She Is All That I Have Left And Music Is Her Name (Numia)

Numia and James meet as two bards around a common fire.

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She Is All That I Have Left And Music Is Her Name (Numia)

Postby Gossamer on September 19th, 2016, 9:00 pm

Timestamp: Early Fall, 516 A.V.

He'd left his guitar back in his bungalow. James was still slightly miffed about the lack of a string. The guitar had one broken one and he'd done his darnest to make it work with the other intact strings and by shortening them and shortening them. But one more break had been its downfall and he was left hanging. There was just no way he could get a spare until The Veronica made another supply run to Riverfall.

He had other instruments, but nothing he played or enjoyed so well as the guitar. So he took himself down to The Commons and wondered if any new people would be around. He had heard there were additions to the settlement but he'd yet to make introductions. Randal has said he'd seen one newcomer but there was something in the way that Randal had mentioned the spotting that left James believing there was something different about the newest member.

The sea captain turned Triad Member was dressed in cutoff slacks, a sleeveless tunic, and thin woven sandals that left his feet all but bare. He also wore a smile and carried a bundle of mangoes he'd plucked straight from the tree. Whistling a tune, the man walked into the midst of the Commons and found himself a seat.

Oddly he felt a warmth, like he should be playing attention, and realized suddenly someone else was around, someone marked by Rhaus as well. James looked around, curious, and tried to spot the other bard. The problem was, no one was in the Commons along with him. At least not anyone James could see.

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