Closed 29 Fall 516 -- Once Upon a Councilor's Office


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29 Fall 516 -- Once Upon a Councilor's Office

Postby Net on September 17th, 2016, 4:54 pm

29th of Fall 516AV

It was the ninth bell of the night, the streets were vacant other than the Wave Guards patrolling, the curfew was in heavy effect. Gulls called out for scraps of food from the quiet docks, even the taverns were shuttered and dark. The only light coming from lanterns, candles, and fireplaces. The building that housed the former office of the Lord Council was unguarded from the outside, only two guards stood at the door of the office itself.

The office within was currently occupied by the Naval Tribunal, three officers of some degree were arranged around the large desk that dominated the room's interior. The two wave guards who were supposed to be standing guard outside the door could be found unconscious on the ground, framing the door that was ajar. On the other side of the door was the three officers and two other people. The difference couldn't have been more stark. The naval officers were garbed in blues and whites, brown boots and belts. All wind and sea stained.

The others though were dressed in dark layers, mostly grays of varying shades. This scene couldn't have been more out of place for any onlooker, except the dark garbed individuals were members of the Merchants Guild, crossbows were held in their hands: one with a light crossbow, the other held one of the hand variety.

There were no words spoken, but the feeling of fear and determination was in the air around the two merchants. An aura of confusion and defensiveness draped over the tribunal.

“Nobody moves. We won't kill you if you just abolish the tribunal and put the council back in power. With the Merchants choosing the Lord.” It was huffy and clearly practiced. Alas there was no response. Only heavy breathing as the idea was held in the air as if by the fear, determination, and confused defensiveness were palpable to hold it aloft.
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