva even more. But most of all, she wanted to leave Ravok, with its horrible aura of darkness. Not only the aura, but everything it reminded her of, everything that surrounded her being there.

But it didn't matter what she thought or why she hadn't come here sooner. She was here now, as she should have been at the beginning of the season. Looking up, Kial in one hand waiting impatiently. The stained glass windows were misty with shadows, unclear what was happening inside. Arches rose above her, and she kept her eyes away from the temple beside her. Once, she had seen it and wondered, eyes wide with appreciation for the crafting and art. Now, she didn't want to think about.

Deciding she had waited long enough, she pushed forward, leading Kial sharply behind her. It opened cleanly, leading to a large, empty hall. Not surprising, considering how late it was. She wanted to get this over and done with, and what better way than to come when no one else would be around. There was an office at the end, and Alija strode forward, glad it was open this late. She would have hated having to wait. She knocked sharply on the door. No reply. Knocking again, she waited a moment before opening the door.

The room was empty. But where were those who worked there? Taking a look around, Alija stopped at the large book, left opened, on the desk. Written in scrawls, or large sweeping curls, and every handwriting in between, names listed down pages, each dated clearly. She flicked through the pages, soaking in the history, but secretly her eyes were watching for certain names. She didn't realise it. Not truly. But she was. This was the home of her mother, her cousin, of the Caldera family. Were they in there? Who would she find? Her hand lingered on the pages, scrolling down each and every word, pausing on the more illegible ones. The words of the curse echoed in her mind, and she tried to forget it. But the more she looked, the more it lingered, the more it stained her mind the wretched ink black. These people who she searched for were her family, even if she didn't know them. Worse, the people she searched for could have started it all. They could have made it worse. They definitely would have been part of it, in some small way. They had to have been.

Her eyes flickered around the room, before raising her voice slightly, calling out. There was no reply. Kial watched her from the other side of the desk. She glanced back down at the book, wondering whether to look a little longer. But there were thousands of names. Half she couldn't even read. This was everyone who had ever called the city home, whatever that word meant to them. And history overwhelmed her. It would take her hours to study it, many more to draw the links. A project, not a simple task.

She sat down, deciding she was alone. Her fingers ran over the book, turning page after page. She wondered about the lives of each and every one - which were here by choice, which weren't. Which were warriors or adventurers and which were content for a simple life of craft; which got that life they thought they wanted. Sepia pages, smoothed with age, wrinkled and crinkled at her touch. This was what remained, sh le realised, hanging on to a page. This was what remained of so many- they were reduced to a name and date. Nothing more. That would never be Alija. True, she was content with crafting, but that crafting would always remain.

The noise of a door slamming broke her thoughts and Alija jumped up, snatching the book to her chest without even thinking. Kial darted behind her, clutching the skirt she wore, and staring at the space where the door was with tired eyes. The door burst open; a group of Ebonstryfe moved in, searching. Their eyes fell on her, standing frozen behind the desk, arms wrapped around the book tightly. As if she had been caught a criminal, Alija began blubbering, trying to make excuses.

"I was looking to get registered," she finally said clearly, before realising the fact she wasn't a citizen probably made her situation worse, "No one was here. I was just checking in case... maybe they left a note or something?" Kial shifted behind her back even more, terrified of the group of hooded men before them.

One, whose hood was pulled back, narrowed his eyes at her sharply. Alija couldn't help trembling. "You'd better come with me." She nodded without saying a word, taking Kial's hand and pulling him towards her tightly. She still clutched the book as she left, but no one thought to say anything. Walking quickly and doing exactly what she was told, the smith found herself taken to the beautiful temple she had tried not to look at.

There was a man waiting there, not Ebonstryfe, tall, with dark, dark hair and green eyes which she met. "I was just looking. I found this," she found herself mumbling again, passing him the book as if he was someone important. Turning back to the Ebonstryfe, she began speaking again, running over words while visibly trembling. "I didn't do anything, anything, I promise I just looked around a little and and.. and I found this book and... I promise you I don't know where they are!" Her voice rose a little, and she found herself squeezing Kial's hand so tight. What had happened to her? It wasn't long ago when she had pretended to be a Nykan monk and got away with it, it wasn't long ago when she had defended herself from thugs when they attacked her shop. Now she was standing here, a blubbering idiot, terrified of something without knowing exactly what it was. "I can help you, though, I will, if you want if you need me." Why did she just say that?

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