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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Fighting Pits

Postby Emergence on August 23rd, 2016, 4:14 am


Outside of the center of Wind Reach, somewhere near the Edge of the World, are The Fighting Pits. A flat, open area near a cliff on the side of Mt Skyinarta has been transformed into a fighting ring of sorts. With the help of an earth Reimancer, a large circle of stone has been removed from the middle of the open area, giving the Pit a defined space.

Just in case the actual fighting wasn’t dangerous enough, the Pit is situated on an overhang of rock; the means nothing above and nothing below. Open on three sides to the sky and a fine view of Thunder Bay, the mountainside backs the fourth side with a series of long, natural ledges. Deep enough to comfortably sit upon, these ledges serve as benches for those who come to watch the matches.

The area is set up for a singular purpose: Fighting. Whether it be sparring, wrestling, or just a pair of Inarta slugging it out, The Pit is where it all goes down. Open to all castes, The Pit is a good place to vent frustrations, settle bets, or even just fight for the sake of seeing who is the best. Though not officially sanctioned, Endal are encouraged to settle any disputes in this manner rather than let arguments fester and possible endanger hunting trips or other important duties

Though mostly just for random entertainment and personal use, there are a few organized events that happen at The Fighting Pits.

The Events
Dek of the Mountain :
The Dek of the Mountain is held once each season. This is a day of great entertainment for the people of Wind Reach and a chance for the dek to earn a free meal. The game is contested inside the pit itself. The chosen dek are to engage in a good old fashioned wrestling match!

The Rules
  • A win is categorized by the knocking unconscious of his/her opponent or by their willful submission.
  • No head shots allowed, as it ends the match too quickly.
  • The Dek must be inside the pit to win. If an opponent leaves the pit, they forfeit their chance to win.
  • No weapons allowed

The card is scheduled for 5 fights, each lasting 1-4 minutes. Any dek that wishes to participate has to be sponsored to do so. Cheit, Avora, and Endal can sponsor a dek to compete in the game, and if they win, the sponsor gets to choose between an arrangement of gift items. The items are donated by the merchants of Wind Reach giving a wide variety of possible gifts. The sponsor or sponsors are allowed to pick an item for each match that their Dek wins. Only the dek that wins the most matches is allowed a free meal.

Moderator Note: This event can be moderated but it isn't required. Any prizes will be awarded upon grading.

Jhinapar is a permanent aspect of the Fighting Pits; it's rare to see the man anywhere else. Rumors have spread that he neither eats nor sleeps, spending all his time within the ring.

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