Subtle Desires (Xen)

Xen comes across a rare Charging Basin

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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Subtle Desires (Xen)

Postby Crow on September 22nd, 2016, 2:24 am

13th of Fall 516 AV
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Deep within the Merchant’s Ring a caravan worked on setting up stalls to sell new goods to the people of Ravok. It wasn’t a usual occurrence for travelers to be granted passage to sell their wares within the city, but this particular group of merchants was persistent. Perhaps a good bit more persistent than what they should be. When gaining entrance to the city like every other traveler they were questioned. Using some of their exotic goods as gifts, their bribery is what bought their way into the city. Though, they had no intention of staying within the confines of the lake.

Across from Café Fleurs were their stalls. They attracted the few curious sorts to look at their goods. Among them were strange artifacts that many of the city had never seen before. Armors which clearly weren’t meant for humans, strange glass items and gadgets, instruments of all sorts, paintings, and various miscellaneous goods. They were mostly welcomed by the non-citizens which were quick to try and find various items which weren’t easily found in Ravok.

The citizens, however, shared both interest and speculations in the usefulness of such items. The merchants were a shady group. They always seemed to conspire amongst each other and talk to one another until a possible customer would come to view their wares. They would occasionally be seen arguing with one another and seemed to fester a great deal of anxiety. It was clear that they had been through quite a bit with their journey to Ravok. As such they were very eager to get rid of their wares.

Most of the merchants wore long robes or coats and had crystal shades of frost blue and green eyes. Mostly polite in their approach to others, these strange merchants would be very vague over the knowledge of their wares. Only stating various facts of the wares that would aid in the sale of such items.

Their shops would open fairly early in the morning and remain open until very late into the night. However, these merchants were the traveling sort and would not remain in the city but for one day. Their vibrant and determined attitude kept their stalls lively.

They were fairly well organized with wares assorted in such a manner that one could walk through the stalls as if it were an aisle. On either side one could see the various wares out in the open, and they allowed passing people to touch the items on display, save for the more exotic ones. All it would take is the slight interest before a merchant would approach and attempt to sale the item to the interested party.

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Subtle Desires (Xen)

Postby Xen on September 27th, 2016, 3:08 am

The morning was bright and welcoming. The sky was not blue yet. Instead a pink and orange hue graced the heavens and the horizon and the clouds. Below, Xen like many or the few, walked the streets before the scorching evening heat dawned on the city. To Xen, the upcoming hours looked promising and grand. He'd never suspect that this day would be the perfect day to buy cursed objects.

Xen idly watched the merchants as they unpacked and moved their wears and accomplished various, other endeavors. He wanted to wait for the slower merchants to finish setting up their stalls before approaching them. Especially, with the number of people that currently crowded around the other merchants who had set up their stalls a little faster than the others.

There were things Xen wished to rid himself of and sell too. But he dared not to step into the crowd and risk having his possessions stolen that was the last thing he wanted. So, he was willing to wait out the crowd at the cost of possibly losing the chance to buy something interesting.

“ It seems like patience is a virtue after all, ” A merchant commented on Xen's untrammeled demeanor and then smirked at him.

Xen switched his attention from the crowd and onto the young benshira merchant that addressed him. He noticed the blueish-green color within the man's eyes before his smile and how his skin tone carried likeness to sand. The benshira lacked facial hair, but the long, brown coat he wore was full enough to fill that absence.

“ It can be at the right time, ” Xen replied to the merchant in kind.

Xen brought his possessions to the benshira and placed them in front of him. A grindstone, mancatcher shield, spiked helmet and tree bark armor greeted the benshira. He could see that most of Xen's possessions were in good condition despite being used and respected Xen for keeping what he had well maintained. However, the problems started here.

“ You're not from around here are you? The armor, shield, and grindstone you've given me do not smell like these lands, ” The Benshira spoke to Xen like he had known him before, which made the moment a lot less tense.

“ How keen, you can discern that much from an odor? ” Xen was impressed he never believed someone would be able to know that he was not a native of Ravok.

“ Ha, yeah! And you're not dressed like everyone else here, ” The Benshira gestured towards Xen, hinting at the giveaway he currently wore.

“ Ah, my armor, I probably need to buy some new things, ” Xen looked around, hoping no one noticed how awkward he felt.

“ Indeed, you do, my friend. Winter is almost upon us it would be best to buy some new clothing and items, ” Then the benshira smiled “ Plus, you want to look good for the women, don't you? ” and nudged Xen slightly.

“ You don't seem to have much, though, but you appear to be a kind and social person. So I will buy what you have if you take my junk, ” Xen extended his right hand over the stand, which prompted the benshira merchant to shake his hand. But the mood changed from casual to solemn afterward like someone had died.

“ I'm in no position to deny your offer. I will accept, may Rhysol guide you, my friend, ” The Benshira sullenly gave what he had left as Xen offered his possessions to him.

What Xen sold:

Mancatcher Shield
Spiked Helmet
Tree Bark Armor
Total =

What was bought:

Charge Basin =, 5sm (cursed)
Branding Iron (cursed)
Elaborate Brazier (cursed)
32 oz Jar 2 sm (cursed)


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Subtle Desires (Xen)

Postby Sayana on December 29th, 2016, 6:54 pm


Don't forget to edit/delete your grade request. If there's anything I may have missed, please PM me and I'll be happy to look into it.

  • Rhetoric: 1
  • Negotiation: 1
  • N/A
  • - 1 Grindstone
  • - 1 Mancatcher Shield
  • - 1 Spiked Helmet
  • - 1 Tree Bark Armor
  • + 85gm
  • + 1 Charge Basin (cursed) - Pending Prophet's Approval
  • + 1 Branding Iron
  • + 1 Elaborate Brazier
  • + 1 Jar (32 oz)
  • - 29gm 7sm

Please incorporate the listed items & costs/gains into your inventory and ledger. However, only the Charge Basin should be labeled as 'cursed'. This item will be pending until Prophet approves it, since it is a magical item. I have sent Prophet a PM regarding it, and it should be added to your SS page once the approval has been made.

Comments: Quite a short and concise thread. I enjoyed the back and forth dialogue, but consider next time elaborating on the new items Xen is about to purchase and why he wants them and/or his reaction to them. It felt like the story was cut a little short.

** Please note that Xen is not aware that the Charge Basin is cursed, nor does he know any properties regarding it. He'll have to find that out in-thread and get the lores for it.

Your Grader,

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