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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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Official Fall Calendar

Postby Crow on September 20th, 2016, 6:27 pm


Throughout Fall of 516A.V. strange and remarkably random occurrences have been taken place. At any moment your character might encounter some of these events and unforeseen circumstances which will test your devotion to Rhysol and to the city of Ravok. Non-citizens will find themselves watched carefully by members of Ebonstryfe, and at any moment your character could be intervened with by unusual forces. Silvas is overseeing a new building on the Lakeshore, and members of Ebonstryfe and Black Sun are hard at work finally putting an end to the remaining naysayers. Anyone that attempts to dispose or alter politics of the city will face harsh punishment.

3rd: A secret execution of a slave and naysayer of Rhysol in the Black Hole. Before the death of the naysayer he is tortured and reveals that the merchant group told of lands where slaves could be turned free and be promised riches. Ebonstryfe is hot on their trail.

5th: A group of builders have been working on constructing a new unknown building to the public on the Lakeshore for a while. In the center a covered construction is hidden from view by a draped cloth. It looks like a typical home, but far more meets the eye when inspected closer.

9th: The shipyard is very busy building new ships larger than most. Players can help in these efforts.

13th: The market sees an influx of imports. Some of the new merchandise is rumored to be cursed and caused the dealers to befall great misfortune. They are eager to get rid of their wares. Finesse and Culture (Alija), Chitin is a Precious Commodity (Vladislov), Subtle Desires (Xen), Gadgetry is a Girl's Best Friend? (Evarista)

17th: Tawny and Jill of the registration office for becoming full citizens of the city are abducted. Only a non-citizen witnessed the abduction, and is facing torture if he doesn't provide information of the event. Ebonstryfe tries to quietly handle the affair.

23rd: The slave market starts rumors that the promise of riches was just a hoax to see who was loyal to Rhysol and a good servant. Those not are killed or worse, this mostly leads to a disappearance of slaves.

25th: Slave purchases are now cheaper than they normally would be. Special conditions apply.

30th: The Black Hole gives lessons in torture. 10gm per thread/lesson.

36th: It is noted that Rhysol has been absent from the city and no one currently knows where he is, or do they?

40th: Unveiling of the unknown building. An insane asylum, but no one thinks that is mere more than a hospital. More details to follow

44th: A bounty is now placed on anyone's head who is considered to be a naysayer of Rhysol. They are exported to the insane asylum.

50th: A letter from afar delivered by a crow arrives to the Ebonstryfe. This delivers orders of all that can craft weapons to start making arms. Resources are rare and hard to find, and those that sell their goods to the city will receive full payment.

67th: People start disappearing as they make their way through the canals of the city.

72nd: A strange lightning storm is seen in the horizon and it becomes particularly windy. This makes it harder to get around the city, and almost impossible to leave to the offshore or get back to the city if you’re in offshore.

73rd: Dead bodies start floating from the shores. Some believe that these are the people who disappeared a week ago, but their faces are unrecognizable. Efforts of the city combine to try and search for Tawny and Jill among the dead bodies.

76th: Tawny and Jill return to the city after a short explanation of their whereabouts. Ebonstryfe further interrogates them.

77th: Even after their return, Tawny and Jill are not completing any paperwork to sign full citizens to the city.

81st: Another letter from a crow, this time the letter has details of Rhysol. He has been listening and watching in on the city and sends efforts to return all current members of Ebonstryfe and the Blacksun to the city.

85th: The Ebonstyfe and Black Sun reveal their changes, and are now taking applications to join their ranks. News comes and the Rising Dawn has finally been abolished. See posts here, and here. (to be implemented)


  • Worship Rhysol in a ritual
  • Gain knowledge over a supposedly cursed item
  • Kiss a slave
  • Visit the North Ravok Outpost
  • Drink with friends

Note: Please use the Discussion Board to sign up for events, and to let other players know of your plot intentions. I reserve the right to deny a PC of events based on demand preference.

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