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Jacques (WIP)

Postby Jacques on September 16th, 2016, 4:04 pm



Face: Eva Downey

Facts and Appearance

Name: Jacquarine "Jacques" Burnett
Race and Gender : Human Female
Age: 28 years
Birthday: Day 1 of Fall 488 AV
Height: 5'4'' (165cm)
Build: Medium lean
Hair: Dark golden blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Golden suntan

Character Concept

Jacques is a human woman of simple origins who started to work at tender age.
She is an humble and undemanding personality, loves nature and is in general a friendly soul.

Jaques is basically an introverted person.

Synesthesia; Jacques is one of those people who can get several parallell perceptions from one single sensory impression. This trait means the senses overlap and for example when she hears a tune she can get an impression of a color along with the music. This is just one example of how the synesthesia can show. It makes her experiences of her environment ripe with sensations, for good and for bad.

Jacques is something of a dreamer and prone to fantasize. She would once have been content to spend her whole life in the contemplative herb garden where she thrived as a young girl.

Jacques can be agreeable or not agreeable, depending on the people and the situations. She is normally friendly to people, but she isn't ingratiating or smarmy.

Conscientous; what she has started, she completes
A faithful follower of Bala
Endures hardships and hard work without complaining
Imaginative and creative and a good practical problem solver

Low formal education; isn't much of a theorist despite being intelligent
Fantasizes a bit too much sometimes; prone to wishful thinking
Character History

Timeline :
0 years: Jacques is born in Zeltiva
4-10 years: Jacques lives with her family, plays with other children and learns a a bit about agriculture and farming
7 -10 years : The girl is given basic education at simple daily life level
10 years: Little Jacques starts working part time as garden helper to the herbalist Sonia Dreyner
15 years: Jacques advances to Sonia Dreyner's apprentice and starts to learn about herbalism
17 years: Jaques begins to worship Bala, the Goddess of Autumn and Harvest
20-27 years: Jacques loses her teacher and works with other things
28 years and on: After eight years, Jacques settles in Syka

Jacques is the nickname of Jacquarine Burnett; her parents had attempted to give the girl what they thought of as a fashionable name, but soon they found it more practical to shorten it to Jacques. Nobody ever called her Jacquarine, and the so the nickname became her true name, except in contracts and other formal papers.

Jacques grew up in a poor home in Zeltiva. She started to work early. Her first job was to help an elderly herbalist to tend to a small garden where they cultivated fruit and berries, vegetables and an assortment of medical herbs. She was was mostly tasked with simple labor, like weeding, watering the plants, and cleaning tools. It was hard work, but being outdoors was also pleasant, and the employer was nice. As the years passed by Jacques started to take deeper interest in the plants and the work of the herbalist and had many questions. The old woman had taken a liking to her diligent young helper and when she noticed the girls growing and serious interest, she decided to make Jaques her apprentice.

During the following years Jaques learnt more about herbalism. The old herbalist had meant Jacques to inherit the business and take over, but she had avoided to think of death and postponed writing a will. When the inevitable happened and the woman died of high age, a distant heir turned up and claimed the property. He had his own plans and had no use for Jacques, so he fired her.

Parts of the dead herbalist's work was documented in a notes about plants, gardening and herbalism. Her heir found it worthless, so he allowed Jacques to keep it. Jacques sorted the papers and notebooks out and eventually she had them bound to a tome, "On The Identification, Cultivation, Preparation, Philtering And Use of Medical Plants". The title was way more impressive than the content.

Jacques had lost everything. She had to find a new job and start over. This was offered by a potter nearby, where the girl was well liked after all the times she had been there to buy pots for the herbal products. And so she learnt to work with clay and craft pottery, As this included recurrent expeditions in order to find and mine clay in nature, she also acquired good knowledge about how to survive in wilderness.

This continued until Jacques heard the news about the new settlement Syka. For people who would settle there permanently and start a business it might eventually be possible to get five acres of free land in the area. In addition she was told the living in Syka was easy and free, food grew wild there, and the climate was an eternal summer.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Jacques doesn't know any more languages yet.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Cooking 5 SP 5 Novice
Foraging 5 SP 5 Novice
Herbalism 5 SP 5 Novice
Pottery 25 SP 25 Novice
Wilderness Survival 15 RB +10 SP 25 Novice

(SP)Wilderness Survival: The basics for how to survive in wilderness
(SP)Pottery: To craft clay pots


Heirloom: The collected notes of Jacques's dead teacher and former employer, the herbalist Sonia Dreyner. They are bound to a small book with green leather covers and named "On The Identification, Cultivation, Preparation, Philtering And Use of Medical Plants"
The Small Book :

1 Set of Clothing (cloak & footwear included)
  • Pants
  • Shirt
  • Undergarments
  • Sandals
  • Coat
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Bought in Riverfall before the departure to Syka
Tent (pavillion)
Insect netting
Lantern, hooded
Brazier, Elaborate
Cook/Chef Toolkit
Picnic Basket Set
4 Backpacks, Empty
Insect Repellent
Water Additive
Crafters Toolkit
Herbalist/Botanist Toolkit
Toolkit Campfire Cooking
Oil Press

Jaques lives in a tent (pavillion) on her own land. In the beginning there's no furniture.



DatePurchase Cost Total
At start Starting +100 GM 100 GM
At startCashed in housing +500 GM 600 GM
At startFive acres of free land 0 GM 600 GM
At startTent (Pavilion) -50 GM 550
At startInsect Netting -25 GM 525
At startBedroll -25 GM Total
At startLantern, hooded -7 GM Total
At startBrazier, Elaborate -1 GM Total
At startCook/Chef Toolkit -10 GM Total
At startToolkit Campfire Cooking -40 GM Total
At startPicnic Basket Set -5 GM Total
At start4 Backpacks, Empty -8 GM Total
At startCrafters Toolkit -25 GM Total
At startHerbalist/Botanist Toolkit - 20 GM Total
At startPotters Toolkit - 25 GM Total
At startInsect Repellent -1 GM Total
At startWater Additive -3 GM Total

Thread List

None yet.

Current time, first season, starting date not decided yet
Day of Season Year, Jacques arrives to Syka with a ship from Riverfall (1 Post)
Day of Season Year, This is maybe a moderated thread the new settler ?
n x Day of Season Year, Meeting other settlers
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