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Stables for the rare equine in Wind Reach

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] Skyhigh Stables

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At the base of the Sanikas Gates and to the right lies a carved out structure that is formed of the stone of the mountain itself. Holding well over two hundred stalls, most of which are empty, the Skyhigh Stables operates two ways. It provides a full time care facility for horses used by the Inarta themselves. And while there is pasture available in a series of tiers that run down the slopes along the Sanikas Road, there isn't much of it. Secondly, the stables provides a resting place for animals that are brought up from Denval by traders and travelers. On any given day, due to the steepness of the road and season, either heavy draft animals that sometimes make up teams of twelve or more for one cargo wagon must be housed. In the winter, sled teams of sleigh horses must be housed that often make it in from as far away as Avanthal. Regardless, the dynamic of the stable changes routinely.

The facility itself is laid out in two block sections of one hundred stone stalls apiece. Some of these stalls are loose boxes that are lined with lichen and moss grown in the bowels of the mountains rather than precious straw. Other stalls are simple tie-ups with stone dividers that offer animals warmth and shelter out of the inherent cold of the high elevation night. Each stall is roomy, even if its a tie-down, and has a large manger and water trough at the head of the stall. All the stalls in Skyhigh are watered into the thermal piping system so that the horses are treated to lukewarm to gently steaming mineral water always which serves to keep the pipes from freezing during the three seasons of snow.

Skyinarta features a large indoor riding arena that has been carved from the mountain as well. Its base is stone so the eagle riders have made numerous trips to the sands of Thunder Bay to fill up the chamber so the horses have a soft surface to exercise on. Skyinarta's arena is quite necessary, for if the horses had no place to get out and stretch their legs during snow and bad weather, they'd often go stir crazy.

The residents of Wind Reach also keep a sizable herd of mountain ponies that they use in the depths of Wind Reach itself. Goods must be carried and cart ponies that are surefooted on the stone hallways and small enough to ease their carts through the tunnels thrive in the environment. A passel of dek are assigned to their care and take such duties seriously. They haul food up from the underground forest and bring loads of moss and lichen to the stables, returning with cart fulls of manure from the stalls to in turn fertilize the subterranean food supplies.

There is an large riding arena outside as well, though this one is only open seasonally like the large tiered pastures that run down the slopes along side the road. A hall that holds grain, bales of hay, and extra food sources is attached to the two stable blocks near the middle with large double doors that allow easy storage access for hay and hauled in food.

There's a large tack room where all manner of tack can be found for sale or even where individuals gear can be stored. There are horses for sale at Wind Reach, but often the selection is limited and the variety narrowed to those that survive the mountains more easily. Mountain Ponies, Frostmarches, and Avanthalian Sleigh Horses are the most common breeds found in Wind Reach. However Windrunners, Zavians, and Paintedmounts are not uncommon either.

  • Hansi Nadar - Stablemaster
  • Kami- Riding Instructor/Healer
  • Toffin- Groom & Cleaner
  • Avik - Groom & Cleaner
  • Vart - Dek helper
  • Warv - Dek helper
  • Turka - Dek helper

Vart and Warv are strong and able bodied men, assigned to help out at the stables because of their physical prowess. However, they are as dumb as a feather and need to be constnatly watched over and instructed. Turka is unable to walk, her legs malformed and twisted but is carried around by Warv should she need to move about. She and Warv are fraternal twins and Turka is as sharp as a tack, more than able to keep an eye on the two men.

Job Oportunities
Groomer (Chiet): Care for the horses
Vet (Avora): Make sure the horses are in good health
Trainer (Avora): Train the horses and paying riders
Cleaner (Dek): Clean the stables

  • Boarding - 1 sm per day/8 gm per season
  • Tack - See The Price List
  • Animals - See Horses
  • Training - Riding, Animal Husbandry, and Medicine all available.

Feel free to set training threads here. Socialization is common in the stable, and when no one is riding the indoor arena can be used as a training grounds too. Everyone is welcome in the stables and there is indeed a connection to them from the Inner Warrens, though it is so convoluted that only a native Inarta can reach them without escort or first going out the gates then back into the stables.

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