Solo Betrayal

After what seems true turns out to be false, what will a man have but rage?

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Postby Sh'Ky Naes on August 24th, 2016, 6:02 pm

Summer 516, Day 26

The streets were empty today. A hot, dust-filled wind blew in from the east, choking everyone who didn't have anything covering their face. It was brutal.

Sh'Ky stepped out into the street, hat pulled low and scarf pulled up to protect his face from the blasting winds. Caiden followed, wearing a cloak that had a hood, which obscured his long red hair. Pushing against the wind, the two men made their way to the marketplace, not having to shove their way past people for once. It was weird, but 'Ky wasn't about to complain. If it made this one last job easier, then, well, he was all for it.

"So, Solomon, why am I the one who has to carry the head? I mean, come on, I provided you with all of the information to do the job with." Sh'Ky just stared at him, completely deadpan, before rolling his eyes.

"Caiden, my friend, I had to disguise a severed head. Disguising someone means getting real close to them, so you can make sure the illusion is completely obfuscating. So because I had to get intimate with a severed head, you get to carry it." Making a dismissive sound, Caiden followed Sh'Ky to the market, where the young merchant that they had conned was hopefully still trying to recoup his losses.
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How did you know that what you sought was redemption and not righteous vengeance?
Redemptio et quomodo iusti non quod petitur intelligis quia quod vindicta?

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