Placeholder Poisonous Passions

Sayana explores the wilds outside of Alvadas searching for poisons.

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The vast mountain range of Kalea is home of secret valleys, dead-end canyons, and passes that lead to places long forgotten or yet to be discovered.

Poisonous Passions

Postby Sayana on August 30th, 2016, 11:17 pm


Summer 45, 516 AV

Sayana had long stalled her purpose in Alvadas. Not because she wanted to, but because the city proper had brought back so many fond memories that she couldn’t help but enjoy the shifting streets and the bending illusions.

Of course, she had experienced at least a couple run-ins. Times where she would have preferred not to have gotten on the Speakers’ bad side, but it was a small price for the freedom of the illusions. Even things with Clyde had calmed down and she looked to the future with hope to serve and love the great god Rhysol and all his chaotic beauty. But it was time to get down to business, to stock up on her supply of poisons and if all boded well she might be able to make use of her newfound magic to aid her.

The concept had been in her mind even before she set out on horseback, camping equipment strapped to the saddle bags. Auristics could detect an object’s aura and if she had a sample of the poisons she wanted to find, it should aid her in distinguishing the appropriate plants. She had brought her poison crafting kit, including several glass vials, along with a pot and her mortar and pestle.

The terrain was difficult, to say the least. The Eypharian kept a keen eye on Syna and her celestial path, and mostly stuck to the dense forests of the valleys. It was harder to find trails through the dense underbrush, and often she had to steer her mount to double back. As she came across a river with low shrubs on either side, Sayana kicked her horse into a trot, finally making progress along the carved out landscape.

As she trotted upstream along the riverbanks, the softly babbling water turned to rapids. Up ahead, she spotted a small waterfall and an extensive rock formation. Curious, she dismounted with a fond pat to Stardust and went to investigate. The water came down in a harsh down pour, but it was the rocks that interested her. There were all manner of crevices and indents. Keeping her mare close, she ran her hands along the rock until she noticed something much more than just a small indent. It was an opening, a cave!

Quickly she found a place to secure Stardust and then proceeded to squeeze herself through the small entrance into the cave that opened up. It was dark. That was the most obvious aspect of the cave. Only a bit of light streamed in from the entrance. However, after a few chimes her eyes began to adjust. Her hands moved along the walls as she explored but all in all, the cave wasn’t all that big. It was enough to provide shelter but there wasn’t even a flat space big enough for her to set up her tent. Perhaps the most useful aspect of the cave was that it would be a place to store her belongings out of sight and protected by the elements as she went searching for poisons in the wilderness.

After unpacking the bulk of her equipment and placing several markers near the cave entrance, Sayana was ready to set out once more.
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